Kendall Jenner heart hair photo dethroned as most liked Instagram photo of all time

Kendall Jenner heart hair Instagram photo 2nd most liked ever

Kendall Jenner’s heart hair picture has held the title of Most Liked Instagram Photo Of All Time for more than eleven months, but the love locks snap couldn’t make it a full year as it was recently dethroned by another photo posted in March.

So what is the most like Instagram photo of all time now? It is this blurry photo of Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez that he posted on March 19 along with the one-word caption “Feels:”


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

At the time of this post, the Justlena kissing photo had crossed the 3.6 million mark with a whopping 3,640,559 likes! Kendall’s hair hearts trails by a little more than 60,000 likes as that photo now has 3,580,299 likes.

I’m all for the democratic competition that is Instagram, but I have to admit I’m hoping Kendall can catch back up because her image is clearly a much better photo. Of course, she could always play the Biebs’ game and post her own photo kissing Selena Gomez — something tells me that would soon regain the top spot for Kendall. 🙂

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  • Scarbaby

    …So glad I saw this…God! Imagine if I had missed this awesome story…pheww!?

    • Bruja

      You’d not have slept tonight.

      But you will now.

      We all will.

      Thank you, Starcasm, and little baby Jesus.

  • Courtney

    As a “model” I expect a better pose from Kendall other than looking like she should be in a coffin holding a single rose… but that’s really the only thought and comment I have for this useless information article. I really regret my last couple of minutes 😉

    • Bruja


      That really does put that picture into perspective. Even the colorless lips, to me, was such an odd choice. You’re right. It looks like a funeral moment.

    • Plum

      As a “model” you should know you dont do your own hair and makeup and she was probably taking direction on how to pose if in fact this was done professionally. However it does look quite somber.

      • Courtney

        I think this pic was probably taken after an event and back at home on the floor. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a photo shoot. You may have misunderstood my comment, I am not a model. I was saying since Kendall is a model I would expect a more unique pose or less dead looking. lol

        • Plum

          Okay. Well maybe it was after an event i was thinking i had seen a quick clip of her on something where she had a similar dress on, if it wasnt that one but i couldnt tell if she was modeling it or was just wearing it, so thats why i wasnt sure if she went to an actual shoot. I do agree tho because i was thinking the same thing about the makeup..not even as much as the pose as it is the colorless face.

  • Alisson Leech

    I would go and like Selena and Justin’s pic if I had an account just to get the Jenner’s out the spotlight.

  • Face Palm

    Who the heck is liking these horrible pictures?! At least if they were photographed doing something such as feeding the homeless, working for habitat for humanity, etc. Our world is doomed.