Frequently asked questions about HGTV’s Fixer Upper, including the Fixer Upper children’s names

Fixer Upper FAQ 2

What are the Fixer Upper children’s names? How much do Chip and Joanna make per episode? And do the families on the show get to keep all the furniture after the reveal? HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper just debuted its third season, and is drawing more viewers than ever for the network. A lot of those viewers are brand-new to the show, and the increase in publicity that stars Joanna and Chipper Gaines are doing to promote it means that there’s more Fixer Upper information than ever to sort through–including, yes, the Fixer Upper kids names.

In addition, we’ve already written in-depth articles for some of these questions. In order to check those articles out, click on the link embedded in the questions below!

Behold–the Fixer Upper FAQ!

Do the people on Fixer Upper get to keep the furnishings?
This might be the most popular Fixer Upper question of all. Unfortunately for daydreaming fans of the show, the answer is no. Joanna Gaines customizes each reveal with items from she and Chipper’s store, Magnolia Market, and then supplements those furnishings with antiques and knickknacks she finds while the renovation is underway. Every episode of Fixer Upper features scenes of Joanna decorating the house with her market trappings before the big reveal, which means that every reveal features a huge truckload of furnishings that have to be unloaded, set up, shot, and then packed up and taken back at the end of the day.

The good news for fans of Joanna’s farmhouse chic stylings, though, is that almost all of the furnishings you see in each Fixer Upper reveal are available for purchase at Magnolia Market itself.

How much would it cost to decorate your house like a Fixer Upper reveal?
So, if you don’t get to keep all the Fixer Upper furnishings after moving in to your brand-new Chip and Joanna-designed home, how much would it cost you to buy everything you saw during the reveal? The answer depends on the extent of the renovation: some Fixer Upper episodes feature two or three rooms in one house, while others showcase an entire, bottom-to-top redo. Based on our analysis, you’re probably looking to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 if you want to match the furnishings item for item.

(It’s also worth pointing out that that estimate is based on a season one episode of Fixer Upper; season three, which is currently airing, features more furnishings than older episodes–and more elaborate ones, too.)

Fixer Upper reveal cost 4

Does Joanna Gaines have her own furniture line?
She does indeed. Joanna Gaines paired with Standard Furniture to produce a five-part line of furniture bearing her name. That line debuted at a trade show in North Carolina this past October, and is scheduled to be available for residential purchase starting in January of 2016. According to what we know so far, Fixer Upper fans can expect furniture in the following styles: Cottage, Farmhouse, Industrial, Modern Boho, and Vintage.

Is there a Fixer Upper bed and breakfast?
There is indeed! Joanna dropped the Fixer Upper B&B surprise on fans with an Instagram hint a couple of months ago, and then announced the project officially just before Fixer Upper‘s third season premiere. The Fixer Upper bed and breakfast isn’t yet open as of this writing, but HGTV is promoting a month-long giveaway in advance of the Fixer Upper B&B episode, which will air on Tuesday, December 22nd. The winner gets a two-night stay at the cozy hotel, and a $500 gift certificate to Magnolia Market. (To find out how to enter, click the link above!)

What are the Fixer Upper silos?
The Fixer Upper silos–also known as the Magnolia Market silos– are pair of long-abandoned silos in downtown Waco, formerly owned by the Brazos Valley Cotton Oil Company. At the end of Fixer Upper‘s second season, Chip and Joanna purchased the silos and began the long work of renovating them from the inside out, with the intention of moving their entire Magnolia Market and Magnolia Homes operations inside. The pair celebrated the completion of this project with a massive Silobration this autumn; the third season of Fixer Upper features the renovation as an ongoing subplot.

Fixer Upper silos 6

How much does it cost to be on Fixer Upper? How big does your budget have to be?
HGTV and High Noon Entertainment, Fixer Upper‘s production company, are currently casting couples for season four of the show. According to their casting call, interested families must have a minimum budget of $30,000 specifically for renovation, in addition to the purchase price of your home. Families featured on the show do tend to have a bigger budget than the minimum.

How does the budget on Fixer Upper work? Are the prices all real?
The prices are real; the reason so many Fixer Upper fans are confused by the show’s economics is because HGTV’s intervention gives something of a false sense of a renovation’s cost. A Waco Tribune article addressed this question after season one:

HGTV doesn’t fund the renovations, though producers may throw in some extra landscaping or design flourishes. Homeowners who agree to share their remodeling projects with the nation must invest at least $30,000 in the project, with the money going to the Gaineses. HGTV also pays Chip and Joanna a talent fee and covers the cost of one bonus feature in each remodel.

How long does each Fixer Upper renovation take? 
From your mouth to God’s ear:

Fixer Upper B&B 1

Do you have to live in Waco to be on Fixer Upper? Are Joanna and Chip going to film the show in any other cities?
For now, Joanna and Chip are only filming Fixer Upper in around the Waco area. The Gainses are serious about investing in Waco, making it a better place to live, and promoting its image. A recent My San Antonio article highlighted the tremendous effect the Gaineses have had on Waco, both inside and out; the couple has also been profiled by the Dallas Morning News for making Waco “cool.” And, in 2014, Chip and Joanna were honored with the city’s “Wacoan of the Year” accolade.

On top of all that, the Gainses really do live and work in the city: in addition to their home, they own one of the three construction companies that HGTV employs for Fixer Upper purposes. There is the teensiest bit of wiggle room, though. According to the above casting call, you can be considered for the show if you’re moving to a home within 40 miles of Waco.  

How did Chip and Joanna meet?
The legend of Chipper and Joanna Gaines was recently addressed on Fixer Upper itself. The third season premiere shared a bit of the couple’s back story: Joanna’s dad owned a Firestone store, where Joanna once worked. She starred in a handful of local commercials for the store, and, when Chip met her, he exclaimed “Hey, you’re the girl in the commercials!” (Click here to check out one of the commercials!) Chip was so smitten that he wound up getting oil and tire changes on his truck much more often than was necessary, in order to have an excuse to bump into his future bride. They dated for about a year, and married in 2003.

Fixer Upper contest 2

Is Joanna Gaines a trained interior decorator?
Joanna has no formal training in interior decoration; her participation in Chip’s already-begun house flipping business started on a sort of whim. “”I was actually a communications major and had never done design,” she said recently, “[and] I had always had a dream to open up a boutique of some sort.”

Added Chip, “When she started watching me do what I did…she got kind of curious and interested. I love what I do from a construction standpoint, but in regards to interior design and colors, forget it. I would lean on her—What color do we do this wall? How can we do this floor plan?…Next thing you know we are years into this thing and the design part of the equation became noticeably different from our competition.”  

What happens to the giant posters Joanna and Chip use to reveal each home on Fixer Upper?
The posters are one of the most memorable things about the show, in part because they are indeed giant: Each one is a twenty-four-by-twelve foot canvas printout (which is itself actually two twelve-by-twelve posters standing side-by-side) of the house as it looked before the Fixer Upper crew got to it. When the Gainses pull the posters apart, the new home is revealed for the first time. And, after the walkthrough of the finished product, the families get to keep the poster: “We fold that thing up and we give it to the family,” according to Chip. “We try to make an event of the canvas itself.” A friend of the Gainses who owns a billboard company prints the posters for the show.

Fixer Upper bed and breakfast 3

What happens to the rooms that Fixer Upper doesn’t renovate?
Joanna has addressed this question numerous times. In her words:  

At times, we only work on rooms that are of priority to our clients and that work within their budget. Some homeowners want to finish off their other rooms on their own since it is mainly cosmetic (paint and carpet). Other times, we finish the spaces for them after the reveal and this is separate from the budget shown for TV. We help them finish their renovation even when the cameras aren’t rolling. It all depends on budget and our clients’ priorities for their home renovation.

Do Chip and Joanna really help the families on Fixer Upper buy the house they renovate?
Sometimes, but not always. According to the same Waco Tribune article referenced above, some of the families on Fixer Upper have either put in an offer on the house they want to buy, or own the house outright.

One thing that is always genuine, though, is the homeowners’ surprise when they see the finished product. Fixer Upper‘s producers–and the Gainses themselves–give the families strict orders not to check out the house before the reveal, so that the surprise for the cameras can be honest. Said Doug McNamee, who was featured on Fixer Upper during season one, “It took discipline not to sneak a look.”

Fixer Upper reveal cost 1

Are there any Fixer Upper spin-offs in the works?
A recent feature on Fixer Upper revealed that Clint Harp, the show’s go-to carpenter for customized work, has at least two specials in the pipeline, and that a stand-alone show is also a possibility. “He’s going to have a couple of spin-off shows on DIY that will come out here sometime mid to end of next year,” confirmed Chip, who was delighted for his friend. “We are really excited about the idea of him getting his own place to spread his wings.”  

UPDATE – Click here to check out our feature on “Against the Grain,” Clint and Kelly Harp’s very own show!

Do Chip and Joanna build houses from scratch, too?
If you want a home with the couple’s touch, but don’t see yourself landing a spot on Fixer Upper, you’re in luck. Magnolia Villas is a Waco-area subdivision made up of 37 homes–they’re being billed as “garden homes”–designed and built by the Fixer Upper crew. The Villas are selling fast, but a second Magnolia development might be in the works.

Fixer Upper Three  

What are the Fixer Upper children’s names?
There are four Fixer Upper kids names: Drake, age 10; Ella, age 9; Duke, and 7; and Emmie, age 6. (Yes: the couple had four children in six years.) Family photos crop up every now and again on Joanna and Chip’s Instagram pages. Here’s a recent pair:

  Boys night out.. #theforceawakens   A photo posted by Chip Gaines (@chippergaines) on

My girls! Unbridled! Untamed! Fearless! World changers! Arrows in my quiver! And… Just like their momma! A photo posted by Chip Gaines (@chippergaines) on


Are we missing any questions? What else do you want to know about the show? Let us know in the comments!

Fixer Upper airs Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST on HGTV.  

(Photo credits: Fixer Upper children’s names, Fixer Upper kids names via Instagram)

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  • Jennifer

    I love chip and Joanna. I think they’re adorable together.

    I didn’t know that the owners don’t get to keep the furnishings!

    • pdhen

      The houses are professionally staged with rental furniture (probably) to best show off the design possibilities, but sometimes they use the homeowner’s furniture.

  • SciLife

    Chip looks like like he could be Nathan Griffith’s older brother lol

    • Jennifer

      😂😂😂 lmao… Now I’ll be cracking up when chip is on

  • Another advertisement

    Another advertisement for this woman and her company. The headline should read “how much does it cost to place a full page article in starcasm?” because this is, once again, product placement.

    • ImYourNeighbor

      Or…a genuine answer to questions. I came here because I had one that was answered…about the billboard canvas.

    • Golden Dragon

      What a nonsensical, totally irrelevant comment. You obviously have no idea of what true “product placement” is do you LOL. And you seem to be merely another small-minded individual jealous of Joanna’s business acumen and media success. Sad really.

    • kissfanalive

      Product placement would be things like everyone drinking from a Coke bottle or everyone driving a Chevy. Another way would be if they always went to Lowe’s to purchase their material. Yes the show might help with their business but it wouldn’t matter who was hosting the show. Someone has to be on there and if not the Gaines it would help promote them. Besides the point. The fact that it helps them would just be part of their compensation.

  • ChrisinOregon

    Shoot, I always thought the new homeowners got to keep all the decorations and furniture….I would find a way to buy it then…because I love what Joanna does. Would be hard to let it all go and packed up…..

    • QuietObserver

      Well you would think that they would be given the furnishings as compensation for half of the success of the show. Without the home buyers paying for the renovation and agreeing to whatever restrictions and rules,the Gaines’ wouldn’t have a show. It’s kind of like Facebook selling all the information of its users for millions and the users get nothing but “free” use to provide that information.

      People need to realize that your information and your participation is a coveted commodity that you give away for pretty cheaply. Talk about a wage gap.

      Not being negative, just seeing the other side of the coin.

      • ChrisinOregon

        Like I posted above….I do think the cost of the renovations are pretty darn cheap…..and I always love the finished product. I would bet the furniture or decorations that were custom made are left in the home.

        • Golden Dragon

          You’re correct; they are. And the rest of the furnishings are actually the new home owner’s own stuff. QuietObserver has no idea of what they’re talking about.

        • kissfanalive

          You do realize construction labor and building marterial costs vary from area to area. Maybe it seems cheap to you but maybe the cost of living is higher where you live compared to there. It’s the same with costsome when purchasing a home or land. Not the same everywhere.

          • ChrisinOregon

            I do realize that costs for all above vary from state to state. I am living in my 14 house after living all over the USA. Three of those houses have been custom, and some semi-custom. When I hear on the show the prices of the renovations that Chip and Jo charge, I think they are great prices. The end results are always fantastic to me. Had my husband and I ever moved to WACO, you can bet we would have hired Chip and Jo to do the work. I think they are TOPS…..

  • 1 proud granny

    what happens if the homeowner doesn’t like what Chip and Joanna did to their house?

  • Kara Yates

    Do Jo and Chip make commission from the houses? Or get paid a flat rate from the network?

    • pdhen

      Like most tv stars, they are probably paid per episode. Their program is extremely popular so now they’re getting $30,000 per episode, according to this article.

  • RoccoJohnson

    Chip often makes funny references to how tall he is, apparently embellishing it by a few inches according to Joanna’s remarks. Does anyone actually know what his true height is?

    • Ellie Bowden


      • RoccoJohnson

        Don’t know how you found that, but thanks!

        • Ellie Bowden

          He’s always joking about how “tall” he is so Jo called him out on it and he revealed how tall he truly is!

  • T Wwd

    Ok, I’m like the #1 fan, but I don’t get it AT ALL now. What does the homeowner have to gain?? All their own reno $ goes to the Gaineses, they carry their own mortgage, & the Gainses also get paid a “talent fee.” The network makes bank from commercials, etc. The Gainses get innumerable $ of free advertisement for their businesses. The homeowner gets absolutely NOTHING but a dumb oversized poster? Seriously? I am SO disappointed in a couple who talk about all God’s blessings yet really do nothing for these families who make them filthy rich except what any other construction co.would do. More than that, I think HGTV are CROOKS preying on normal folks for their own sole gain! For goodness sakes, give the homeowners a mop or a bar of soap or a light bulb or something, you greedy jerks.

    • Happy In Vallejo

      HGTV came after them to film their day-to-day business. All of HGTV’s shows are that way. Think of it as REAL reality TV. All of the stars are working professionals. Be kind.

      • T Wwd

        I disagree. And, it IS greedy by a network who whores people out for their own financial gain, probably giving them a sales pitch just like this one you wrote! It is dufferent because a contractor is making your $ just as Chip & Jo would. But there isn’t a mega pimp behind the scenes living in the guilded bellies of hollywood (or wherever). Or, did you all think they did it for charity?

        • Lauren

          When you wear a pair of Nike sneakers you’re offering free advertising, when you carry a purse.. When you sport a team logo.. Don’t be so hateful and ignorant.

          Chip and Jo are hard working and yes, they support their family. They advertise their specialty and their brand… Who cares! I personally like it because I can buy their furnishings.

          I came on here to find out a question and it was answered; the negativity that is spewing from your mouth is really not needed.

          Sweetly, I’m going to pray for you and that the Lord softens your heart. Must be terrible walking around seeing the world through your lense.

          • QuietObserver

            You should pray for everyone who does not value the fact that the homeowner is half of the show and is not being compensated. There is enough to go around, yeah? Everyone else is making money on this show.

            It’s not being hateful to see the other side of the coin and just because someone’s opinion is different than yours. I shall pray for you too.

            • Lauren

              Well I agree that we all should be praying for each other.. But let’s not get distracted and irate when we remind ourselves that the homeowners did not have a gun to their back to buy the house or hire Chip and Jo. I hate to be so blunt; but let’s get real out here if you want to start “should-ing” all over everyone.

              And I agree, we all go here to get some behind the scene answers; but the negativity and judging for how Chip and Jo have gotten big and “made it” on tv is crazy. We don’t criticize baseball players because they get endorsements or picked up to play pro-ball and the fact that they now get a hefty paycheck … Or yell about movie tickets because an actor/actress has increased their revenue and now made it into movie in the theater…

              All I’m saying; is that we need to just keep it all in perspective . The goal was to improve their equity; they did by hiring HGTV and Chip/Jo package.

            • Karen

              Not that they owe the homeowner anything, other than a good reno at a fair price, but I’ve never seen them do a home yet that hasn’t gained in value above and beyond the price of the home plus all the renovations.

    • Shari Seibold

      What do they get?? The homeowners walk away with a beautifully renovated home! And YES they PAID for it, but wouldn’t they do that anyway whether with this show or privately? I personally would rather go with a contractor that I have seen do beautiful quality work than have to scrounge one up based on referrals and reviews. Why would you expect that just because it is on tv the homeowner would GET anything for free? I disagree that the “normal folks” are being preyed on. They enter into this willingly and are fully informed about the process and have signed contracts and a releases. This is showbiz after all… Oh, an if I lived in the area, I’d try to do this in a red-hot minute :-)

      • QuietObserver

        Why would the homeowner get anything for free? Really? Because they are half the show.

        Where would the show be without the homeowner footing the bill for the renovation and the over cost for unforeseen problems, as well as agreeing to whatever contract limitations. Trying doing the show without the homeowner.

        fair is fair.

        • Karen

          They have a long waiting list of people wanting the Gaines to do their house since way before they had a show. They are in high demand and they don’t owe homeowner anything more than what any other realtor/contractor/designer owes their client, a good job done at a fair price. No one knows what the terms are of their contracts anyway. The homeowner may get more out of it than you know about.

    • Steve Iverson

      The home owner gets plenty back on the investment. About 40 grand….out of the 80 they drop on their older, 150 grand house. You only get close to a 100 percent return on kitchens and bathrooms. Not even the furniture on the deal!?????. Nice.

      • boot879

        Congratulations. You’re comment failed to make sense.

      • Mojo

        Yeah but it’s Waco.

      • Chi Sam

        Homeowner is simply one word.

    • boot879

      People get to be “HGTV famous”. Isn’t that what the world is all about? I mean “HGTV famous” is like 100x the value of “Youtube Famous”.

    • boot879

      Also… they get one of the “three bonus projects” paid for by the show… so that’s a good deal.

      • Mojo

        Oh wow! A $2,500 pergola and HGTV gets millions. Yeah that’s fair.

    • pdhen

      Wow! You’ve got to get a grip T Wwd! Of course there has to be a profit! That’s how the Gaines earn a well-deserved living and how the Network pays its considerable bills! And the homeowners get a solidly constructed house and a well designed one as well! This is a win-win situation. Please explain to me what is greedy about a husband and wife making a living with a creative enterprise.

      One final question: Is there something God should curse them for, or are the simply cursed by your judgement?! I suspect it’s the latter.

    • Golden Dragon

      What a bitter, self-centred person you must be TWwd to post such a nasty comment It’s hard to understand why you even watch the show as you seem to be consumed with hatred for the whole concept, and Chip and Joanna as well. I can only assume that you’re jealous of other people’s successes in life, and the pleasure they provide to others.

      And to accuse them and their associates of making undeserved profits from the lucky folks whose homes they renovate is simply nonsensical. Additionally, if you seriously think that the Gainses should be expected to cover everybody else’s mortgages, plus the cost of the renovation, then you’re obviously not living in the real world the rest of us inhabit.

    • Cindy Mae Beavelociraptor

      They give them a beautifully renovated home. If you hired Joe Smith, contractor from Waco, TX, would HE give you a house full of furniture when he was done? They get their house remodeled from a talented team, which is all they pay for. They have the option to buy the furniture that isn’t their’s. The Gaines’s owe them nothing.

      • Chi Sam

        The simple, common word ‘theirs’ is possessive in and of itself, dummy.

        Not once, in your entire life, have you seen the word written with an apostrophe…unless you were reading your own handiwork.

    • David Young

      Ok, you are not “like” the #1 fan. I don’t think you understand business in it’s most elementary form. Everyone benefits or they would not participate, unless of course, according to the language of your post you believe the homeowners are ignorant, which BTW would make you the ignorant soul.

  • Jan Sadleir

    Hi guys , I saw on your shows sometimes you buy calves and your kids name them , please tell me you don’t sell them off for food or eat them yourselves, your show is new to Australia and I love it you do beautiful work.

    • boot879

      You realize the people from the show aren’t here commenting… right?

      • Jan Sadleir

        What’s the difference as long as someone answers my question :)

      • Karen

        @boot879 Why do all your comments have to be nasty? Life must really suck for you. i hope things start looking up.

        • boot879

          Because I hold the power of all of mans knowledge in the palm of my hand… And I use it to watch cat videos and argue with strangers.

          I’m actually a really happy guy. I just can’t help but roll my eyes and types stupid things to stupid people. It’s probably an addiction.

          Thanks for reading all of my stuff though. Fans rock!

          • Connie

            Hate to break it to you, Boot879, but not everyone that reads your “stuff” is a fan.
            Everyone knows someone who is that know-it-all jerk that has to butt into every conversation to put their 2¢ in or to tell people how “stupid” they are. These jerks are usually much more insecure about their own lack of intelligence (though they’ll NEVER admit it), that they have a need to beat others down in order to build themselves up in their own eyes.
            You, Boot879, are that jerk.

            • boot879

              Thanks Connie. 9 months after I posted a random comment, you show up to add your two cents.

              I haven’t even looked at these forums in months.

              • Connie

                I just happened to read the article for the first time today and replied to your comment with one of my own. See how that works???
                And you’re welcome….

                • boot879

                  Well congrats on learning about the internet.

                  Where it’s a matter of opinion that I am a “jerk” because I answered a question… you have confirmed yourself a “jerk” with your banter.

                  Now… where is that mute button? I’ll ask your husband or wife… I’m sure they have one for you.

  • Sandy Reece

    Oh how I wish they would come to Indiana and redo my old farmhouse ! Complete with an attached spring house and smokehouse it would make a very interesting remodel project for the show .

  • Robyn

    Why do their daughters always wear dresses?

    • boot879

      To make you think they hate strong women and have something against women being out of the kitchen.

      • pdhen

        You must not know their momma!

    • Golden Dragon

      Uh… because they’re little girls maybe? Are you also concerned that the two boys always wear trousers? I thought not.

      • Robyn

        I am female and was not asking a sexist question. I was wondering if it was the girls preference, a religious thing, or what. They play a lot on the farm and when I was little i preferred to wear pants or shorts when playing outside. And, I wasn’t asking the followers I was asking Chip and Joanna. There was no disrespect or hidden meaning to the question.

  • Vicky L.

    There is never any mention of this…do they always finish ON budget? Or do they always have a contingency budget, “just in case,” that is just never talked about?

  • ChrisinOregon

    I really don’t think the charges for the renovations done by the GAINES cost that much at all…especially for what they do and how great their finished renovations always look to me. I wonder if anyone has ever been displeased? I BET NOT…..

  • Jo Schmoe

    What are Chips talents?
    What kind of work does he do on the houses except demo work?

    • TheHiddenSpider

      He is a realtor

  • Jo Schmoe

    How does Joanna put up with that goofball? he has no talents.

  • Carol L Barnhart

    Where did Chip get the popcorn removal tool?

  • cj wissmiller

    Im curious about why Chip’s hard work and the that of the crew isn’t acknowledge on the show. The assistants that help gather and place items in the home are also never acknowledged.

  • RJ Davis

    I love everything Chip and Joanna build and design! I live in Tennesse and have land I will be building on within the next 18 months. My question is, would Joanna design the interior floorplan if I send her a copy of my floor plan, and I buy all of the furnishings, she has designed for me?
    If not, do you have house plans you build, along with the design, I can purchase along with all the decor and furnishings?
    Yes! I love her designs this much!

    RJ Davis

  • Carol Vance

    How much do the “before” murals cost?

  • Carol Rouse

    Do the crew (Shorty, for example) get paid extra when they’re shown on air in an episode?

  • Anna

    For each “fixer upper”, is there a place to find:
    1. The TOTAL estimated cost of each reno and then the total actual cost? (I.e. not purchase price or furniture.)
    2. The total estimated time and the actual time for a particular reno?
    3. How many people are on the Gaines’ team on a particular reno? (I.e. Architects, landscapers plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. etc.)
    4. Permits required for a particular reno and if there has been problems with permits/inspections?
    5. Problems with neighbours re: camera crews, etc. disrupting neighborhood, and if so, how is this dealt with?
    6. If any home owner has been unhappy with what the Gaines’ did, and if so, what recourse, if any, does the homeowner have?
    7. Subsequent problems on a particular project after the Gaines and HGTV have packed up and gone? (I.e. plumbing, roof leaks, cracks in walls, etc.)
    8. What, if any, guarantee is offered in terms of the work that is done?
    These are valid questions, but then again reality TV is not reality. What I am interested in finding out is the particular stats for individual renos – not generalizations. For example, something like, “For more information and details on this particular project, please see….”. Thank you.

  • dean

    it is HGTV position that they are pro LGBTQ couples in their shows, but on FIXER UPPER we have yet to see an LGBTQ couple make over in over 40 episodes, is it because HGTV has changed their position or is it because Chip and Joanna are discriminating against LGBTQ couples being on their show ?

    • Michael Barrett

      Really? Does the “LGBTQxzy” community get so butt-hurt when they don’t show up somewhere they have to make trouble? Why can’t they just leave well enough alone? Why do they find the need to FORCE their lifestyle on everyone else? So the Gaines’ haven’t featured that particular community on their show, who cares? Does it make them less talented? Does it make them evil in some way?
      There used to be a sign in stores and restaurants years ago that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”. Why do we no longer have the right to do business with whom we want?

  • Gail Rose

    I’d like to know if a reno client has been unhappy with the outcome and what the terms are of the agreement. Everyone always seems happy, as they should be – the work is amazing. But how does HGTV cover themselves? Does the reno client have the option to not invest or accept the finished product?

  • Steve

    Do they give the clients any type of warranty and if so how long of a warranty ?

  • Sandy White

    Two questions: Why cover up the Apple logo on Joanna’s computer? Everyone knows it’s a Mac. I can’t believe EVERYthing is about getting product placement fees. Is it? Second, before Joanna specs, for example, a bold green paint color for walls, does she research what colors will work best with the client?

    • Michael Barrett

      They must have permission to use the apple logo, also, it is about business. If Apple wants their logo on the air, then they pay a fee or provided computers. You may notice that you rarely see the auto maker’s logo on any of the vehicles on the show for the same reason. You have to pay to play – that is the nature of business. I don’t wear logo t-shirts or put commercial stickers on my cars because they don’t pay me. I don’t even allow the dealership to put their name on my car. If they want a rolling billboard they will pay for it.

  • Cynthia McAlpine

    Have any of the home owners been unhappy when the big reveal finally happens? Or, are they aware of just exactly what is happening, and approve of the design before the remodel ?

  • marsha

    Dear Chip and Joanna you will probably never see this , but I just want to say thank you. My baby sister wanted to remolded her home and asked if you could do it your rep. was very nice to her about out of state clients because of your children and having to leave (she completely understood). She had me record every show new and old show and we watch them together. With snap shots in hand an lots of notes she found a contractor (we used Chip’s advice on that) and you would have been so proud of the results. Her home became her forever home. For the first time we had Christmas at her house she used the BB to decorate for it. I just want to say thank you again ever though you could not be apart physically her home has Joanna all over it. She respects you so much I just wanted to let you know your gift has touched her greatly. Respectfully your’s
    A Big Sister

  • Zandra Pearce

    Was wondering if you ever go back to the homes to see his they look now. I would love to see what was done after the cameras stopped rolling with the new home owners

  • David Young

    Chip is portrayed to do, at least to a point, most of the work himself. Reality would dictate that he would be far too busy with other things for that portrait to be 100 % factual. So how would you respond to that?

  • Bob in Ohio

    I was glad to hear a little info on the big posters, but what do they cost?

  • ToysNewYork

    Question, are there any LGBTQ families in Waco? I never see any on the show.

    • Connie

      I was just in Waco and did see a few LGBTQ ppl. Not sure if they had a family or not. That part probably doesn’t matter much anyway as I’ve seen them reno for single ppl too.

  • Connie Geier

    Do the kids get paid for appearing on the show?

  • Angela

    Would Chip and Joanna consider consulting on an out of state project by making suggestions to up date the homes’ current floor plan, design, and decorating advice? Could this be done through the exchange of photos and emails containing all of the homes’ current measurements and statistics?

  • Barbara C

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  • Mary Reeser Kemp

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  • Peggy Ravenscraft

    I wanted to know if Joanna has ever painted Bedford Stone exterior. I’m from Indiana and a lot of the homes are Bedford Stone. very plan. Would she have any ideas.

  • Peggy Ravenscraft

    I wanted to know if Joanna has ever painted Bedford Stone exterior. I’m from Indiana and a lot of the homes are Bedford Stone. very plan. Would she have any ideas.

  • William Bublitz

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