REPORT Michael Lohan and Kate Major’s children taken away after explosive fight

Michael Lohan Kate Major mug shots

Michael Lohan and Kate Major reportedly had their two children, 2-year-old Landon and 10-month-old Logan, taken away from them last week–after the Florida Department of Children and Families was shown a video of Michael and Kate involved in an explosive argument in front of the kids.

TMZ says the incident went down in Boca Raton on Wednesday, when the FDC sent social worker’s to Kate Major’s home to remove the children. The two boys were temporarily placed in foster care “until a responsible family member could take temporary custody.”

As difficult as it sounds to locate a “responsible” member of the Lohan family, it was fewer than 24 hours before one was found. Michael’s mother “flew from Long Island immediately and the kids were taken to Michael’s home Thursday under the guardianship of grandma,” according to the site.

Both Michael and Kate are reportedly able to see their children, but only if Michael’s mother is also present.

Michael and Kate are scheduled to appear in family court on Tuesday.

UPDATE – Michael Lohan must have remembered that he has the TMZ hotline on speed dial, as he spoke with them after their initial report:

Michael tells TMZ Kate came over to his house last Wednesday when Michael wasn’t there. When he came home with the kids, he thought she had been drinking so he told her to leave and she did. He says the reason DCF took the kids was because Kate wasn’t supposed to have the kids without a monitor and they felt that he didn’t protect the kids from her. He does not address the video.

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  • Alisson Leech

    Shouldn’t his mom be super old?

  • JackShepardsTheWorst

    Trash. Absolute trash. His mother must not only be old but more importantly the only decent member of the Lohan clan.

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  • Ashley

    Well, she did raise Michael….

    • Ashley

      Oops that was supposed to be in response to JackShepardsTheWorst

  • Miranda

    It’s situations like this where I think the kids should just be put up for adoption. Honestly, it’s selfish not to. They aren’t good parents and aren’t getting better. If your first job is to protect your kids sometimes you need to protect them from your own bad decisions.

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe he’s still reproducing after he screwed up his 4 older children. Not that the women he has kids with are any better. I hope these little ones are being taken care of.