PHOTOS Kim Zolciak goes flying courtesy of super hubby Kroy Biermann

Kim Zolciak-Biermann bikini flying

Reality star and mother of six Kim Zolciak-Bierman had a real blast for Mother’s Day as she went on 100 not-so-short flights courtesy of her NFL superstar husband Kroy, all while wearing a stylish and revealing bikini courtesy of her kids.

Kim shared the photo above in which you can the airborne 36-year-old looking like a scene from a Marvel movie and wrote, “I’m literally at least 10 feet in the air! I made Kroy do this about a 100 times for me never mind the kiddos.” She added some laughing emoji and “the poor guy” with the hashtags #HeGotHisWorkOutIn #IllRubHimLater.

She later posted this next photo a little closer to take-off:

Kim Zolciak-Biermann bikini flying swimming pool

“Still a kid at heart!” Kim wrote in the caption. “Pic is a screen shot from the video,” she explained along with the hashtag #HubbyIsABeast. (Yes, I searched fora video of Kim flying but I don’t think she posted it online.)

Don’t worry, the kids weren’t completely neglected from the Kroy-tossing fun. Check out this video clip of Kim’s daughter Ariana Biermann getting launched into a full front flip into a perfect cannonball!

Couldn't ask for a better Mothers Day! Thank you Jesus my amazing @arianabiermann ☺️

A video posted by Kim Zolciak-Biermann (@kimzolciakbiermann) on

Earlier in the day Kim showed off her mother’s day gift in a mirror selfie in which she managed to capture Kroy shirtless walking by in the background:

Kim Zolciak bikini May 10 2015

“Love my new suit my 6 kiddos got me for Mothers Day!” Kim wrote. “I have been so spoiled today 🙂 feeling so blessed! Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there! #PoolTime #TriedToGetHubbyWalkingInTheBackgroundShirtless” She later gave props to the swimsuit maker, Agent Provocateur. (Click the link to order an identical suit for only 250!) I think I will extend some props to Agent Provocateur as well, because that little suit is keeping A LOT of things in place through some VERY strenuous, astronaut-training-like activities!

Speaking of Kim’s children, her eldest daughter Brielle took to Twitter to express thanks and gratitude to her mom for all she has done for her children through the years:

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

On a side note, not only is Kim Zolciak’s bikini game on fleek (as usual), but she is doing some AMAZING things with makeup these days! Check out these photos of Kim from the last couple months and see if you don’t think she looks FANTASTIC:

Coming for you CONNECTICUT!! ✈️ see you guys tonight @mohegansun

A photo posted by Kim Zolciak-Biermann (@kimzolciakbiermann) on

My look for my date tonight with my King! Thx @marinarumppe and @nikitpressley #LipsWontLastLongIllBeSuckingFace

A photo posted by Kim Zolciak-Biermann (@kimzolciakbiermann) on

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  • nosey

    Her nose looks great now

    • Lisa

      It’s looks a lot better, but she’ll deny her nose job until the end of time, like it just magically changed shape. Like her waist is so much smaller from just waist training, not a tummy tuck and photoshop.

    • Pherber

      Her eyes are wider now too. She even has high defined cheekbones now as well.

    • The real Kim biermann

      Her face, nose and lips looked sooooo much better before she injected fat from her ass in to she lips and cheeks. The nose is aalwful and the lips look like DSL. Or pig lips

  • Emily

    Why is this news? Cool, a bunch more photoshopped pics of Kim. My dad used to do that with me in the pool all the time but the newspaper never came to report about it. Sorry for being a hater, I actually like Kim’s Bravo show but her social media presence bothers me. It’s always so forced and fake.

  • erb123

    i wonder how regularly she gets lipo. because i think we all know she isnt working out and eating right.

  • Thermosystaltic

    Kim looks like Gigi from YouTube in some of those selfies.

    • spottedgiraffe

      lol and Gigi used to be a man so that says it all

  • spottedgiraffe

    Kim has taught us all that if you sleep with a rich, married man you will eventually get enough networking connections that you can meet your own rich man. Why did I not take notes when she was on rhoa? In all seriousness though does it creep anyone else out our similar Kim and Sheree look?

    • Pherber

      She’s no different than those vapid Kardashians.

  • PattyCakes

    Can she just stop already. She is so gross and old. Constantly posting nasty bikini pics of her lipo’d stomach and thighs, but does nothing about her burly arms and shoulders. And denying the nose job is really an insult to the public, like anyone is going to believe her witch nose magically turned itself up. Soo pathetic

  • Ozzw w

    Poor Kroy. She found a dumb, much younger guy with an NFL career and nabbed him! Then she proceeded to have four babies in succession. When they divorce and his NFL career ends he’ll still have child support to pay out ta the wazzuu. Good job Kim! You’re set for life. Or at least until that last one turns 18. But you’re still a goldigger. Can’t take care of your damn self??

    • Pherber

      I think he actually loves her. Or thinks he loves her. Either way, he’s pretty much stuck with her now. He seems like a very nice guy with the patience of a saint. I personally don’t get what he sees in her bc she has such a foul mouth on her that it’s very unattractive. She was also very ugly whenever they first met, and I only think she looks attractive and youthful in these recent photos where she has obviously had a LOT of work done.

      • Donna

        What he sees in her is called SEX.

        • Pherber

          I know. I just figured an NFL player would have had a lot of women throwing themselves at him, so why would he settle with that old slamhound?

  • Donna

    With all the tragedy going on in the world today all this self absorbed Pig can do is take selfies and brag about how much money Kroy spends on her. His parents must be mighty proud of him for marrying a plastic mold. How about donating some of that money to the people of Nepal. Yep you and Nene belong together.