The Real World Skeletons : Who is Bruno’s girlfriend Carla? Are they still together?

RR Skeletons

Another season of MTV’s The Real World is in the books. Though the season had its usual ups and downs, tonight’s finale raised more questions than it answered: will Nicole ever forgive Jason? are Madison and Tony still in love? and who is Carla anyway?

While the jury is still out on the first two questions, we have some answers for you about the camera-shy Carla.

When Bruno first entered The Real World house, he appeared to click with Sylvia. The two had a fun connection and enjoyed the occasional make-out session… until Carla entered the picture.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.06.03 AM

At first it seemed like Carla was the typical, cliché local who falls for one of the Real Worlders, but as the season progressed, Bruno and Carla’s relationship became the real deal.

As Bruno’s feelings towards Carla grew, our knowledge about her didn’t. She quickly popped in one episode then out the next, and we saw her struggle with having their relationship play out on camera.

Towards the end of the season, Carla and Bruno had a short-lived break-up but were happy and very much together in the end.


The mysterious Carla is actually Carla Duca. She’s a smart cookie who graduated with honors from Dominican University, a Catholic college, where she double majored in Criminology and Sociology. However, these days you can find her using her skills as a makeup artist.

The 22-year-old lives in Chicago and showcases her artistry on her CarlaDucaMakeup Instagram page but keeps her personal profile on lock down. During the time of filming, Carla worked the front desk at a Chicago hair salon and was a beauty advisor at Ulta before that. Currently, Carla is working as a Customer Service Associate for a garage door company located outside Chicago.

What about her and Bruno? Are they still together?

Not likely.

Bruno has made no mention of Carla on social media: no pictures on Instagram, no mentions on Twitter. It would appear as though the two aren’t in each other’s lives whatsoever.

In fact, we have solid evidence that Bruno has moved on with another Real Worlder: Ashley Kelsey from The Real World season 26 in San Diego. 

Ashley Kelsey

Ashley and Bruno seem to be very close, both posting this picture yesterday.

Ashley and Bruno

Bruno also posted a pic to Twitter a few days ago with the caption, “I wonder who this is?” along with a kiss face emoji. We had to brighten up the photo to be sure, but no doubt it’s him and Ashley.

Bruno and Ashley 2

So let’s re-group: Carla appears to be a normal gal doing her 9-5 thing while Bruno is all over social media with a new girl.

I guess we will have to wait until the reunion show to know more, but it looks like Bruarla is officially over.



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  • californiaredhead

    Tony and Madison announced they were together on Twitter

    • lassie

      wow….Tony “the thief”….isn’t in jail yet?? What a lousy excuse for a “man”. …can’t even afford to pay for his own drinks . yuck

  • Glenda

    Is there going to be a reunion show?

    • MsAwesomePants

      I can’t find it in the listings. I thought it was usually the week after the last episode, but I don’t see anything scheduled.

  • bambiglanville

    Bruno was such a hot-head. I wouldn’t be able to deal with that. If Madison and Tony are still together, I pray for that girl.

    • lassie

      You are sooo right. That Bruno scared me. As for Tony – he’s just a thief who tries to use his childhood as an excuse. Dude you didn’t steal a loaf of bread because you were hungry – you stole a bottle…. pathetic.

  • valpalxo

    I couldn’t deal with him. As quick as he is to go off. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he hit a woman. He’s come entirely too close to hitting Sylvia for me to believe otherwise.

    • Lyra

      Definitely agree! He is always the type of person I’ve learned to stay away from. Some people will put on a front in the beginning and act nice but look at the way they treat their exes or ppl they had a falling out with. This is the type of person that would go psycho on you if you broke up with them.

  • Craig Engstrom


  • Raquizzle

    Bruno was such a hot mess, flying off the handle over pieces of food and flinching whenever people hugged him. He’s a psychologist’s dream!

  • ???

    Maybe she should consider wearing a little less makeup. She’s a beautiful girl, but I thought she was like 35.

  • savannah

    I dont understand why this guy even tried out for the show, he was spazzy, didnt know how to share and never went out with the roommates.

  • lassie

    Jason – yes you shouldn’t put your hands on anyone – but Nicole – she really did treat Jason different from Bruno and Tony….and Nicole – shame on you for sucking face with some guy to con him into paying for Tony’s STOLEN bottle. You sure showed what kind of person you are. Let’s not forget who started all the drama – Tony the bottle thief – who cries about his childhood to excuse his lowlife behavior. Sylvia was right – “white trash”. Stealing makes you a thief dude. Get a job and pay for your own drinks.

  • lassie

    oh and as for Bruno: big surprise – he’s already blown it with Carla. It’s funny how he “confessed his love” for her on the phone – and they’re already done. Bruno you need anger management – and some lessons on how to be a gentleman. ….but lug