PHOTOS of Morgan Christie Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend

Morgan Christie is Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend according to The National Enquirer

It has been quite a lull since we’ve been given the gift of a previously unknown young lady that has either slept with Tiger Woods or dated Jon Gosselin, but according to The National Enquirer and People magazine, that drought is over! Both of these sites are reporting that Jon Gosselin has officially moved on from his true love Hailey Glassman and is now dating 25-year-old Morgan Christie of California!

Cobbling the two stories together, Morgan is originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and now lives in California. She has relatives in Utah and that is where she met Jon Gosselin while he was snowboarding over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Here is a profile screenshot from a recently deleted Facebook account for a Morgan Christie in Santa Barbara, California. The girl on the left looks a lot like the girl in the National Enquirer photo above so I assume that combined with the fact that the account was recently deleted and one of the friends was an Emory graduate suggests this is the mystery girl! (I’ll also include just the photo.)

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Morgan Christie's Facebook profile Morgan Christie is reportedly Jon Gosselin's new girlfriend

According to an “insider” for the National Inquirer:

“They talk on the phone and text throughout the day, and Morgan flew to New York right after Christmas to be with him. Jon is so into Morgan that he is thinking about moving to Utah to be closer to her.”

The insider goes on to say:

“He flew her to New York right after Christmas to stay with him at his apartment, but after finding it had been ransacked, he immediately drove to Pennsylvania with Morgan, and they crashed at a hotel in Reading.

“Later, they went back to New York so Jon could figure out the apartment situation. Morgan helped keep him calm, and he was extremely thankful to have her there.”

I’m sure we will be hearing more about and seeing more of Morgan Christie, so stay tuned! (Any college friends out there with Morgan Christie boong photos?)

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  • do not wanna reveal

    At least this girl is a little older then Glassman. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t really care about age, but at least she’s older. Read somewhere that she is twenty- five. She looks really cute, really sweet. But I think that Jon needs to take a break from all this womanizing. He needs to get his life back together and focus on his children. I don’t think he’s stopped womanizing since those pictures came out with him and Deanna Hummel. Oh, how is he planning on moving to Utah? Does he not plan on seeing his kids all that much? Good. If it’s true. Kate is the better parent in this situation and maybe having him far away, will be far better for the kids in the long run. Give Kate some peace of mind finally. I know he is their father, but maybe him being less involved in their lives, would be better for them in the long run, maybe it would healthier for them. Jon doesn’t seem to be the most stable influence in the world for them. Oh well… Oh, and the photo with Jon and his new girl, some of his fingers are missing. Can you say photo shopped? Well, maybe he had some accident that we aren’t aware of…

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