Greatest basketball player ever engaged to model girlfriend

The hero of my childhood, the man who made me believe I could fly, the greatest to ever lace them up, his “Airness” Michael Jordan has got engaged to his knockout Brazilian model girlfriend Yvette Prieto.

#23 proposed to Prieto over the holidays according to his rep. “God disguised as Michael Jordan,” as Larry Bird once called him after he dropped 69 on the Celtics in a playoff game, and Prieto have been dating for 3 years.

This will be Jordan’s (48) second marriage as his divorce from his first wife and the mother of his three children Juanita Vanoy was one of the costliest in history. Prieto (32) is said to have once dated Julio Iglesias Jr., the older brother of Enrique.

There has been no date set by the two time Olympic gold medal winner who went 6-0 in NBA Finals match-ups and was voted MVP for each of those contests and his fiancee. I hope that their future together brings about a lifetime of happiness and precious memories, like, say, these… I need a tissue.

If Prieto loves MJ half as much as I do they should be just fine. Former opponent and NBA player Felton Spencer does have a little advice for Yvette:

“You don’t hesitate with Michael, or you’ll end up on some poster in a gift shop someplace.”

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