PHOTOS JWoww from Jersey Shore Jenni Farley bikini modeling pictures

Jenni J-Woww Farley sexy photo with a gun and motorcycle

Snooki may be the Jersey Shore Guidette getting the most publicity but Jenni “JWoww” Farley is the Jersey girl that seems to have it all. Not only does she have a smokin’ hot bod complete with huge dragon tattoo, but JWoww also has a pair of triple-D brass balls that means she won’t back down from anyone or anything! If Brad Ferro had punched Jenni instead of Snooki I can guarantee you she wouldn’t have been curled up in a ball on the floor, she would have flown across the bar and scratched that dude’s eyes out!

(Some J-Woww-inspired Little Richard background music while you read.)

The defining JWoww moment for me was in Episode 5 when she was out partying with Snooki and some woman asked “So who’s your fat friend?” The camera was focused on Snooki but you can see JWoww standing in the background. There’s a really long pause and then she tosses her drink in the face of the woman and all Hell breaks loose! There’s hair pulling and punching and yelling and bouncers… And afterward, as JWoww adjusts her chest repeatedly, she seems adrenalized and ready to go! She doesn’t seem nervous at all, but more like a boxer being interviewed after round two.

UPDATE 1/15 – JWoww’s defining moment has changed! It is now when she drunkenly punches and slaps Mike in Atlantic City! CLICK HERE to see JPoww in action!

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about Jenni’s brawn but her beauty. The 23-year-old did a good deal of modeling before she was cast on MTV’s Jersey Shore, including a number of photos promoting a motorcycle and automotive-themed social networking site called Ignition Nation, which Jenni was named spokesperson and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for back in August of 2008. From the official press release for the company launch:

Jenni will be developing new channels for marketing as well as all live appearances at national motorcycle rallies and car shows. “I am excited to have this opportunity to be part of this company” said Jenni, “I have a tremendous amount of freedom to help build the site into a major enterprise with my own ideas. I have been given the reigns to market the site and to be an active part of all tactical site decisions.”

In typically bold fashion, Jenni proudly wore the explicitly suggestive slogan for the site “Are You In?” on her Guiderriere while straddling a custom chopper and smoking a cigarette. JWOWW!!!

JWoww booty

And here she is in high heels on the hood of a corvette:

Jersey Shore's Jenni J-Woww Farley wears a swimsuit and high heels on the hood of a corvette

No matter what your ethnicity or high moral standing, if you are a dude then these photos will arouse your inner Guido! Even gay men will be able to feel it simply by imagining JWoww as a Jersey drag queen – not a big stretch at all!

Here are a few more of JWoww’s modeling pictures promoting Ignition Nation, to see the rest hop over to Jenni’s profile on! Click thumbnails to see larger images in the gallery.

Jenni Farley also tried out for the Lingerie Football League back in May of 2009. (See a photo HERE.) That seems to sum up J-Woww perfectly – a hard-as-nails competitor that would look great in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

For everything else JWoww, including her “Clothing Line, Graphic Design Company and Long Island’s top Promotional Company as well as an Insane Liquid formula that will gaurantee weight loss…” pay a visit to

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Here’s a parting video of Jenni doing a photoshoot for Ignition Nation:

Find more videos like this on Ignition Nation

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  • Tom

    First of all, those heals on that poor corvette. I mean are we serious people? And why is it that we always through the camera in the face of the person who is least deserving? J-Wow? of the Jersey Shore. First of all the show is an abortion of television entertainment anyways, and there people are so full of themselves they are gonna all end up in jail for kicking the s**t out of someone for ruining their “blow-out” and MTV will be paying more in damages that the show actually takes in. Do us a favor and find some other tramp that can actually act and isn’t going to ruin a car that is worth thousands of dollars.

    • well idiot she happens to be very intelligent and successful and the show is doing great in the ratings youre just a f**k tard loser who wishes he could f**k her you stupid a$$ i hate ppl like u always coming down on others cause your life sucks f**k u

      • rae rae

        i think she looks hot! stop hatin haters

      • Tom

        and that is where you are wrong…jason. But thank you for censoring yourself with asterisks and dollar signs confirming that you are, in fact, just as worthless as the cast of jersey shore. as far as these so called great ratings go, the ONLY reason people continue to watch is because every time they finish an episode they leave thinking, wow they couldn’t possible top bulls**t, better tune in next week to see how much more worthless they can make themselves. Then then have fans like yourself try and defend what they are doing just as poorly as they are. Thank you jason for empowering me even further.

        • for tom

          @tom. you’re so right. worthless useless garbage. she put her trashy sh** all over a f***ing stingray and then an SS? f**k that. put her ass on a 93 civic and let her sh** all over that, or sh** that out.

    • Suzie

      I believe you meant abomination not abortion? and I agree with Tanvir, if you think shes sooo bad, why did you google her? If you have such a problem with everyone from jersey shore, CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL. You’re life probably sucks and this is why you’re complaining to people on here.. Get a life.

      • Jacob

        uhh this show is shit and imma agree with tom…

    • james

      i would do her

    • Jefff

      Are you kidding me? I’d bend her hot azz over that Corvette, wear that azz out and wouldn’t give one damn about that car.

    • Jay

      jenni is probaly the hottest chick out there right now…. she gots it going on and she going to have it going on for a long time….

    • Mel

      I don’t watch Jersey Shore. I just wanted to tell Tom that (heels) is spelled like that not like this (heals). Unless you’re saying she’s healing the corvette or bringing it back to life somehow.
      Also (throw) is spelled like that not like this (through). The word through is used to describe from one side to another… like through the looking glass. Now finally my favorite (abomination)is spelled like that, not like this (abortion). An abortion is when someone chooses not have a child or when someone stops something from happening (example: Tom, we must abort this mission or we will not make it for sure. I think you already know what an Abomination is. Have a nice day.

  • Tanvir

    you know youre a little f**khead Tom…..if you dont like the way she looks why search her up u stupid f**k….she is f**kin sexy and if im correct i bet u cant act better then her and theres no f**kin way u could afford a vehicle like that

  • TR

    W-whyy is she t-takingg a d-dumpp in the engine compartment of that C-Camaroo?

    • pj

      no…. I actually believe she CRAPPED out the Camero

  • sher

    she’s a pretty girl, but she needs to tame down the make-up – it makes her look too hard.

  • Hollywood

    Well she could prolly knock your a$$ out TOM. one back fist and you would prolly be out cold.

  • johnny w

    ever since jersey shore started i kinda had a crush on her i think shes hot

  • J woh

    she is NOT cute. Gross.

  • kasunagi

    Even though not everyone likes her look, she looks pretty hot in these photos to me. If anything this might help her as she tries to make it in the fashion design industry.

  • ddog

    She has 2 masters ,she hails from upstate n.y. and has only been a guidette for a few years .and i think shes hot.and making a ton of cash.I hope they all get rich why not .They fell in $hit and are making it pay off.

  • thomas blake

    i dont watch jersey shore, so i’m unbias. i can tell natural beauty when i see it, n this girl…is bad as hell. she can get it any day homie. yall r prolly basin her beauty on her attitude, which again..i have no idea how she is. all i can say is, shes fine n i’d eat chocolate off that girl from every spot.

  • JohnnnyD

    I was behind JWoWW in line at a public unisex bathroom. She went in and spent about 10 minutes. I heard a flush and she came out, apparently having taken a dump. I went in nervous but to my surprise no bad smell. In fact, it smelled good. So she’s da bomb y’all…

    • Aaron Ververs

      “In fact, it smelled good.”

      HAHAHAHAH!! That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Tom

    How can anyone think she’s hot? She looks and walks like a man.

    • roger

      okay she is way hotter than any of them i have to admit that nicole is pretty but jwoww is so hot and she can bet a bitc*es a**…….. she does not walk like a man see ya

  • Kaitlan

    I think JWoww is amazing! I lovee her. I’ve watched Jersey Shore since the first episode and she has always been my favorite. She is a beautiful woman and all the haters can screw off.

  • Ben

    Her and pauly d should date, their the coolest two on the show

  • Tom Brokaw

    I only wish i could bone her.

  • bro

    bros….. jwoww is f***ing sexy i would do her and forreal jwoww andd pauly d should date jersey shore is great all u people r haters who talk crap and forreal if u hate her why in the hell are u gonna google her ahahaha bro ur so dum get own somewere with ur low life ass n i bet ur little scam ass wish u had a girl like her u just dont got no game and cant get nothin so thats why u looked her up is to dream get own somewere

    • Lamper


      WTF are you taking about. Speak english

  • John

    I wish I was that motorcycle….

  • Joshua

    Id pound her p***y all nite

  • mandy

    jwow is a gorgeous lady! she is a natural beauty at that, & any guy who cant see that is f**k**g dumb! XD yall are just a bunch of jelous haters!! get on her level bro!

  • mauro torres

    i love jwoww u wanna hook up or wat

  • Jon

    She’s hot. Plain and simple. Most guys and girls think she’s hot. This isn’t like Maxim’s top 50 or some shit like that but if you saw her in public you’d be like holy shit, she’s hot. And the girls would hate on her cuz she has huge fake t!ts. But it doesn’t matter that they’re fake, just means they won’t sag as hard

  • jwowwfan2910

    too bad that she cant take pictures fully showing her boobs

  • jwowwfan2910

    I like boobs and I want to see 10000000000000000000000
    boobs on every women. why cant every girl in the world walk around showing off their boobs

  • jwowwfan2910

    I love Snooki and Jwoww they are really good bitches