AUDIO Amanda Bynes apologizes for saying she wants to murder her dad

Amanda Bynes Purple Hair

During the weekend, TMZ posted audio supposedly of Amanda Bynes plotting how to murder her father, Rick Bynes. She said, among many other troubling things, “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like slitting his throat. That’s what I would love.”

In a second clip, Amanda threatened to shoot someone in the face “with an ugly insult” and told a man he’s “so gay” it hurts her feelings.

According to TMZ the audio was recorded by one of the women Amanda was crashing with in West Hollywood, but Rick and Lynn Bynes wanted the site to post the story because it “could be a wake-up call for medical professionals to intervene and get her help.”

Amanda, however, responded to the story by saying she’s already getting help.

She added in a statement to Access Hollywood that she’s sorry for “any pain” she caused her family and that she regrets trusting the women.

I’m sorry I trusted people who clearly were not my friends and capitalized on my illness. I am doing my best to get better. I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others. I am thankful for everyone’s patience and understanding. I never expected others to take advantage and profit from my condition. I’m disappointed with those who lulled me into a false sense of security only to find out they really are only interested in selling my privacy to the media.

Lawyer David Esquibias said Amanda meets with doctors four time a week and that he’s in contact with her “all day, every day.”

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  • Annette

    That statement was so obviously written by her lawyer.

    • 900009

      yep…her biggest enabler..he must be so proud

      • SSSSS

        he’s a public defender. it’s his job to defend her. this isn’t some high priced hollywood lawyer.

  • saseblon

    The girl is in need of so much help it’s not even funny! 1. because she is psychotic 2. she has purple hair for God’s sake and 3. LIKE, AND STOP, LIKE, USING, LIKE, THAT LIKE WORD!!!!

    • Suzy

      Having purple hair doesn’t make you psychotic neither does saying ‘Like’ a lot. The girl knows she’s cray, what more do you want from her?

  • morganlizabethh

    hmm..instead of being in contact with her all day everyday maybe she should be committed to a psych unit again and not let out to work on getting a grip on life all day everyday instead of some quack lawyer “profiting off her illness” before someone or herself seriously gets hurt

    • SSSSS

      that’s not a quack lawyer profiting off her illness, that’s a public defender, just like someone would have assigned to them if they couldn’t afford a lawyer. it’s his job to defend her. public defenders are not rolling in cash from their jobs.

      • morganlizabethh

        i know google isnt the answer for everything but if you google him hes not a public defender hes an actual attorney.. im pretty sure shes not completely broke her parents have full control over her money which would realistically mean she could afford a lawyer. even if it was a public defender i still feel strongly about the fact that in someway (money, getting their name in headlines, etc) they are all benefiting off her illness when she should honestly be locked up before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. its not taken lightly from a psycho when they say they wanna slice someones throat esp when she obviously doesnt have control over her illness

        • kiki

          I was assigned a private attorney as a public defender. I’m not sure how it works out there but I know it can happen.

          • Lyra

            Maybe an attorney is likely to do free work when he knows it’s for someone that will generate headlines and get his name out there?

            Either way, he’s not certified to deal with crazy and she should be talking to a therapist all day everyday not her lawyer.

  • Guest

    She literally, like, like, um like, needs to like be behind, like bars. Like.

  • Guest

    At least Amanda Bynes has acknowledge the fact that she’s ill. I wish her all the best and I hope that she has some true friends in her life who want to help her get better instead of selling stories.

  • Yzus

    I have changed my mind about this whole ‘Amanda Bynes’ thing after listening to the tapes. I now believe that she’s a danger to herself and to others and her parents did the right thing by locking her up. I hope she doesn’t act on her unnatural thoughts.