New roommates? Heidi Montag offered Amanda Bynes a place to stay


After a photo surfaced of Amanda Bynes sleeping on a couch at the Beverly Center, former reality star Heidi Montag reached out to say she could come sleep at her house.

Amanda took to Twitter to explain that her parents wouldn’t give her money for a hotel, (they are reportedly giving her $50 and $100 gift cards.) She says she’s been staying with friends, but didn’t get enough sleep, so she had a rest at the mall.

Heidi Montag offered Amanda her guest house, but Amanda didn’t publicly get back to Heidi. Today TMZ reported that Amanda’s new plan is to be a bartender for some extra cash.

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  • Renee L

    That’s nice of her, but really, I think it’s kind of silly to write stories about every tweet most people send. I was hoping to see an actual story, not just a tweet and rehashed information about Amanda’s state. It’s pretty standard, if it’s a Duggar, a Teen Mom (esp. Jenelle. Leah or Farrah), Amanda Bynes, Kim K, there’s going to be many stories here each day every time they flush the toilet and tweet about it.

  • Bibo

    Heidi seems a sincere person and the media is obviously exaggerating Amanda’s situation. Give the girl some space already.

  • R

    For some strange reason I am compelled to defend starcasm and its writers. It never fails that a commenter whines about the form or grammar of an article. While I also roll my eyes when I read a poorly written article, I still have respect for the author because they take the initiative to write the articles at all. I remember the website asking for new writers. Maybe the people who think they could write better stories ought to stop complaining and write the articles themselves. To me it seems like needless negativity. If the errors bother you so much, why do you still come to the site?

    • sara

      I totally agree! I’m here for gossip, not to find the next pullitzer prize winner.

  • AK

    She DID respond back..l check her Instagram,,

    • AK

      ***check her Instagram

      • Guest

        Amanda doesn’t have an Instagram.

  • Bibo

    Britney also reached out to her. They suffer from the same mental illness, ya know?