Sex and the City 3 might be happening


Fans of Sex and the City, today is you’re lucky day! Jennifer Hudson just revealed a third installment of Sex and the City movie is on the horizon.

When Jennifer was recently questioned if there would be a SATC 3, she was surprisingly open in revealing the juicy details, “I think it might be [happening].” She went on to say, “Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it.”

Here’s the clip of Jennifer’s interview:

After six seasons and two movies, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King admit they feel there is one last chapter to tell.

Michael Patrick told Entertainment Weekly back in February,

“Sarah Jessica and I both know what that final chapter is. That doesn’t mean it will or should be told, but I do think there’s one story left. Whether it ever happens is a whole other situation. But there’s four girls, and those girls are still in my mind. There are other stories to tell and characters that haven’t even been written yet.”


Sarah Jessica has yet to comment on Jennifer’s big reveal, but seriously SJP, tell us, is it true?!

The movie franchise has faced its fair share of challenges such as critics hating the films and some fans voicing frustration over the ridiculous story lines (specifically in SATC 2), not to mention the aging actors soon to be in their 50’s.

Despite these hurdles, fans of the show are devout, almost like “if you build it, they will come.”

Sex and the City 1 made $415 million dollars and Sex and the City 2 made $305 million dollars. That’s no small chunk of change, and if there’s money to be made from a third film, you better believe those Hollywood bigwigs are anxious to get their share.

Now, fans are only left with questions: When will production begin? What’s the release date? Will Aidan be a part of the movie or maybe even Berger? Is Carrie pregnant? Did Charlotte have any more babies she named after flowers?

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  • lmtj

    As a super true fan to the TV series…..NO. Just no.

    • Ashley

      Agreed. I loved the series and even really liked the first movie. But there isn’t anything left to say. Big can only screw over Carrie so many times. Just leave well enough alone.

      • lmtj

        Word! The first movie had to grow on me, and I rather believe the 2nd one doesn’t exist. The only story line I can think of left is death, and probably Samantha’s due to cancer returning, but I’d rather remember them for how they related to my life at the time than to be reminded we all get old and die. And probably b/c of something devastating.

  • Vegasmomma

    For all that is holy, please NO!!!!!!

  • MissJoker

    OMG that’s so good! I love sex and the city 🙂

  • Lola

    Jennifer Hudson was such a miscast.

  • Brandy Nicole

    No. First movie was ok, second was stupid so I wouldn’t have high hopes for #3.

  • Jon

    We’ll just have to wait & see when production begins and the release date. It’d be so cool to see both Aidan & Berger be a part of the 3rd Movie. Who knows, Carrie could be Finally Pregnant with her & Big’s Baby? Maybe Charlotte did have more Kids and named them after flowers, who knows?

  • Jon

    I really, really, really hope Sex & The City 3 happens.

  • sammi

    I saw the first movie, LOVED IT. Didnt see the second one because I heard it was no good, so I guess I wouldnt be upset if a third one comes out. It has to be good though, just as good as the first one. I miss this show alot though. I watch the reruns and think about how much I miss seeing it all the time.

  • micro OP

    The series was bad, but I loved it. I honestly don’t believe either movie was worse then the series. The whole thing is campy and vapid, so I say make more and more, I’ll enjoy them mindlessly. If these women were entertaining as vacuous thirty something’s I don’t know why they can’t be as fifty something’s

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