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Tiger Woods mistress and Gia Allemand friend Loredana Jolie Ferriolo

The latest addition to the growing list of Tiger Woods mistresses is 26-year-old model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. In a previous post I mentioned how Loredana’s name was made public by Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, who talked about Jolie in an interview with New York Daily News “She’s a stunning girl. He went out with her four or five times. She took part in group sex. They met up in 2006 or early 2007. I’d say he paid $15,000 for her.”

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At the time of that post I couldn’t really dig up much info on Loredana, but that’s all changed now! Here is the bio I have pieced together from her defunct web site, online modeling profiles, interviews and fan pages:

Ms Hawaiian Tropic Sicily Loredana FerrioloLoredana Jolie Ferriolo was born in the Bronx, NY on June 11, 1983 and lived there until she was five when she moved to Italy. Italian became her first language and she was forced to relearn English when she moved back to New York seven years later.

Loredana hints that Tiger is bisexual!

Her modeling career started off in bikini contests and her first title was Ms. Hawaiian Tropic representing Sicily. She posed for Playboy when she was 18 and even stayed in the Playboy Mansion for a while, an experience she described this way: “The girls are amazing; everyone’s walking around with bikinis on. There’s like all these hot chicks, but a lot of parties, and a lot of celebrities. It was fun. It was a great experience at 18-years-old. It was definitely a great place to be.”

Loredana Jolie calendar photoAfter Playboy her modeling career took off including a feature in FHM UK as well as becoming a MET-RX calendar girl. Loredana has been featured in a number of print media campaigns including Loredana Cosmetics, Cosmetic St. Angelica, Pantene Shampoo, and Hawaiian Tropic Zone. She’s even dabbled in music videos, reportedly making brief appearances in both Sting’s “Stolen Car Remix” (ft. Twista) and appropriately (given the Tiger Woods thing) “I Love Dem Ho’s” by Eamon ft. Ghostface. Good luck trying to find her though! I had no luck with that blurry Eamon video and this is my best guess from the Sting/Twista mash-up:

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo Stolen Car video still image

Here are links to some of Loredana’s modeling profiles.

Model Mayhem
Words n Tunes
Apparel Search

R: (Warning – don’t click on this link if your boss is around!)
Blue Fantasies Photo Shoots

Here’s Loredana’s web site splash page from back in the day:

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  • Jer

    I saw her in American Curves magazine before I saw any of this stuff. The best one on Tiger’s list by far!

  • Jennifer

    This is all so sad how money hungry the Ferriolo family is. They are a disgrace to the italian community. Let’s not waste anymore time on a this poor unguided girls sad permiscous behavior.


    She is a sad sad girl. Look at how much plastic surgery she had on herself. Where were her parents???? She used to date my friend and has harassed him as well. She is really psychotic and needs help

    • Jess

      Agreed! she is disgusting and psychotic. Used to stalk my 21 year old guy friend and she was 29. Get a life!

  • This girl started at age 17 doing lingerie shoots on and then naked on, not at playboy like everybody says. she started this sexy photo sjunk at 16 or 17

    • Ldog

      Hey Tina, are you still modeling?

  • Mark

    This girl was also a Dangerous Curves bikini model. She’s the one wearing their see through white thong at Smokin hot, tigers da man!.. but, when did he have time to play golf?

  • she only has bad habit girl. Please waste our time to hear her stories

  • D

    Stop hating on her get a f***ing life

  • dennis

    Sooo! You want him to Say He’s sorry!Well you knew he was married or is because of what Braum let out about the 15grand true or just maybe the sex group needs to here from You

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    Too bad Jigger couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants. Also sad that his HO’s are mud shark slummers.