Farrah Abraham on ‘poor choices’ by other Teen Moms, having more kids


Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham admitted during our recent interview that she doesn’t keep up with her former co-stars, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell — largely because she’s usually disheartened by what she learns.

“I wish them all the best, but it does make me very sad to still see them make poor choices,” Farrah said.

Speaking specifically about Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra’s planned pregnancy, Farrah said she would never choose to get pregnant before marriage.

“I can’t even tell you if I had to go through all the same struggles again that I had to deal with the first time with Sophia — and I didn’t like that and I knew better — it would really crush me,” Farrah said. “So, I’m very sad to hear that the other Teen Moms don’t take that as serious as they should.”

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell together

Although Farrah said “to each is their own,” she expressed some concerns about Catelynn and Tyler’s situation.

“If I did want to have a family, I would feel secure in showing my family as much love as possible. I bought my own house, I’m starting my own company, I’m doing other things and really just showing that I’m a stable, reliable, great parent. I take that very seriously every day and it’s no joke,” she said. “So I hope that with others, who are getting to be pregnant with their second child, that they have a home, that they have a stable financial situation and that they have a supportive family.”

As for her own plans for family expansion, Farrah said she’s in no rush.

“I personally know when I get married, and go on trips, and I see the world, and I have the most and the best times with my significant other, and we know it’s the right time to have a child and bring it into this world and take care of it and give it our all… Then, yes, I will have another child,” she commented. “But, I feel that rushing that or having that before marriage, like I did the first time… No.”

Farrah added her experiences as a single mother have shown her what not to do next time.

“I wouldn’t want to act like I’m in denial the second time around of love and the opportunity to have another child,” she said. “I took a personal commitment on my own to better my life, get and right and set it forth in the right way.”

UPDATE Catelynn responded to Farrah’s comments on Twitter…

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  • twelfthnight

    As if Farrah has made nothing but good choices. LOL.

  • pmhr

    Should you be financially stable before having kids? Ideally yes. But that in NO way makes you a great parent. Farrah is proof enough of that.

  • OhFarrahLogic…

    LMAO she honestly makes me laugh every time she opens her mouth.. She has made some pretty awful decisions and I honestly don’t see anyone marrying her… She is very selfish and egotistical..extremely narcissistic and needs to own up to her faults and her terrible choices instead of going out of her way to pick and choose things to find about people she doesn’t agree with… Not one person is perfect despite what she thinks.. she’s far from it…. Hypocritical much and jealous is all I get out of what she’s said.

    • Brandy Nicole

      I’m sure she would marry anyone however I’m not sure anyone would marry her.

  • P

    Somehow I think Farrah is not as dumb as she wants us to believe. She purposely says these stupid/crazy/off-the-wall/hypocritical statements because she knows it gets under people’s skin and gets her the attention she so desperately craves.

  • Josie

    I can’t even understand what exactly she’s trying to say. She just drops semi-big words in an attempt to sound smart.

  • Tamtam

    Maybe Catelynn and Tyler didn’t plan it, and are just saying so to save face. It was quick from the time they said they’re trying to the announcement (and there was the whole test taking scene on the update show…)

    • spottedgiraffe

      Oh it was definitely planned. This is a trap baby. Tyler didn’t want to marry catelynn and has been distancing himself from her slowly but surely. Catelynn figured this baby would rekindle their love. Remember after Carly was born is when Tyler told catelynn he realized she was the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world. If Carly never happened they wouldn’t be together and we all know it.

      • Brandy Nicole

        Baby was half planned lol

      • sammi

        Who else thought it was disgusting that she let the camera watch her p!ss on the stick for the whole world to see. How nasty and classless. Have some dignity.

  • Emcee

    Because being a porn star is a great choice, Farrah! Sophia is gonna be sooooooo proud of your good choices in life. *rolls eyes*

  • Nicole Juarez

    lmao…ok but porn is a good choice, right? What a mother of the year…lmao!

    • Dolcevita

      Giving you baby away like a dog is even worse! And then breeding again with the same boy??? Neither one is any better.

  • Danie

    Let’s be honest, a “poor decision” of an “accidental” sex tape leakage is what made you “stable”, Farrah. Let’s not pat ourselves on the back too hard.

  • TA

    when is this girl going to STFU?
    you’re financial stable because you did an MTV reality show for getting knocked up as a teen, and then went on to pimp yourself and your body out, Farrah.
    you are a piece of work, judging anyone, especially your co-cast members.

  • Kara

    Having debt or getting pregnant out of wedlock is not nearly as bad as doing porn.

    • Myndee

      And how does Farrah know what their finances are? Does she have some secret access to bank accounts that we don’t know about?

  • Myndee

    “I want to be married before I have another child,” this coming from the girl who thought she was pregnant from anal after she made her celebration of her body tape, NOT a porn. I’m sorry, I could barely get through that last part without laughing, it was totally a porn. She’s a moron, does she really think she’s a good mom? Her kids 5 and just got off a pacifier or so she thinks, she’s never home so she doesn’t know for sure what her kids doing. Her kid could be setting mattresses on fire next to the interstate for all she knows. Farrah wonders why the other girls don’t like her or talk to her, and here’s a hint, it’s not because of jealousy! I would hate being in the same room with a girl who doesn’t grasp English, HER FIRST LANGUAGE.

    • Bec

      It wasn’t a porn!! They were in a relationship! Didn’t you hear her call him baby 253 times while they were “making loooove”???

      • MtothaE

        Oh..thats right..I forgot! LOL! I hate her. She really thinks we were that dumb to believe that she was in a relationship with a porn star, they made a “private” tape and it got “leaked”? She’s so idiotic and is makes me mad that she insults our intelligence like that!

        • Kendra

          Lol!! True that!!

      • sammi

        I know!!!! Lol, they kept calling each other “babe” and “baby” to try and convince us this was a couple who just wanted to have s3x on camera to watch later in privacy.

      • Myndee

        I had it on mute because I can’t stand her voice and refused to use subtitles because that would annoy me just thinking about her voice.

    • Brandy Nicole

      I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!! Best comment.

      • Myndee

        Why thank you 🙂

    • sammi

      If I knew her, I could care less that she did p0rn, its her personality that turns people off.

  • ugh

    I just hear Farrah’s donkey voice even while reading a quote from her. She has such an obnoxious voice. Farrah will never get married unless she goes the Anna Nicole (and I hate to associate her with Farrah because, from all accounts, she was a *nice* but messed up person, unlike Farrah) route and finds a super old rich man that just wants a youngish girl that is “pretty”. Farrah has such a horrible, snotty personailty that it’s not even the p-orn career (yes, Farrah you are a “p0rn star”) that will hurt her dating prospects, it’s just her mean personality and her creepy family. How many boyfriends has she had since Derek that have stuck around more than a month or two? I doubt her not having sex is her choice and I really don’t believe that anyway. There are way too many gossip articles/blind items about her having lots of sex and doing lots of drugs and getting wasted drunk at her strip clubs appearances to promote her non p0rn career. She’s straight up delusional. And I hope Sophia is being taken care of by someone that isn’t Farrah or her creepy doped up mother or weirdo Michael.

  • spottedgiraffe

    Farrah is an awful person but she’s 100% right. She isn’t pregnant with a guy that has fallen out of love with her and only sticks around because of guilt like catelynn, she isn’t 80k in debt like Maci, she didn’t go to jail and doesn’t struggle with addiction like amber. Farrah is the most put together one out of that group, and that’s just sad. Sure she did a disgusting pörnö, but she was on a show for getting pregnant at 16 so everyone was already well aware of her sexuality along with the other girls.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Good point!

    • Everyone

      What about her DUI? Plus several people who know her have said that she’s an alcoholic who abuses pills.

      • spottedgiraffe

        Farrah wrote in her book about addiction but she was probably lying for attention because she’s an absolute moron. I forgot about her DUI but Maci drinks all day everyday too. They are all trash. There are a few decent ones on tm2 but I can’t think of a good one from the first teen mom

        • sammi

          Every single one of them has problems. Catelynn and Ty are loser who want to be famous and have no intentions on getting a real education/career, Amber is sullied by a felony conviction, Farrah…is Farrah, nuff said, Maci is a lazy drunk who parties instead of parent, Kailyn is a user who married the first man who can take care of she and Isaac, Leah is a cheater whose been married twice and has 3 kids all before she turned 23, Janelle the druggy and future Dana Plato, and Chelsea, the spoiled lazy slug who lays around on the couch in her PINK sweats while waiting on daddy to drop off $400 for groceries for her and her roommates for the week. Never thought id eve say this but I think Amber is the one Im most interested in and the one Im rooting for.

          • spottedgiraffe

            Lol kail sucks but nobody can deny she’s a great mom. Jenelle looks like Dianne Downs so I hope she isn’t left alone with Kaiser

            • sammi

              She’s an immature, hypocrite bully. Not to mention a total user and opportunist. She married that man for the benefits and cushy life, not for love.

      • HowserMD

        I think that’s a given. I mean, what stable person with a child spends her days frequently sex clubs and promoting that stuff? MACI is a good person and mom.

        • sammi

          Maci is hardly either. Every time you turn around she has her infested tongue stuck out posing for pics underage drinking and partying out of state while someone else watches Bentley. Not to mention she moved her son 2 hours away from his dad so she can get d!cked down by Kyle every night. She had no regard for how that would impact Bentley. She is hardly a good mom. She may love and take care of her son but she is hardly mom of the year, those are things you should be doing anyway. Not to mention she has been I school for how many years and still probably a freshman. How many times has she registered for 5-6 classes a semester, dropped 4, failed one and pulled a C- in the other lol.

  • Reality

    So when she goes on these trips to see the world with her significant other..and I hope she doesn’t go to my home country..what does she plan to do with Sophia?

    • Brandy Nicole

      Sophia does her own thing, she’s good.

    • christee

      Sophia will probably be old enough to truly be doing her own thing by the time her mother settles down with that special vibrator, err, someone. At the very least, she may hit puberty by that time, and no doubt Farrah will dump her on family that wasn’t sane enough to live with until she found better things to do. Like anal.

    • HowserMD

      What she does now, leave her with whomever is her primary caregiver, because it aint her.

  • Red

    …. No. Too easy.

    • christee

      I think we just found the title for her next “sex tape!” ‘Cause sneaking in that backdoor at this point, TOO EASY.

  • Everyone

    This moron doesn’t even make any sense.

  • Natalia

    Stick to porn Farrah it’s the only thing you’re half way good at.

  • Vee

    Haha the donkey talking about long ears. Like if Farrah has made the best decisions. Honestly most of her decisions have been “poor decisions.” Like always we have humans that could quickly point out what’s wrong with what other people do but, those people are too blind to see what they do wrong themselves. Sad that Sophia, an innocent child has to deal with such a mother who thinks she and her daughter need time apart because Sophia needs to do her “own thing. What a f@$ked up world we lived in!!!!!

    • sammi

      She totally worded that so wrong with the “doing her own thing” comment. If a smarter person had said it, which Farrah isn’t, I take it as them meaning they let their child have her independence to try new experiences without hovering or being a worry wart. That’s how I would have put it, but Farrah has very little brain cells to form such logic.

  • MtothaE

    Oh my. Some of what Farrah says is true and should be considered by others having more children. HOWEVER, she has absolutely zero room to be passing judgement on anyone or giving anyone advice. I feel like having a 2nd child and being able to support it but not be super wealthy is a whole heck of a lot more important and better than releasing a sex tape! Oh..I am sorry..the sex tape got leaked! RIGHT! Which is why afterwards she moved onto making molds of her vagina and behind to sell? If you watched her episode of “Being Farrah” on MTV a couple of months ago, you see she’s still the same hateful witch as always. Her dad lives with her (he and her mother have separated) and he basically does the cleaning and is sort of like Sophias nanny. Her mom came to visit and she was hateful to her as always. She goes out with friends and signs autographs for desperate weirdos. She got all made up one night with ALOT of makeup on and her daughter told her she looked evil. That should tell her something right there. Too bad she wont just disappear out of the public eye and raise her kid. I am so sick of seeing her ugly plastic face and hearing her nasty judgemental views on everyone else.

    • sammi

      The only thing I agreed with her on (scary, right?) is not having more children until you’re married. I agree with that too, I want another child but not until I’m married. And I saw that too, that her dad lives in a shed or “guest house” or something on her property and she still treats them worse than hired help. That whole family is coconuts. They raised sick human beings and Sophia doesn’t stand a chance. Maybe she will be the Marilyn Munster of this family and turn out nothing like them, but only time will tell.

      • MtothaE

        I agree. I think maybe Sophia would stand a chance if her dad was still alive or if she was at least able to visit with them. I hate giving up on a child like that, but if she is raised by Farrah, she’s doomed. If she’s raised by Farrah’s dad and sometimes mom, she’ll be just like Farrah. Its sad, really.

        • sammi

          Unfortunately Farrah holds all precedence over Sophia and Derek’s family has no say or rights sadly. If Farrah was a good person she would make sure Sophia knew her dad’s family. Soph is the only living link Derek’s family has to him and I can’t imagine how heartbreaking that is. I bet they wish their son never laid eyes on this nut.

          • MtothaE

            You know..I totally agree. I feel so bad for his family. I cant imagine losing my son at such a young age and knowing he has a daughter out there (who looks SO much like him!) that I am not allowed to see because the mother of the child is so rude and thoughtless. THEN to have to see how that child is being raised! So sad. It really makes me mad when Farrah cries or says she is sad because Derek is dead because on her episode of 16 & Pregnant, she made it out like he was such a bad guy. Her mom urged her to cut all ties with him and when Sophia was born, it was NEVER mentioned that he had passed away. No one even knew that for like a year or something. That was pathetic.

            • sammi

              I watched her episode and all the seasons of Teen Mom and I thought it was weird that Derek was referred to as “not being around”. I was under the assumption he was a deadbeat or they decided to co-parent. I had no idea this man died until I found out via internet. I think MTV didn’t want to reveal it to save it as a storyline, which is tacky if you ask me. I would have been mad if I were his family and they made my love one seem as if he was just “not around” like some deadbeat. I think Farrah really did love him and I don’t doubt for a second his passing affects her daily. I think she carries guilt that she cut off contact with him and treated him like $hit towards the end. That would be enough to drive me insane. So I do feel sorry for her in that aspect only. She grew up warped and with so many strange happenings so I don’t know if anyone will get the full story on what The Abrahams were really like in that home.

              • MtothaE

                I was the same way! I was actually mad at Derek and thought it was awful he wasn’t at the hospital when Sophia was born or afterwards! Then I found out it was because he was dead! That made me feel like crap, but I am sure MTV wanted to save the storyline and that’s probably why she was chosen for Teen Mom. Which, is pathetic. I am sure she misses him, and I am sure she loved him, but that makes me wonder even more why didn’t tell him she was pregnant herself (remember he heard it from someone else) and then after he called her and asked her about it, she changed her number and wouldn’t take calls from him at her work. Then, remember she tried to go on a date with that guy at work? That is what confused me the most about her episode. I still cant stand her though. She should have stayed in the culinary field. Much more respectable than where she’s at now.

                • sammi

                  I think they were going through typical, stupid 17 year old relationship break up stuff. I couldn’t tell you how many times my bf and I broke up when we were 17. We broke up and got back together at least twice a month lol. But all that Im saying is, for whatever reason they were def not together, and when he died, I think she felt guilt. That is why I think she romanticizes her relationship with him now that he’s gone. They had a rocky relationship no doubt and I think she tries to make it so lovely in her mind when it really wasn’t. I really wish she would try to do at least one nice thing in her life and let Sophia see her other family. I hope when Sophia is old enough to make the choice she find them on her own against Farrah’s wishes. Farrah is so messed up that she’ll probably fill her head with lies about how they don’t love Sophia and only want fame. Derek’s family will refute that hopefully and show her proof it isn’t true. Farrah is a messed up person. Id say that she’ll reap what she sows and lose everything but her parents are very well off and they’ll just take care of her and Sophia if her finances crash and burn. So unfortunately I don’t think she’ll ever learn anything about life and how you can lose it all one day.

  • Amanda Grayce

    mmmmm….those in glass houses…Personally I think that Tyler and Catelynn are better suited to be parents than any of the other “teen moms” They made the most grown up decision by choosing adoption because they knew it was what was best for their child.
    I will not bash Farrah for making a sex tape and trying shamelessly to remain in the spotlight. I will instead pray that she will not spend her life haunted by her own poor choices.

    • Dolcevita

      They gave their kid away like a dog! Because they were too young, are they going to give away this one too? Immature little animals!

  • Jenna Lou

    Farrah is so self absorbed she doesn’t realize another grown adults choices have nothing to do with her experience ” as a single parent”.

  • Jill

    I thought she claimed she was a virgin when Sophia’s father raped her on prom night. Now he’s her dearly departed soulmate? What the hell is up with that?

    • sammi

      I never heard that. Wow

  • Jess

    For once I actually agree with her dumbass

  • sam

    Farrah shouldnt cast stones. She’s such a bad bad bad parent. I hope teen mom boots her off the show. If whores want to learn something like being a bad parent then Farrah is the one to learn from

  • mee meee

    team FARRAH on this one… .

  • Dianna

    haha ok let me know about that talk your going to have to have with your daughter about why mommy is having sex on camera for money.

    i hate to know that girls pain when she starts middle school and she gets made fun of because of her mothers poor choices.

    • sammi

      Farrah will just fill her head up saying those people are just HAATTEERRRSSS. lol. People love throwing that word around when someone disagrees.

  • wenofsf

    too funny that right off the bat she talks about bad choices when she seems to be the queen of bad choices; men who treat her like crap, making a sex tape, going on celebrity rehab to cry about he sex tape and reveal that she has no social skills and is a complete narcissist-now she’s making a mold of her private parts so that men can have sex with them…..she is a sad confused girl. Farrah stop throwing stones when you live in the most delicate of glass houses yourself..

    • Dolcevita

      Agreed! But at least she did not give her baby away like a dog. And then stay in that relationship and get pregnant again. Are they giving this one away as well??

  • Dolcevita

    I wonder if this time they will be giving their baby away? It is like they never learned the lesson.

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