Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry reveals rape and abortion in Pride Over Pity

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We’ve known for years that Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry is one strong lady. But, the extent of trauma that she’s persevered through is becoming even clearer with the release of her long-anticipated memoir, Pride Over Pity.

In one of the most heart-wrenching recollections in the book, Kailyn describes getting raped by a boyfriend who refused to wear protection.

“Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Kailyn wrote, as excerpted by Radar Online. “I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted. Denying him seemed fruitless. I believed Toby loved me, so I decided I could give him this one thing as long as he wore a condom.”

The forceful boy didn’t even honor that one request. A few weeks later, Kailyn found herself taking her “first pregnancy test at fifteen in a Walmart bathroom” — and it was positive. Kailyn said her mothering instincts kicked in right away, but mom Suzi said she would “not be allowed to deliver this baby into the world.”

Even though Kailyn wanted to keep the child, she felt she had no choice. On her 16th birthday, she got an abortion.

“I swear they didn’t just suck out my uterus,” Kailyn said, describing the trauma. “It felt as though they had taken every fiber of my being… I felt a mother’s grief.”

A little more than one year later, Kailyn discovered she was expecting another baby with then-boyfriend Jo Rivera. Emotionally unable to consider abortion as an option again, Kailyn defied her mom by going through with the pregnancy.

“Once was almost impossible to recover from, twice would mean falling into a deep depression and never bobbing up for air.”

Young Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom 2 Jo Rivera

She went on to welcome son Isaac and begin her MTV journey with 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2. However, Kailyn explained viewers don’t know everything that’s happened to her since then: Following her relationship with Jordan, she briefly dated another guy, Caleb.

Describing when he showed up unannounced at her home one night, Kailyn wrote, “He was plastered and insisted he needed to talk to me, so I let him in. But he had no interest in talking. He pulled me into the bedroom and slammed me onto the bed, taking my clothes off roughly… His strength was overpowering. I felt a tear and knew I was bleeding… It felt like I was dead.”

What we do know is that things turned around for Kailyn shortly after that when she met and married Javi Marroquin. They’ve since welcomed a son, Lincoln Marshall, together.

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  • Maiko Higa

    Its such a short time frame for all of this to happen. No wonder she has such anger issues, bi-polar or not. It seems like lots of these girls had pregnancies before the one on the show, why the hell didn’t they learn from their mistakes?

    • Ashley

      So she knew enough to want/need to use a condom the first time she became pregnant, but then willingly had unprotected sex with Jo which resulted in a pregnancy….I wonder if she was, intentionally or unintentionally, trying to get pregnant again to keep the baby?

      • Mia

        I’ve always sort of wondered how much of a real effort she put in to using birth control correctly. I think in many ways she saw Jo’s situation and viewed him as a sort of “meal ticket” to having a better life. Eddie and Janet really took her in as a daughter. And she has never sincerely apologized to the way she spit on them the first chance she got as soon as MTV and Jordan, the potentially better options, came along….

      • Hybrid21

        Why is it that when a girl gets pregnant, people perceive that she did it as a meal ticket (even when the guy has jack for money or possessions) but the guy is looked at as being normal? It’s bad enough that guys have that attitude because they don’t want to admit they should’ve taken precautions, but when girls have that attitude, it’s disgusting because they’re perpetuating the myth that only girls have to take responsibility for a pregnancy. Responsibility is 50/50 unless rape is involved. Period. If you’re not mature enough to understand that, you are no where near mature to have sex or give opinions about sex.

        • spottedgiraffe

          You clearly don’t watch the show. Kailyns mom was an alcoholic that was never there. She had no family. Then she met Jo. His parents took her in and treated her like one of their own. Maybe girls don’t look for “meal tickets” normally, but kail had no family. She saw this as a chance to finally have people in her life.

    • jen

      That bothered me so much! She met a guy, moved him in, got pregnant, married him in what? A year? But him moving in with his gf is too much. If it was her worrying about his grandparents divorcing was her issue, then fine. She bothers me so much.

  • Christina

    It is extremely disrespectful to rape survivors to claim you’ve been raped by someone because you would “give them one thing,” and call it rape.

    • sanoga

      Ehhh she was pressured into doing something she didn’t want to do… I think she can call it rape. Rape isn’t always the “Law and Order: SVU” battered and bloody assault.

    • anne

      If you read further, that’s not the rape she was referring to. That was the abortion/first pregnancy. The rape was talked about at the end of this article.

      • Jenna

        Yep. When I first skimmed over the article I thought the “rape” she was referring to was the one in the first half of the article. If you finish the article all the way to the bottom you can see she describes a different situation with a guy named Caleb.

    • Maiko Higa

      It is rape with out consent. Her consent included a condom, he didn’t use one. But who knows what actually happened.

      • Maiko Higa

        I guess they used forceful too much.

    • Miss

      It’s extremely disrespectful to claim someone isn’t a survivor because they don’t fit YOUR definition of rape.

      • Pat Brown

        more then likely she is making up a whole truck load here, so she had enough drama for a book. She boldly told the cameras she was marrying Javi for his benefits, she is flat out gross!

      • Nathan

        It’s not HER definition of rape. It’s the legal definition of rape. Having consensual sex with someone because they keep pressuring you to have sex does not constitute “rape” in any way.

        • Miss

          That is not the rape she is referring to, maybe you should read the rest of the article?

          • Sweet Venom

            “In one of the most heart-wrenching recollections in the book, Kailyn describes getting raped by a boyfriend who refused to wear protection.”

            It seems Starcasm has set out to confuse everyone.

            • Ashley

              I agree. She didn’t say it was rape. But, for the record, what she described with the first boyfriend is coercion. Which is sexual assault, which is still illegal.

              • spottedgiraffe

                So we aren’t allowed to ask someone something more than once or it’s considered assault? Do you know how stupid that sounds? When my friend’s boyfriend kept asking her for sex instead of giving in she broke up with him. If you don’t want to do something DONT. you have the power to walk away. Kail can’t blame anyone but herself for the choice she made to to through with it.

                • Ashley

                  When you’re in a vulnerable state, and someone keeps persisting that you sleep with them, and you feel as though saying “no” isn’t an option. That they will continue to ask, or that they will get violent if you keep insisting that you don’t want what’s happening. You stop protesting and let it happen. That’s coercion and it’s painful to go through. Educate yourself before you make stupid comments.

                  It’s not a boyfriend pressuring his girlfriend. It’s being on your back, on a bed, having said yes to other things. Being pinned under someone insisting you guys have sex.

                  • spottedgiraffe

                    You’re the only one making idiotic comments. How do you know it happened that way? You don’t. Kail didn’t even say it was rape starcasm did. The only one she explicitly said was rape was the subject with Caleb.

                    • Ashley

                      I didn’t say it happened that way. I’m telling you what coercion is. Because you seemed to think it meant trying to pressure your significant other to have sex before they’re married. Also, re read my first message. In it I say EXACTLY what you said about Kail not saying the first inicident was rape. This is silly at this point. Clearly you are just sputtering things now. Bye.

  • Mia

    Does anybody else find this whole thing weird? LIke, I’m not saying she’s lying. I believe her. But I just find it weird that people are willing to use these kind of experiences for “entertainment”. That’s always been my thoughts about shows or books that recount such tramatic experiences. I just feel weird knowing those things about somebody because I feel like they are very private things that only those closest to you should know about. I understand it is very wrong to bottle these things up, too. I’m not saying she shouldn’t tell anybody. But to just shout it to the world, which is really what you’re doing if you write it in a publicized book or talking about it on a television show, just seems very counter productive to “getting through it”. Because things like rape aren’t something you “get over”, you learn how to live with it, but you never really get over it. Like going to help groups to reach out to rape victims, and promoting getting help through organizations you find beneficial seem like much more appropriate options to reveal your emotional experiences like rape and abuse to the world. But the fact that people write detailed accounts of them and put them into books seems really peculiar to me. Like, I feel bad for her to some degree, but it’s sort of extremely uncomfortable at the same time. Like I’m reading a detailed account of something that I shouldn’t know about.

    • frontdoormom

      Im trying to figure out how many times you said, Like. Lol
      but that aside, i agree. Ive had some pretty messed up things happen to me and i dont dare tell just anyone…maybe its her way of explaining why she is the way she is.

      • Mia

        I didn’t want it to come across as insincere so I was trying to find the right way to say what I was thinking. I was typing it as I was saying it in my head, haha! Unfortunately as you can imagine I do sound a little “valley girl”-ish in real life. Which is a little odd since I’m from the east coast?

        • frontdoormom

          Very odd lol im on the west coast in california lol.

  • Guest

    So she’s been raped twice? Why not press charges?

    • sophia

      where does it say she was raped twice? just caleb raped her.

      • Pat Brown

        first boy on the cement!

      • Guest

        1-“In one of the most heart-wrenching recollections in the book, Kailyn describes getting raped by a boyfriend who refused to wear protection.

        “Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Kailyn wrote, as excerpted by Radar Online. “I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted. Denying him seemed fruitless. I believed Toby loved me, so I decided I could give him this one thing as long as he wore a condom.”

        The forceful boy didn’t even honor that one request.”

        2-“Following her relationship with Jordan, she briefly dated another guy, Caleb.

        Describing when he showed up unannounced at her home one night, Kailyn wrote, “He was plastered and insisted he needed to talk to me, so I let him in. But he had no interest in talking. He pulled me into the bedroom and slammed me onto the bed, taking my clothes off roughly… His strength was overpowering. I felt a tear and knew I was bleeding… It felt like I was dead.”

        Thats where!

        • mutedexposure

          I believe that is the person writing the article stating that. It is not in quotes saying Toby raped her. She just said he was forceful and didnt honor her request.

    • Pat Brown

      probably lying, that’s why!

    • Brittany

      Ever think that she was to scared or maybe in denial to press charges? Maybe she didn’t want anyone to know at that time because she was ashamed and embarrassed and it’s not a very easy thing to talk about right after it happens, it’s VERY traumatic, trust me pressing charges after being raped isn’t the first thing you think about. I’ve been raped 5 times and beat if I said no by the same person when I was 13 and it’s very difficult to deal with, I felt embarrassed, ashamed, hurt, scared and lots of other emotions and was in denial about it, I never told anyone till I was 15 and it was too late to press charges. Don’t judge someone for something you haven’t been through. I’ve been raped by more than one guy. Last thing on my mind was calling the police. I new there was a reason why she is my favorite, I’ve been through a lot of the same stuff she has gone through and she is so strong and a great mom.

  • Pupile

    So Jo’s girlfriend Vee can’t be around Isaac because she posted a picture online of her with a bong … while Kail was dating this «Caleb» guy who ended up rapping her in her own home ? talk about double standard …

    • Momto4

      how the heck does that even compare to what happened to kailyn? vee made the choice to smoke and have that bong, kailyn didn’t choose to be raped. you’re stupid

      • pupile

        I never said she wanted to be raped nor that she deserved it. But obsvioulsy she wasnt hanging out with a great guy …. if he endend up abusing her. I understand where she is coming from and why she is coming off as over protective of her son (you can clearly see that he means the world to her), but I can’t stand when she judge Jo or Vee for their mistakes when she did plenty of mistakes herself.

        • heyBale

          Kail is the typical “Do as I say, not as I do” type of person.
          blind to how much of a hypocrite she is.

          Theres plenty to admire about kail, but the way she views things, or judges people shows that she isnt as nice as she claims to be.

      • Wanderlust

        So, what about the fact that she admited on national tv that she smacks her husband around ? How does that even compare to what Vee did ?

    • TA

      it seems so ridiculous that she had issues with Vee for so long, Jo has been with Vee since he and Kail broke up, but how many guys did she date and bring around Isaac?
      she just complained last night about all the change for Isaac, look what she has put him through, but now, almost 3 years later, Jo gets a new place with Vee and Kail complains about things being stable for Isaac.
      she’s such a hypocrite.

    • heyBale

      Maybe since she is so quick to get physical with Javi, Kail needs to hit the bong and mellow out before she drives herself and everyone around her mad.

      Thats got to be the biggest concern for Isaac to be witness to. But she will never admit to that cus thats how she wants to live and shes the one making the rules.

      On the latest reunion show, Javi and Kail both said they get handsy with each other.

      Saint Kail, …bish plz

    • Lala

      Wow I hope you’re never sexually assaulted bc you’ll never be the same and your double standard bullshit will make you disgusted

    • Lala

      Never mind I read your other comment below…

  • Pat Brown

    This girl is so gross and ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t believe her at her, especially the second “RAPE”. She had called the police on her mother’s boyfriend a few seasons back, for something minor, yet no calling of the police here??? Not buying her lies, she had to make up things to have a book, I can not stand her, I can’t believe Javi married her. In a few years I predict it will be over, and this thing will be hunting for the next warm body, obviously she doesn’t feel whole without a male laying next to her, very very sad!

    • sanoga

      I don’t like her either, but jeez! There’s no need to be nasty. You don’t even know this girl on a personal level; it probably isn’t healthy for you to hold onto so much resentment and anger.

      • Daiseymae

        I don’t really care for her either.

      • Pat Brown

        most of the comments on here are negative, because this girl is just a nasty disgusting person, that never takes responsibility for anything in her life. It’s always someone else’s fault. Those are the facts, and most people clearly see those facts!

    • Alicia Nolen

      Most victims of rape never call the police. They usually fear that the person will come back and hurt them. She’s young and looking for love, a real family. My opinion is that maybe she dated all these guys because she wanted her son Isaac to have a family that she never had. And she got that by marrying Javi. She can now feel like she has a sense of balance and relief because she now has a stable family/environment. I think its great that she is coming out with a book about her life. You never know who it could help out with a similar situation. This is all just my opinion so please don’t bash.

      • Pat Brown

        I’m not here to bash anyone, everyone has a right to their opinion. I think she is very mentally unbalanced, the hitting of Javi is very alarming, since she has two small children, who both can make her angry at any time. The fact that she resorts to hitting, is just so disturbing. She needs help, serious help, or the ending here will be very bad!

  • frontdoormom

    Homegirl has had her fair share of men now, hasnt she?
    Idk…some of this has to be fabricated.
    If not, then my apologies.

  • heyBale

    Did she repay Jo’s parents yet?
    She got plenty of pity from them and in return she cheated on their son while she was under their roof.

    between the way she uses men, and her thirst for money… I sort of roll my eyes at her allegations. Tell the cops, not some dopey book.
    And how smart is it to label someone a rapist in a widely publicized book? Cant they easily sue whether the allegations are real or not?

    • eh

      Hate to be “that person”, but she didn’t cheat on Jo. They split in the first episode of season one.
      Jordan didn’t come into the picture until a few episodes later. To each their own,though.

      • heyBale

        I knew someone would get technical… lol
        but if it really was kosher between them… she wouldnt have had to sneak around to date Jordan. But she did keep it a secret and even jacked jo’s ride under false pretenses to go see him. Put yourself in Jo’s shoes… you would feel cheated with the way she went about it.
        Plus, she was living at his place.
        That saying beggars cant be choosers… must not apply to Kail. I would feel like garbage if someone took advantage of me like that just cus they cant control their hormones and have an attitude about it when confronted about it.

      • Dana Swank

        Jo’s parents saw she was in a relationship on fb with Jordan and told her quite explicitly that she could NOT date while living there. Given that kail was 17 years old and a new mother living in her EX bf’s parents house, I don’t think it’s an insane request. She screwed them over then once she was free to date Jordan she cheated on him with jo.

        • heyBale

          can you imagine the nerve of her do all that stuff?
          Like really biting the hand who feeds you because you just have to have a relationship… like hello, you just had a kid! why was her focus on having a new bf when she has her very own first child?
          How nasty… her baby, babies father, babies grand parents have to be pushed aside cus she craves new dong. and this is on film Kail, like we all got to see how thirsty you are. no shame whatsoever is the worse part. then she walks around with her nose in the air.
          She would never say sorry, cus she never felt like she was in the wrong.
          Some people man…
          Isnt that type of behavior why she didnt get along with her mom? such a bs’er

  • Guest

    Wow, happy 16th birthday.

    • spottedgiraffe

      Sweet sixteen~

  • tiff

    soo her boyfriend wouldn’t wear a condom and she got pregnant, and then she continued having unprotected sex that resulted in isaac once she got another boyfriend? smart.

  • Ashley

    All of these comments are disgusting. She isn’t a liar just because you don’t particularly like her.

  • TA

    it’s sad that she’s been through so much trauma. but kail will never take responsibility for her choices- she always blames someone else or her past.
    i had a terrible childhood, too. was molested as a child and raped as a high school student. was abandoned by my parents. but I don’t use that as an excuse to hurt people around me or act like a horrible person. anytime anyone questions her, she shoots back with “you have no idea what I deal with!”
    she still has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Dani

    Personally, too melodramatic to be believable.

  • Jenna

    Give me a break. She’s not the only one who’s ever had a bad childhood. She’s very lucky that MTV picked up her story. She’s living the life now that’s for sure.

  • Bev

    She needs to quit smacking her husband around. The one time a man gets sicks of her hitting them, and finally hits her back, she’ll be crying victim again.

  • Pat Brown

    She is mentally very unhealthy, hitting her husband, by her own admission. What kind of example is she setting for her two sons? Really scary, that this creature is just allowed to continue to procreate and isn’t forced to undergo serious psychological counseling!!!! I don’t feel this will end very well!

  • PS

    did she not press charges against these boys?