My Five Wives family tree and Brady Williams’ marriage timeline

My Five Wives Brady Williams family photo

With most reality show families it’s pretty easy to learn everybody’s names and how they relate to each other, but on TLC’s new series My Five Wives there is 1 husband, 5 wives and 24 kids to keep track of! So, as a quick reference for viewers, I’ve put together a marriage timeline for patriarch Brady Williams combined with a My Five Wives Williams family tree with photos, names and ages of all the lil Williams! (Should I start calling them Lilliams?)

First off, here is Brady Williams with each of his five wives with the order (1 being first, 5 being last) in which he married each of them:

Brady Williams and his five wives numbered in order of their marriages Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda

Brady Williams’ wives in order of when they were married:

1. Paulie
2. Robyn
3. Rosemary
4. Nonie
5. Rhonda

And here are family photos of Brady Williams with each wife and their children with a list of the children’s names and ages underneath each photo. (I believe the ages are correct for when the series premiered on March 9, 2014.)

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his first wife Paulie family photo with their children Karlie Joshua Madeline September Maura and Camry

Above: Brady Williams and his first wife Paulie and their children:

1. Karlie, 21
2. Joshua (Josh), 19
3. Madeline, 17
4. September, 15
5. Maura, 13
6. Camry, 10

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his second wife Robyn family photo with their children Hannah Lauren Dane Thomas and Trey

Above: Brady Williams, his second wife Robyn and their children:

1. Thomas, 13
2. Lauren, 17
3. Hannah, 20
4. Trey, 10
5. Dane, 15

KimbMy Five Wives Brady Williams' third wife Rosemary family photo with children erly Taylor James and Brandon

Above: Brady Williams, his third wife Rosemary and their children:

1. James, 14
2. Kimberly, 18
3. Brandon, 11
4. Taylor, 15

My Five Wives Brady Williams' fourth wife Nonie family photo and their children Rachel Aeyden Paul Marissa Tailee

Above: Brady Williams, his fourth wife Nonie and their children:

1. Rachel, 13
2. Aeyden, 8
3. Paul, 15
4. Marissa, 10
5. Tailee, 4

My Five Wives Brady Williams and his fifth wife Rhonda family photo with their children Lake Arwen Nikolas Eden

Above: Brady Williams and his fifth wife Rhonda and their children:

1. Lake, 11
2. Arwen, 8
3. Nikolas, 2
4. Eden, 13

UPDATE: In the finale episode of the show Brady Williams revealed a family tree tattoo on his upper arm.

All original photos: Discovery/TLC

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  • anjealka

    Our local Utah KSL NBC station did a piece on the family, I remember 5 of the sons are named Brady? I believe it was each first born son. Are the names listed above middle names?

    • SayK.

      nope, those are their names. September (Paulies daughter) is called Peppi though.

  • Who Knows

    Whatever, his nowhere close to being a smooth talking pimp like Kody. That being said, team Kody! 😉 Lol

  • Billy Bravo

    This show is a real downer. Everyone seems so sad. I don’t really care that he’s a polygamist but it really frosts my popsicle that these women have to live on such a strict budget that they can’t afford the supplies for thanksgiving dinner outside of their bi-weekly allotment and that instead of working two jobs to support them this selfish a$$ is going to college instead.

    • Leigh Suza

      I agree, the wives seem so unhappy. But, with $4000 a month grocery bill, it seems sacrifices need to be made now in order for him to complete his masters thus increasing his income. Maybe I missed it but do all the wives work? There has to be more than one source of income.

      • britbrit

        He owns a construction business and is getting a degree is philosophy. Not sure how that’s going to help.

      • anjealka

        The wife that wants to adopt is nurse and one of the other wives is a dental hygentist , Rosemary teaches music lessons & is back in school to get her teaching certificate. One wife does the books at Brady’s office.

    • anjealka

      The college part makes me happy. Polygamist rely on jobs in construction a lot and it is not a stable living in Utah county.The college he attends is under 2k a year and if he has 1 year left to get a degree that will help him get a better or more stable job (my feeling is he wants to teach). If he can work &go to school for the next year good for him. The 4k budget for food is so high those women need to budget, Utah county is penny pinching central, so many produce co-ops, inexpensive butchers for whole animals and coupon classes.

  • Banner

    Saw the first one, wife # 4 is crazy and completely lost her mind. None of them are true to themselves they can’t handle sharing him.

    • Pennylane22

      Completely agree. Saw last night how she went off all irrational b/c Wife#1 asked her about a bill that #4 paid, when it was agreed that #1 would handle all bills. #4 was just screaming like a banshee at her hubby AND LIED to him, saying #1 said her “feelings were hurt”. I rewound to see what was said and #1 did NOT say that. Ugh..

      • turquoisemermaid

        I know! What was that? There are some seriously deep issues there. Whoa.

  • browndiva937

    EVERYONE LOOKS MISERABLE. With that being said, these women chose this lifestyle they can leave anytime they want but they feel they “need” to stay. I think that they are only doing this show to make money to pay the bills for a family of thirty. Two of the wives have already discussed with him the posibility of more children. I don`t care what a person`s religion or ideals are, I think it is unfair to the kids and taxpayers when you have more children than you can afford.

    • turquoisemermaid

      ITA with this, especially the part about the children. Adopting? Having more? Are they kidding? What planet do they live on?

      • browndiva

        They live on planet jupitor. If people don`t think that some religions are dillusional need to watch this show.

  • Crimson

    I like watching this family much more than the Brown family, but I still get the feeling this type of family isn’t a good idea. The wives all seem to really struggle waiting for their time with Brady. I just don’t understand why someone would want to live like that.
    I do like the way the family all works and takes care of themselves, and hope “fame” doesn’t get to them like it did the Brown family.
    They have great kids though so they are doing some things right!

  • Pennylane22

    First of all, I think their family dynamic is good and he tries to be fair, BUT in any household, you need a STRONG LEADER. These women do not seem happy with their plural marriage. You can tell that #1 acts a bit “superior. But after all, she was #1. #2 is sweet, but seems very meek. #3 looks like a modern woman caught up in a old-time lifestyle. She looks like she could be so much more if only she had her own husband! #4 does NOT come across nice.. at all. She seems jealous, miserable, catty, and a bit of a B-word. Sorry, but its true. #5 seems really nice and I could see a real genuine love connection between them.
    The KIDS are super cute! Every one of them. I just wish that he had more time to spend with his kids. One note. He had 4 wives pregnant in the same year (4 kids age 15 from 4 diff wives!! WOW)

    • sammi

      Talk about spreading your seed around lol. But I agree with all you said in terms of wives personalities. #4 seems very unstable, but #3 is very jealous, she barely gets screen time either, which is interesting. #2 seems sad, meek, depressed, lonely, and seems like she will lose it at any moment in terms of sharing him. #5 seems nice, kind, all that good stuff but a bit unrealistic. They’re funds and his time is stretched way beyond thin and yet she is h3ll bent on adopting. Not only that, she has sickness and breast cancer scares. Why would anyone want to approve them for adoption when there are 24 other children in the picture, his time is stretched thin, and she has underlying sickness.

      • wondering1

        Why do TV stations allow these illegal marriages be on the air? The men are exploiting the wives. Also, they are showing the world and children that it is ok to have more than one woman which is morally wrong in my opinion. The wives don’t seem to be happy – they seem to be arguing a lot – Why have such a show a TV? I am sick of the reality show. Give us happier shows.

      • Demona

        #3 just seems unhappy. Of course she’s jealous the others are slimmer and she feels less attractive even in this photo with him and the wives she’s left at the end hanging on to a wife to get a piece of him. That isn’t being mean about her weight, as a heavier woman I can relate actually and wouldn’t share my man with 4 skinny girls LOL

  • turquoisemermaid

    I have watched all episodes so far (3 of them) and the wives seem needy and so sad! If these TV shows about polygamist families are trying to show us monogamists how wonderful their way of life is, it’s not working. Sister Wives, although I am fascinated by it, is the same way. The women all look so MISERABLE!

    Why does the one wife (Rhonda) want to adopt a child after having 4 of her own and 18 other children belonging to the 4 other wives? I mean that’s just irresponsible and CRAZY!

  • blahblah

    With number 1st kids are uggggglyyy

  • pmo

    these people and kodys harem make me want to take two hr hot shower, yuck, sharing ur man with 4 others.

  • Lori Salim

    Can’t imagine someone else bring pregnant at the same time I was with my husband’s child. It wouldn’t feel like such a special event. So sad and I’m not sure how he can ‘be one’ with 5 wives. I wonder how the kids feel their dad (sperm donor) isn’t there to eat dinner, help with homework, tuck them in at night, attend school (or music or sporting events).
    These are basically a bunch of single mothers with the same sperm donor.

  • Louise

    How is a philosophy degree going to increase Brady’s income in construction? Will he take an extra job at McDonald’s? That’s where most philosophy majors wind up.