PHOTOS Update on My Five Wives’ Brady Williams’ grandchild baby Huck

My Five Wives Karlie's son Jacob baby Huck

Last week My Five Wives star Brady Williams became a grandfather for the first time when his and first wife Paulie’s daughter Karlie gave birth to her son Jacob “Huck” Jessop 15 weeks premature. Family members took to Facebook over the weekend to provide updates and photos of “Baby Huck,” including the first skin-to-skin contact.

Above you can see the proud new parents with mom Calistia Karlie enjoying being able to touch her son for the first time in a moving photo posted on the Brady and Wives Facebook page. “We got to do skin to skin!” read the picture caption. “Both momma and #babyHuck loved it. Our baby boy makes small improvements everyday. Mommy & Daddy are so proud! Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers, keep them coming. Born: 10/29 at 2:23. (15 weeks early) 2 pounds 1 oz – 14 inches.”

My 5 Wives Karlie's husband Jake Jessop and son Huck

Proud poppa Jake shared the photo above of himself embracing his son. “That’s the most precious picture I’ve ever seen!” wrote Nonie, one of Jake’s five mothers-in-law. (Each of the sister wives would be a mother-in-law, right?) Another mother-in-law, Rhonda, accurately wrote, “I’ve never seen anything more sweet!”

And here’s the shaven-headed grandpa Brady getting in on the Huck love:

My Five Wives Brady Williams grandson Huck

“My perfect grandson!” Brady wrote along with the #babyhuck hashtag. “Born 10/29 at 2:23 am (about 15 weeks early) Thank you for your continued prayers.”

Dad Jake shared this next photo of Huck and noticed that his son looked a bit like an astronaut. “Houston we have liftoff,” he wrote:

My Five Wives baby Jacob Huck

Meanwhile, mom Karlie changed her Facebook profile photo to the following picture of Huck:

My Five Wives grandchild Huck born premature

Once again, we send our well wishes to the Williams and Jessop families and we look forward to watching baby Huck grow into a little boy on the little screen over the next few years and seasons of My Five Wives! As many commenters pointed out, it would not be the first time watching a baby born at 25 weeks grow for TLC fans, as we’ve all seen little Josie Duggar become a vibrant little girl after she was born at 25 weeks back on December 10, 2009!

Be sure to keep up with the Williams every Sunday night on TLC with new episodes of My Five Wives airing at 10/9c.

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