Party Down South’s Mattie Breaux modeling photos

Mattie Breaux

Jersey Shore mastermind SallyAnn Salsano and her company 495 Productions are back again, this time putting a Southern fried spin on her successful recipe of documenting no-holds-barred twenty-somethings sharing a summer vacation home at the beach. For Party Down South, Seaside Heights has been replaced by Myrtle Beach and Guidos with rednecks, but most of the basic ingredients remain the same: parties, booze and a heapin’ helpin’ of hot bodies! And the hot bodies don’t get no hotter y’all than that of 24-year-old Mattie Breaux of Gheens, Louisiana! Or as I like to call her, MWoww.

As you might have guessed, this leggy brunette, who stands 6’3″ in heels according to her CMT bio, has spent a good deal of time in front of the photographer’s lens and we’ve scoured the interwebs to compile the best of the best Mattie Breaux modeling photos!

Party Down South Mattie Breaux

Damn y’all! That there’s a Party Down South and a Party Up North if you get what I’m sayin’! Dating Mattie would be a Breauxmance no dude would need to be embarrassed about. 😉 OK, I’ll be quiet and let the photos do their thousand words magic…

Mattie Breaux model mayhem Party Down South Mattie Breaux modeling headshot Mattie Breaux modeling swimwear

Is this basically a bunch of words written as an excuse to share Mattie Breaux bikini photos? Yes. Do I apologize? No. Are you thankful? Yes.

What’s that? Bikinis aren’t your thing. That could only mean you’re really into sexy rainbow unicorn costumes. Not to worry — we’ve got you covered!

Mattie Breaux sexy Halloween unicorn costume

* Insert “horny” joke here.

Party Down South airs Thursday night at 10/9c on CMT.

UPDATE – Here are some more sexy Mattie Lynn Breaux modeling photos — this time wearing red lingerie — which might be turning up soon in a Party Down South Mattie Lynn Breaux calendar!

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  • LaLa84

    Hair extensions, heavy makeup, and your ability to pose almost nude does not make you a model.

    • luvinglivy

      WOW jealous much….why cant women empower
      each other instead of judging each other smh

      • LaLa84

        Mattie, is that you!?

        • MaximusX67

          She is crazy as shit ….. but she is also sooooooooo damn hot! Sorry there jealousy – you’re so obvious here!

    • drdeepstro

      Haters gonna hate

  • Geniya

    Model or stripper? I think there was a typo.

    • TexasRebel

      No. It said model. Better then what y’all could pro ally do

  • Bleau Gumms

    from the sound of her boyfriend’s voice, id say she burns coal

  • KKKawKayzhun13

    I was gonna say “I’d hit that” but it looks like everyone in Louisiana already has..

    • chris

      Cover that face up and I would hit that!

      • Jeffery

        Yeah you couldn’t hit that even if you had a million buddy.Mattie your awesome and sexiest one on the show.

  • red


  • alwaysright

    Mattie is one of the most beautiful women on the planet ! WOW !