REPORT Breaking Amish’s Sabrina High is indeed pregnant

Breaking Amish Sabrina High pregnant by boyfriend Harry Kreiser III

We broke the story last month that original Breaking Amish cast member Sabrina High might be pregnant after her boyfriend Harry Kreiser III posted a sonogram photo on Facebook, and now a source is confirming that she is indeed pregnant!

“She is definitely expecting a baby with boyfriend Harry Kreiser III,” a “source close to Sabrina” tells Life & Style.

We don’t know much more than that at this point, and neither Harry nor Sabrina have confirmed the pregnancy publicly yet. The pregnancy comes after a stormy relationship between Sabrina and Harry that included Harry being arrested back in September of 2012 after he “allegedly began choking her and pressed on her eyes with his thumbs then threw her out of bed. Kreiser then began to choke the victim again and repeatedly slam her head into a wall.” (Click here for more information on Harry’s arrest, including his mug shot photo.)

And for those who missed it, Sabrina High was actually married prior to going on the show — you can read more about that and see wedding photos here.

Congrats to Sabrina and Harry! It’s still unsure whether or not the original Breaking Amish cast will be back for a third season — but if so, I’m sure we will find out a lot more, including Jeremiah Raber’s sure-to-be crass reaction.

UPDATE – Click here to check out Sabrina’s first baby bump photo! Plus, she updates fans on her pregnancy and Harry talks about their reconciliation.

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  • SmrtLikeStik

    Good for her :)

    • Jean

      Clearly you didn’t read the rest of the article, including the part where he was previously arrested for choking her

      • Stef

        and pressing on her eyes with his thumbs right before throwing her off the bed. Lol.

        • Kara

          You find that funny?

  • Yalizaveta

    they have the same face

  • guest

    Jeremiah raber***

  • Lola

    Why would Sabrina get back together with that psychopath?

  • Josie

    I love how the article details how he physically abused her, then goes on to congratulate them on the pregnancy. Seriously? We should be mourning for that poor baby and all he/she will have to endure in his life with an abusive dad and a mom who isn’t strong enough to kick him to the curb.

  • Babson_Chick

    Yet another lovely reality TV couple – bets on how long they last? 6 months max I’m thinking.