PHOTOS Meet Dwyane Wade’s baby mama Aja Metoyer

Aja MetoyerDwyane Wade's baby mama Aja Metoyer photo from Twitter

It was just recently confirmed that NBA player Dwyane Wade had a son towards the beginning of last month, just weeks before he proposed to his now-fiancee Gabrielle Union. Earlier today TMZ published his son’s birth certificate which revealed Dwyane Wade’s baby mama to be Aja Metoyer (above), a 30-year-old mother of two three.

Xavier Zechariah Wade was born November 10, 2013 at 7:03AM at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Although Dwyane Wade is not listed as the father on the birth certificate, Aja obviously gave a nod to Xavier’s dad by giving him the same last name.

Dwyane Wade's girlfriend Aja Metoyer photo

As you might imagine, Aja Metoyer has all but vanished from the internet. She used to have active social media accounts, but they are not either deleted, made private, or edited down to pretty much nothing. (Her Twitter account now just shows 2 tweets, although cached internet searches reveal many more.)

Aja Metoyer is no stranger to giving birth to the offspring of famous men as TMZ reveals her two other children, daughters Amara and Aniya, both belong to Damon Wayans, Jr. — son of comedian and actor Damon Wayans, just in case you needed me to clarify. (You can read up on a contentious court appearance with Aja and Damon Jr. from back in January of 2011 here.)

Mother of Dwyane Wade's son Xavier Aja MetoyerAja Metoyer photo

Aja’s family is no stranger to letting NBA players “drive the lane” and “double dribble” so to speak as her sister Cristen Metoyer (she often goes by Crissy) is the mother of NBA star Joe Crawford’s daughter!

And speaking of Aja’s siblings, her other sister Melissa provided the world with the first public photo of Aja Metoyer and Dwyane Wade’s son Xavier with this instagram photo posted on November 22 along with the caption, “My new obsession 🙂 obsessed with my nieces and now my 1st nephew:”

Dwyane Wade's son Xavier photo

In addition to Melissa, pop Dwyane Wade has also had a chance to see Xavier. The NBA star said in a press conference Monday, “I got a chance to see him,” and then added, “I’m involved in my kids’ lives, you know. When my kids lived at home with me, when they weren’t living at home with me, I tried to do everything I could to see them.”

Dwyane’s commitment to family was on display back in May of 2010 when he honored Mothers’ Day by tweeting his admiration for some “strong women” including Aja Metoyer!

Dwyane Wade tweet to Aja Metoyer Happy mothers day 2 all u Strong WomenRT @MiO_MyO @ajametoyer @akiratorii  @HoneyChild305 @LISALEEINC @MsLaurenLondon

Sticking by his “on a break” story, Dwyane added about Xavier’s birth, “In our time apart, in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son who was born healthy.”

When asked if the birth of Xavier was a contradiction to what he wrote in his book Father first, “It would compromise it if I wasn’t a father first,” Wade said. “This is something obviously private for my family that we will continue to deal with as a family. But we have a blessing, too, to the bloodline, the Wade bloodline. From that standpoint, to me, it doesn’t state anything differently than what I’ve always shown.”

Dwayne Wade baby mama Aja MetoyerDwyane Wade baby momma Aja Metoyer Twitter photo @AjaMetoyer

Dwyane added, “I’m in the public eye, so obviously that’s a part of it. It comes with the territory. But, it’s kind of … as I’ve always done my whole life … is always focus on what’s most important to me and my family, and that’s being a great father. I’ve always tried to show my importance in my kids’ lives and it doesn’t change now.”

As far as Aja Metoyer photos, some diligent researchers over at Lipstick Alley turned up these alleged pics of her, including one in which she looks to have a baby bump:

Aja Metoyer baby bump photo Aja Metoyer photo possibly

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  • Chels Kae

    So she’s no groupie. DWade actually knew her. That must sting, Gabbie lol. Can’t feel sorry for stupid women like her. Watch in a cpl Years, Wade will leave Gabbie and raise his child full time with Aja

    • Yip

      Don’t think him and Gabby will last to be honest, but its clear he doesn’t want this other girl. That would asking him to take on 6 kids, Her 2, His 2, their child and his nephew all under 1 roof, tah nah. He didn’t even bother to tone down his relationship with Gabby during or after her pregnancy. It is clear that no matter what, he don’t want her like that. She just had a baby to be by herself. He will probably just move on to someone else, he prefers brown skin girls anyways.

    • Tannysha Yearby

      How did him knowing her mean she’s not a groupie. You expected him to get a one night stand pregnant. Why would she put herself in a position to get pregnant by someone who clearly is not willing to put you on wife status. Professional groupies try to get on for years. Leave it to the media to make her seem like something really respectable. We don’t know her. She could be cool, but she’s not going to be his wife. He made his choice. He is marrying Gabby, an intelligent, beautiful, professional woman. I just hope the children get what they need from all of the adults involved.

      • Chels Kae

        DWade is not stupid. Sources close to him, say they were friends. He also has a twitter post from 2010,calling her a strong woman, and wishing her a Happy mothers day. Aja, doesn’t seem to be some groupie that traveled everywhere the Heat traveled, got Wade drunk, and stole the condom he used with her. Him marrying Gabrielle, doesn’t mean anything except MAJOR damage control. She’s so beautiful, intelligent, but she’s also a big dummy, and a laughing stock to everyone except you.

        • Lovely

          He’s not stupid?!?!? Knocking up a sidechick is the epitome of stupid. Its one thing to cheat but to not use protection is crazy in this day and age, there are too many consequences, especially to someone in his position. (And before you claim Dwayne and Gabby were on a break, TMZ has already spilled the tea and confirmed they were not on a break during the time that child was conceived.) So now he has publicly humiliated his fiance and has to pay 18 years worth of child support. All for what? Because he was too careless and reckless to put on a condom?The mess he’s created clearly shows he’s not the brightest bulb on the tree. At the very least he’s very disrespectful and doesn’t care about hurting and humiliating his fiance.

          Gabby is crazy for staying with Dwayne. Then she tries to perpetrate a fraud along with him and fool the public into believing she and Dwayne weren’t together when he knocked up this chick… Come on… If Gabby wants to live a lie that’s her choice but don’t try to fool the public!!! We ain’t buying it! Dwayne is a nasty, reckless cheater. The jumpoff I’m sure planned to get pregnant by Dwayne and I’m sure she worked him for years… She already has two kids by a celebrity, being a baby mama is a career for her. And the fact that Dwayne feel for it sober is not a plus in his column. At least alcohol would be an excuse for his stupidity. Sidechick played her game well, now she’s getting 18 years of those baller checks. There is no one in this situation who is innocent and/or worthy of praise and admiration.

  • Mel

    Well I don’t feel sorry for Gabby at all, she f*cked Wade when he was still married and is a known home wrecker. I would expect nothing less from Wade also if they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you.

    • Damn2014

      Aja and wade was going back and forth on social media for a year ..she’s no groupie.. He will end up with Aja she’s pretty and around his age..sorry Gabby is doing a stellar got her groove back with seems like to me he wasn’t to upset he got her pregnant he probably liked her ..

      • spottedgiraffe

        Groupies use social media for hookups and attention all the time. She’s a butterface and Dwayne will end up with neither dumb girl.

    • iteach4alivin

      He was separated from his wife. He wasn’t cheating on his wife. He was separated from his wife for years.

      • jinx

        separated from his WIFE

        • iteach4alivin

          So when you’re separated and in the midst of a divorce, you must stop living?

          • jinx

            Get a divorce first. In God’s eyes you are still married, according to the law you are still married. He’s still married.

          • jinx

            If you are a Christian, you are not to have sex with anyone outside of your marriage. There is more to life than sex. If “living” is having
            ‘sex” you need to expand your horizons. There is more to life/living than sex.

            • iteach4alivin

              I’m sorry but there’s a lot more to being Christian than abstaining from sex. Your perspective is a religious one and clearly a fervent one. Everyone has their own personal relationship with God. Dwayne Wade is pretty blessed and from what I’ve seen and read, exhibits a great deal of faith. He’s a father to his children and to others who are not. He isn’t perfect, no one is…I’m not sure that being separated from his wife and not officially divorced (for years) because of how slowly the court system moves makes him a bad Christian but again, you have a fervent position. That said, sex is not just important in a relationship, it is also a natural, animal instinct for man. Self-control and intellect are the main reasons why it isn’t happening more, and its happening a lot as it is. I say all that to say @disqus_2MC9x1CaqT:disqus, for those of us who have faith, but don’t believe that we will be condemned for having sex, especially when by all accounts–except man’s courts-the relationship is over, then living is a viable idea. Living includes meeting new people, dating, falling for them, and in some cases being intimate with them. If that doesn’t work for you then so be it.

              • jinx

                I did’t write or make the rules it’s all God’s. If you profess to be one of His you will do as He says or at least ask His help to keep you in abstinence. You speak as though God didn’t know about today’s court system or our societies views on sex. On the contrary, he knew about Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah, after all he created sex, created our bodies to enjoy sex, and has deemed it to be the one thing we are to share with our mate. In fact he one of the last things he states in the bible, the book of Revelations is that adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Not my words but his.
                If you have faith, love God then you will do as he says. By the way having money or being poor, or going through trials, or living stress free is not an indicator of being bless. Just ask Job, Ruth, John the Baptist, Paul, etc. Living includes serving your fellow man, being an example of God’s grace, travel, using your talents whatever they are to the glory of God. There is so much more to life than sex. just saying.

                • iteach4alivin

                  The Bible is/was written, translated, and interpreted by man. Man has been self serving since creation. The Bible was used to enslave and justify enslaving millions of Africans as well. So, please excuse me if I’m not high on literal or figurative translations of the good book thus your biblical references are wasted on me. That said, you are free to live your life as you see fit but judging (which is not your role) is left up to him. And to press your beliefs on others is shameful and not very Christ-like.

                  • jinx

                    Either you are a Christian or not. you believe or not. Not trying to press or convert anyone. My beliefs are just as valid as anyone elses here, but it’s funny how quickly one is accused of being judgemental, “feverent” etc for stating what is clear in scriptures.
                    Yes the bible was misused to justify a host of ills by man and yes it speaks of slavery, but having visited the homeland
                    I assure you it was our African brothers who captured and sold our ancestors to whites for profit. Slavery is still practiced in those areas and it is definately not being practiced by Christians. But I digress.

                    Black women are the least likely to marry and Black children are more prone to born in single female headed households. I do not support a lifestyle that only weakens us and only serve to further destabilize our community.
                    So no sex, PUT A RING ON IT!

                    That way if we do divorce at least I and my children have some recourse to his estate.
                    I’m worth it aren’t YOU?

                    • shame shame

                      You need to educate yourself on black history before you speak things that are not true and state them as fact. You do more damage with your ignorance on black history.!!

                    • jinx

                      Keep burying your head in the sand. White slave traders only had a two year life span and it was our African brothers who willingly traded our ancestors for whatever trinkets the whites had. Furthermore it was the Arabs who traded more Africans and brutalized our women by adding them to their harems. What’s even more crazy is slavery is still happening in the homeland.

  • meaty

    I dont beleive Gabby would want bitter negative females feeling sorry for her, hell . Im almost positive she doesnt give a damn if you beleive what you want.

    • kms

      Oh she gives a dam!!! Happy New Year to Ms Funches shes got to be laughing. Gabby meet Karma! SHES GETTING WHAT SHE DESERVES!

    • Lovely

      If she didn’t care what people thought she wouldn’t have put out this lie that she and Dwayne were on a break when this child was conceived. Its obvious she’s trying to save face now.

  • lulu

    I just don’t understand. Do all Hollywood males recycle the same baby mommas?!? Time and time again these self absorbed, superficial ass men all go for the same type of females. Well cha-ching for her….I’m assuming maybe a rapper is next in line….I know, Lil Wayne!!!

    • Nene

      Agreed. Next they all gone be sharing herpes or hiv or try scabies. People protect yourselves.

  • ameliaBedelia76

    his name isn’t listed on the birth certificate but she game him a “nod” by giving him his last name? Is this writing for real? a nod? WOW the writing here is terrible.

  • faithingabby

    Are there any other girls available besides recycled ones that other Hollywood or professional sports guys already got pregnant?

  • Upende_Usipende

    Why this? Gross! Another $$$ off of Wade’s pocket. SMH…

  • Damn2014

    Him and Aja have been going back on social media for a year or two groupie to me..I bet he ends up with Aja they look like a great couple ..close to wades age too! So what if he has to raise her other two celeb father kids..he banking so they good

    • Glo

      Wade is no prize except for the money. He has no intention of settling down with either one of them.

  • Zana

    Still sleeping around without protection???

  • shaythatbaby

    Gabby deserves it so oh well the ring was to butter her up he will not marry her SORRY

  • Scott Johnson

    Who exactly is NBA star Joe Crawford that knocked up the sister? The only Joe Crawford I know is the old, bald referee.

  • CB

    it’s all about money the more u get from these dumb stars the less they have to work and why should they cause they are fools that have to PAY.

  • spottedgiraffe

    The slüt got pregnant on purpose. These females (they can’t even be called women) are so disgusting literally using their babies as ATMs. Dwayne should get a paternity test since the baby could be any idiot basketball players

  • Pennylane22

    Have to laugh at people calling Gabby a “homewrecker” and directing all this anger towards her. Always blaming the “other woman”, when clearly DWAYNE WADE was the one who left his wife. SMH..

  • Neverending

    Groupie or not, He is a grown man and even though some women throw themselves at him doesn’t mean he has to catch them…next time he might catch something with three letters instead of four.

  • Fred Jones

    Typical Kneegrow COONERY and BUFFOONERY…