Katelyn Sims from Ax Men doesn’t let cystic fibrosis stand in her way

Katelyn Cuz Sims Dreadknots Ax Men

History’s press release about the 7th season of Ax Men, premiering tonight, stated that there are gonna be a couple of Ax Women additions to the show. One of the new logging ladies is Katelyn Sims identified as “a knockout new member of the Dreadknots. She’s Kracken’s cousin and every bit as tough as the boys.”

After having done some research on Miss Sims I’m betting she’s tougher than the boys and I believe viewers are going to fall hard for her. Here’s what I was able to find out with my own version of redneck sonar!

The 23-year-old described herself this way via her recently setup Facebook fan page:

Katelyn is 23 years old brought up in the south. Born and raised a southern girl with a logging background. She’s as tough as the guys & she isn’t afraid to do a mans job. She’s strong in mind, body, & soul. She enjoys being outside and playing in the mud, fishing, dancing, & loves her friends & family.

Katelyn Cuz Sims Dreadknots Ax Men bikini

What she didn’t mention is that after repeatedly getting ill at the age of 4 and then going through the process, along with her parents, of visiting 27 different doctors in just 2 years the Florida native was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

This is the part where I’m supposed to give you information about CF, but I think Katelyn can do that a heck of a lot better than I ever could. In the following clip posted by Santa Fe College last year as part of their Women of Promise series, Katelyn discusses the heartache she’s had to endure and the challenges she overcomes on a daily basis while living with this disease:

One particular part of her story from the video hit me hard as she pointedly explained the direct reason for why she wants to find a cure:

“In the same hospital, you grow up with the same kids who also have cystic fibrosis. There was a group that I specifically got close to and we became kind of like a family in the hospital together. We understood each other and we knew what it was like to be around each other. In 2009, within a 2-year-span, they all died. It’s important for me to find a cure for CF because it’s not so much that I want it, but it’s that the kids who are born years from now won’t have to worry about making friends and losing them.”

Katelyn was profiled in a November 2011 article with the Independent Florida Alligator, and the piece is further testimony to her courage, active lifestyle and the fact that she hasn’t got time for anybody’s crap, even if that person happens to be one of her caretakers.

At the time she taught country line dancing fitness classes at the University of Florida Student Recreation and Fitness Center and interned for Ted Yoho, a political candidate running for U.S. Congress.

Katelyn Cuz Sims Dreadknots Ax Men modeling
Katelyn Cuz Sims of Ax Men modeling

Her mom Leisa Sims estimated that Katelyn had spent nearly 3 years of her life inside hospitals. She had to miss 91 days of her senior year in high school due to health problems stemming from CF. She shared a humorous story about one of those visits with IFA.

While at the hospital, Sims has her own schedule preferring to stay up at night and sleep through the day. A doctor came by to check on her at 5:45 AM. Sims told him to come back later. He came back at 6 AM and she told him to scram again. When that same doctor tried to visit her room too early again a couple of days later she flung a coke can at him! “I warned him twice,” she said.

Katelyn Ax Men
Katelyn Sims of Ax Men

As she indicated in the video above, Sims has given many speeches about CF, including one to a crowd of over 3,000 at a tailgate before a Jacksonville Jaguars football game and she helped organize a Great Strides walk, a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraising program.

On a September 3rd post via Facebook Katelyn wrote, “This year has been a crazy ride and an awesome year full of opportunities and many more to come! I am blessed, yet so thankful.”

To keep up with the latest on Katelyn Sims from Ax Men you can check out her official Twitter here. And just because Katelyn is all about kicking CF to the curb, I encourage you to visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website to educate yourself and learn how you can help.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to catch Miss Sims and the rest of the Ax Men (and Women) tonight on the History channel at 9/8c.

Katelyn Cuz Sims Dreadknots Ax Men

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  • Sarah G

    Katelyn is such a great person and a wonderful friend. She is one of the best people I have ever known. I hope that there is a cure soon, because for the world to lose a person like her… the world would never be the same.

  • Ashley

    She is an amazing young lady!!!!! Love her and I’m proud to say she is family!!!!!

  • Jen

    Go Katelyn!! I have CF too. I grew up with two guys who had CF and they’ve both passed. So weird to be the only one left. I feel ya…..you go girl!

  • Jeff

    Katelyn is such a strong,beautiful young woman who is an inspiration to people everywhere

  • troy

    you are a awesome person and a roll model for others , keep up the great work !!

  • Vinny

    Wow great story, she definately does not belong on Ax Men because she’s actually a real person with a real story, Ax Men is an insult to its viewers intelligence. I went to school with two sisters who had CF and learned a lot from them. I hope they find a cure as well.

  • ace b

    She’s beautiful…god bless u Kate

  • Alexis Kinsey

    Hey Katelyn Cuz Sims. and how are you doing and I will be praying for you to fight against CF that you have and you stay strong and you are the a good boat Driver and you are the best girl ever on the Dreadknots logging team and I can’t wait. for the next week for AX Men to come back on the tv soon and I really do want to see you and your cousin and. Captain Clint Roberts. and I hope that u have a great day from the Dreadkonts’s big fan alexiskinsey :) :) :)

  • alexiskinsey

    Katelyn Cuz Sims she is a sweet and pretty young women ever in the world and she can be thought then her cousin Kraken Stone and Captain Clint Roberts. and I can’t wait to see and meet. Katelyn Cuz Sims and her cousin and Clint Roberts onedaysoon myself and Katelyn Cuz Sims you know that C.F. does not need to get in your way cause you can take it down and hope that the doctors can find the cure for your C.F. and you are my favorite boat Driver and your cousin his is my favorite log hunter and Captain Clint Roberts he is my favorite Captain and boat Driver and diver and log hunter and maybe onedaysoon that I could be on the best team like the Dreadkonts myself and you have a goodnight and you stay strong and I will be praying for you and you have a great tomorrow morning and from Dreadkonts’s big fan alexiskinsey.

  • alexiskinsey

    Katelyn Cuz Sims and you a awesome pretty young women ever in the world and I can’t wait to wish you a happy Wednesday. and o.k. you have a goodnight and I can’t wait 4 AX Men to come on tv soon and if it does can you let me know when you know when it coming back on tv soon and from the Dreadkonts ‘s big fan alexis kinsey :) :) :)

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    Katelyn Cuz Sims hope that you have a great hump day and tell your cousin and Clint Roberts that they have a great hump day two from the Dreadlocks’s big fan alexiskinsey:) :) :) :)

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    Katelyn Cuz Sims how is your Saturday been going for you and I really do like that pick of you wherein your white dress and you look so pretty in it and. do you know when AX Men coming back on tv again and if you do and can you let me know and I really do love your wrist bracelet and your cousin’s wrist bracelet and Captain Clint Roberts’s wrist bracelet and when can I get one cause we all matching wrist bracelets and you have a goodnight and you and your cousin and Clint Roberts be safe and y’all have a great day on Sunday. and from the Dreadkonts’s big fan alexiskinsey :) :) :)

  • alexiskinsey

    Katelyn Cuz Sims she is a great boat Driver from Dreadkonts and I seen your Picks on your Facebook page and I really do like that you and Captain Clint Roberts and your cousin. are wherein C.F. bracelets and I really do want one 4 myself too and you have a goodnight and I can’t wait to Watch AX Men again on t.v. soon and you can let me know when it comes back on tv soon from the Dreadknots ‘s big fan alexiskinsey :) :) :)

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    Hello Katelyn Cuz Sims. and I really do like those picks of yourself and Captain Clint Roberts. and when I seen the Dreadknots Facebook picks of you and your cousin and Captain Clint Roberts y”all 3 were wherein. y”all CF bracelets and I think that. they are too cool and I “am hopping to get one myself and so that you and your cousin and. me and Captain Clint Roberts us 4 can be matching and you have a goodnight and I”am hopping that. the doctors can find a cure for you soon and. God bless you and your mom and dad and sister to. and I can’t wait AX Men to back on tv. soon from the Deadknots ‘s big fan alexis kinsey :) :) :)

  • Jimmy Paul Chanda

    I have been lucky enough to have Katelyn reply to me a few times with questions I had. I just always thought she was a really beautiful girl and wished her luck with the show. Its not until recently that I learned she had Cystic Fibrosis. Now I like her even more – what a strong women. I was reading where she speaks about the disease and helps others. She isn’t just some hot girl in a bikini – she is an educated advocate helping others cope.