Nikkole Paulun talks about losing her unborn baby at 8 months

Nikkole Paulun 16 and Pregnant

16 and Pregnant alum Nikkole Paulun shared some very sad news today as she revealed she lost her 8-month-old unborn baby on July 28. The 19-year-old single mom tells Radar Online in an exclusive interview that she “didn’t feel right” all day on July 27 and she went to the hospital the next day. After a doctor was unable to find a heartbeat, an ultrasound was ordered, during which Nikkole says they did not allow her to watch.

The terrifying ordeal continued as multiple doctors checked the ultrasound before they finally gave Nikkole the worst possible news. “They just told me, ‘We’re sorry. He doesn’t have a heartbeat. We’re going to have to deliver to prevent infections and everything.’”

Nikkole was induced at 9AM and delivered her stillborn son at 6:35PM.

“I cried. I was like in shock,” Nikkole recalls. “I just couldn’t understand why and I was confused. I didn’t think that was actually going to happen.”

Nikkole was given the option of having an autopsy performed, but she declined, deciding that she didn’t want to know why her son, who she had already named Ashton, had died. Doctors did perform tests to insure the child didn’t die due to drug use, and they came back negative.

Rumors had been circulating online about what had happened with Nikkole’s pregnancy ever since a photo of her in a bikini (without a pregnant belly) surfaced online back in early August. Despite some pretty terrible things being said (including accusations that she had faked her entire pregnancy), Nikkole remained silent about what actually happened until today. “I didn’t want to tell anybody,” Nikkole says. “I fought so hard to keep him that I was just ashamed and embarrassed.”

Because of the feelings of shame and embarrassment, Nikkole chose to not have a funeral for Ashton, and elected to have him cremated. “When I found out he was a boy, I bought a teddy bear and we had him sewed inside his teddy bear,” she says. “And when I pray, I’ll hold the teddy bear.”

Nikkole’s 3-year-old son Lyle knew he had a little brother on the way, and Nikkole says she explained to him that Ashton had gone to haven. “But he didn’t really understand,” Nikkole says.

Nikkole Paulun and son Lyle
^ Nikkole Paulun and her son Lyle

Nikkole herself is struggling to understand as well. “I’m just still confused and in shock,” she says. “I did really love him.”

We’ve known and had a relationship with Nikkole Paulun for a long, long time and it breaks our hearts to hear this terrible news. We wish her the best, and hope the internet can take at least a short break from all the negativity and send Nikkole some kind words of support during this time.

UPDATE – Nikkole’s story has only invigorated those who believe she faked the entire thing, and Nikkole’s close friend for 6 years (who was pregnant at the same time as Nikkole reportedly was) has now changed her story and says in a shocking new interview that Nikkole was in fact faking it! Click the link to listen to the entire interview and for links to the evidence that continues to mount supporting the hoax theory. (No matter what the truth is here, this story is terriblky saddening.)

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  • Jess

    Lol oh please! She was never pregnant. Her “baby daddy” and his family and some of her old friends were saying she was faking her pregnancy the whole time.. And she just so happens to lose her baby a month before its born?! What a sick freak to make something up like that! Especially to the women who have truly gone through something like this.

    • court

      Don’t be so hateful. You don’t and probably will never kno for sure what happened. If this happened to you guaranteed you wouldn’t want someone as hateful as you commenting. Have a little heart and not be such a bittch

      • Jess

        its actually not that hard to know she was lying. Like others above.. check her tweets from that day. NO ONE would sit there and be on twitter after losing their child. Especially at 8 months into a pregnancy. She is a liar. She is an attention seeker. And she needs some serious help! She was NEVER pregnant.

        • Yesisaidit

          Now I wouldn’t say no one I mean we can’t forget Jenelle evans live tweeted miscarriage and than her fabolous white vest she wore to the club that same night

          • pepper2010

            Because you actually believe Jenelle was pregnant ? pleaaase. If she was she lost it because of extreme drug abuse and that explain why she acted that way.. Plus their is a big difference between having a miscarriage at 7-8 weeks and coming home to a full setup nursery with no baby.

          • Dani

            Seeing how Jenelle treats her 3 (4?) year old son, it isn’t hard to believe she would quickly jump back into the party scene when suffering from a miscarriage when she was only about 7 weeks along (if at all).

            • LexiconD1

              Janelle took her new born baby out parting (because her mother mad her take him and thought, wrongly, that it stop her from going out) if you recall, from here 16 & Pregnant episode…

              • Dani

                Another excellent point.

      • uhhh

        Get a grip court its her opinion and she’s allowed to have it!!!! Doesn’t mean she’s a bitch

  • courtt. :(

    Poor girl. My thoughts are with her and Ashton and lyle. I can’t even imagine.

  • Jennifer

    It’s very sad if it’s true but sorry but I don’t believe it.

  • Harper

    My cousin lost her baby at birth, she was 41 weeks. It’s a sadness you never want to see a mother go through. Her whole family was completely devastated… was her first child.

    • LexiconD1

      Condolences, Harper!

  • meg

    I cant imagine the pain she’s going through, however she makes money on sulia airing out other peoples dirty laundry so why give her privacy? she fails to let others have their privacy.

  • Sara

    So, on the day she found out her unborn baby was dead, she tweeted “I’m the worst texter ever.” and “draw things on my back with your finger so I can fall asleep” and on the day she supposedly was giving birth to her stillborn son, she tweeted “Taco Bellll :)” Give me a freaking break.

    • YoungChoppa

      Thank You! everyone who called her pregnancy out as fake said this is exactly what she was gonna do and she proved them all right lol This girl is nuts.

    • jeff

      I hope this actually comes to light. Way too many people believe these lying idiots. Like last year when Starcasm claimed some random twitter nut was pregnant with twins and was going to be on 16 and pregnant. It was proven as fake, but was that written about? Nope. Can we start exposing these nuts? They obviously have mental issues.

    • awoman

      If you compare the bottom picture of the starcasm article from April 2012 with the most recent bikini picture, which you can find on teenmomtalk page 6, you can see pretty major changes in her body.

      Her breasts were non existent before, but they look like deflated balloons, which with enough ice and a couple of weeks, you can do after a pregnancy. Her abs are stretched apart when they were extremely tight in the before picture. Her skin is soft and looks squishy compared to her taut skin in the before.

      the texts had me on the fence, but I feel pretty confident that what happened to the body in the second picture was a pregnancy to the body in the first.

  • YoungChoppa

    Bullsh*t This girl is lying through her teeth.

  • Jean

    Really? Because her tweets on July 28th @ 9:22 AM she was tweeting someone about how beautiful she is. And she tweeted continuously the whole day, nothing that would make you thing she just lost a child. “I’m the worst texter” “I don’t have time for love” “I try not to catch feelings for anyone” “I’ve never won a game of never have I ever” “6:21PM:draw things on my back with your finger so i can fall asleep/ in love with you”

  • Emily

    Is there any chance she could have hired someone to tweet or tweeted this stuff herself to cover it up? I’m hoping so because a pregnancy, not to mention a stillbirth, is a terrible thing to fake.

    • Jess

      Doubtful. Shes not smart enough for that.
      The supposed “baby daddy” even said she was faking and was not pregnant and wants nothing to do with Nikkole. His family said the same. And so did a bunch of her friends.
      PLUS there was a picture that came out a week after the baby was supposedly born and she is in a bikini, flat and toned belly and not to mention any woman who has just given birth do not wear bikinis for at least 3-4 weeks due to needing heavy pads because you bleed A LOT and for weeks even if you had a csection. You bleed. She is a liar end of story. I hope a reliable source rats her ass out soon. It pisses me off she lied about something so serious. I feel bad for the moms who have truly lost a baby and I feel sorry they are being exploited by a liar.

  • Brynn

    I don’t trust any of these girls, and haven’t for a loooong time.

    She needs help, regardless of what actually happened. If she truly lost her son, that’s not something you just get over, and her actions and behavior after the fact are NOT aligned for a grieving mother who just apparently delivered a stillborn minutes/days/weeks ago. And If she lied about it…she still needs intensive therapy.

  • gagalooch

    I want to believe her but I believe there’s something up or fishy with the situation. Maybe she gave him up for adoption? Idk. But even if you look at her Facebook as well she’s posting July 27th late in the night. You wouldn’t be on Facebook posting stuff like that if you were worried about your baby. I’m ashamed of her if it is all a lie. Those dates have alot of meaning to me (July 26-28) as my sixteen year old sister passed away last year (2012) on those days (was on life support to donate organs). I really hope she isn’t lying and the full truth comes out soon.

    • gagalooch

      Also she’s deleted all of her pregnancy pictures… fishy if you ask me, so no one can go back and analyze them.

      • gagalooch

        I mean on IG, she still has some pics on fb.

  • Angie

    If *I* had just lost my child at 8 months, you bet your ASS I would not be writing stupid s*** about Taco Bell or texting on Twitter and going out camping in a bikini as if nothing had happened.

    • Karia

      People deal with things differently. She probably wanted to act like it wasn’t happening.

  • fake

    I guess I’m a cold heartlessbitch because I still don’t believe it. I can’t believe people are foolish enough to be so defensive over these girls. Get a grip

  • LaDy

    I don’t want to accuse her of making anything up, and I haven’t seen the camping/bikini pictures . . . but if she was pregnant, and lost the baby at the end of July, wouldn’t she still have a recovering body, and it would be obvious if she had just ended a pregnancy? I mean, it takes a whole year for your body to recover for a full term pregnancy, and she was just under full term.

    • gagalooch

      A fan saw her as well and said she didnt look pregnant (or I assume like she just had a baby)

    • acab08

      Not necessarily. Literally right after I had my son the nurses said “Oh my god look at your belly! It’s flat!”. Two weeks later I was in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Flat belly. Some people’s body’s bounce back faster than others, especially if you take care of yourself during your pregnancy.

      • LaDy

        I’m just saying. I’ve had two kids. Swam every single day up until delivery with both, and still had to take a lot of time to get my body back, especially with my second kid.

        • LaDy

          Also, she doesn’t appear to have had a c-section, so she’d still have been bleeding a lot at the time. I don’t think she’d be in a bikini if she was a few weeks out from delivery, cause you can’t use anything but pads then, either.

          • Kate

            Even csection births you still bleed for weeks after.

            • Starla

              If she had a c section she wouldnt be wearing bottoms like that. It would hurt too bad. She would also more than likely be swollen in that area. Plus after a section they make you stay for 3 days.

      • gagalooch

        My cousin was 113 pre-pregnancy, and now 100 pound post, she was SUPER tiny 2 weeks after giving birth (she’s petite to begin with) but you could still tell she had a baby because her skin wasn’t back to normal and her uterus was still stretched out. And this is someone who looked AMAZING after giving birth, Nikkole looks like she never was pregnant to begin with.

    • Dani

      Not that I believe her, but I very quickly lost my baby belly when I had my daughter at 19. I was smaller than pre-pregnancy weight before I stopped bleeding. I haven’t seen the picture though.

      • LexiconD1

        I believe it. I had my son four months before my 30th birthday, and I was back to wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes the moment I got home. I ate so well, that I lost weight. My son was born a month early, and still weighted 8lbs. 4oz.

  • Jean

    I can’t look at her photos on instagram….Can anyone else?

    • gagalooch
      • Jean

        It just says “no photos” Maybe it’s because I don’t have an instagram account??

        • gagalooch

          Possibly! Or you have to be following her!

  • AK

    The fishy part that jumps out to me (aside from the tweets).. Is that she declined to look into her baby’s cause of death.. I would think she would want answers so in the future she would know if she predisposed to an existing condition am whatnot. I’ve also never heard of a Dr asking someone not to look at their ultrasound.. Not saying it’s never happened but I’ve never heard of that.. I lost my niece in 2005, she was still born and it was a result of a genetic chromosomal problem. If she is making all this up she is a sick, sick person. It’s a heartache that never goes away and I guarantee you no one in my family would have been on ANY type of social media… Not to mention the entire day while she was “in labor”…

    • erb123

      i think nikkole lied about the whole thing but someone i am very close with had a still birth at 8 months last year and declined the autopsy. after the trauma of a 24 hour labor even after finding out they had lost the baby they just couldnt imagine her being cut up :( i personally think i would want an autopsy, but i can understand why they decided not to.

      i think the weirdest thing in the article is nikkole saying she felt ’embarrassed’ who would feeling embarrassed about their child dying?

      • Dani

        I personally believe Nikkole is a despicable liar, however I can understand as to why be embarrassed. Many women that experience loss of a pregnancy or even infertility blame themselves, feeling they have failed as a woman for being unable to carry to term. Of course it doesn’t mean that and I’m sure many of them did everything right, but it is a common thing to feel.

  • Sara

    How can anyone fake something so awful? I really don’t get these kids.

    • Isabelle

      AND its even fishier that she cremated him, so MAYBE she wouldnt have to buy a gravestone, or pay for funeral etc… thats so suspicious!!!

  • tab

    she’s lying.
    wouldn’t allow her to watch the ultrasound? that’s complete BS.
    she didn’t talk about it for so long because she had to make up a story.
    she would still have a pregnancy belly in a bikini after a week if you were really 8 months along.
    she made the entire thing up. she’s sick and needs help.

    • Ap

      I Miscarried at 11 weeks and they would not let me look at the ultrasound. It’s actually not all that unlikely if the drs believed something was wrong.
      Whether she’s telling the truth or not, that part of her story is actually believable and anyone whose ever been in that situation could verify that.

      • LexiconD1

        I had an ultrasound a few weeks before my son was born, they didn’t let me see it either. Nor would they answer my questions (except to confirm that I was having a boy).

    • vanillabean

      This is not a sign that she is lying. In many hospitals and ultrasound facilities it is against policy to let the patient watch an ultrasound; it is a method of protecting the technician from being asked questions s/he cannot answer due to liability reasons, and in cases such as these, it’s to protect the parents and control the way the news is delivered to them.

  • PissedOff

    I am one of those women who loss a baby. It was my first pregnancy and I was 25. I was only 15 1/2 weeks, just out of my first trimester when my water broke and my body went into labor. However I did not know thats what was happening because I have never knew you could actually go into labor that early. I was at the doctors office and heard my babys heartbeat just 12 hours before losing him. I thought something was wrong because I was “leaking” but doctor refused to do an ultrasound to check.

    Later that night I had the worst cramps ever. Doctors had convinced me I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about so when my husband asked if he should take me to the hospital, I declined and decided to go to bed instead. I woke up 2 hours later to the worst contractions ever. I was in full blown labor but didn’t know it. We went to the hospital and thats where I had my son. At 15 1/2 weeks he looked like a little alien and fit into the palm of my hand. Instead of a D&C, they kept my labor going to I could deliver the after birth. All this happened and I was only 15 1/2 weeks pregnant.

    After, this happened, I went into a deep depression. I kept away from even my family. I requested test to be ran on my son to find out what happened, but they couldn’t find out anything. My point is, this bitch is lying. It was bad enough at 15 weeks, but I couldn’t imagine making it to 8 months. You don’t tweet about Taco bell and everyone is right about the bleeding factor. I’m not going to get into the details, but its disgusting and would require for her to wear a pad.

    To me going through this myself, it feels like a slap in the face. I wish the 16 & pregnant show and Teem moms would just be cancelled!!!!

  • Seriously

    Public records should be available regarding the birth & death of the baby. The hospital would have given her both, a birth certificate and a death certificate. Both of these are public records. Easy enough to verify and I would think somebody?? would have already been looking for confirmation of a deceased child/grandchild.

    • Lisa

      I agree she faked it, but for a stillborn birth, they do not issue a birth certificate. There will be a death record, though.

  • Ashley

    But didn’t she post bare belly pictures? How could she fake that? I’m not saying I believe her, just wondering

    Teenmomtalk has her bare baby bump picture on it’s 7th page at the moment.

    • Lori Focht

      she had a real pregnancy before old photos

      • alyssa

        i thought that too at first but didn’t she post one with lyle in it??

        • Lauren

          The one with Lyle in it her bump was covered in clothing.
          Her bare belly pictures probably from Lyle and there was really only 1 or 2 of them anyways.

          We will all know the truth soon. It’s called someone doing research and looking up the death certificate.

  • Cheermom_1975

    Did anyone else pick up on that she said she had the baby cremated & his remains SEWEN into a teddy bear? First, wouldn’t a baby at 8 months be a little large for that? Secondly, is that even legal? Lastly Starcasm, it’s HEAVEN, not haven. Well, maybe in this particular is it is haven 😉

    • gagalooch

      Naw, my sister as I mentioned above is in a Teddy Bear urn, but its a container inside it and its fastened by velcro, not really sewn in. So she does sound a little stupid.

      • Cheermom_1975

        Thank you for clearing that up for me like an adult. I am very very sorry to read about your loss. It really breaks my heart for you, or anyone when they lose someone so close & special to them. Maybe that’s because I’ve been there also. I lost my best friend of 20 years- it was like losing a sister.

    • Karia

      He was cremated first, learn to read yourself.

      • Cheermom_1975

        Pardon me for overlooking that one detail, yes it was an important one but you don’t have to be an a$$wipe about it.

        • Karia

          I love how everyone can talk shit about the people the article is about, but you say one thing that someone takes the wrong way and it’s the end of the world.

  • Going against the grain

    Oh my gosh. She posted a video to YouTube a month ago about her pregnancy. I don’t know her personally, but I don’t think she’s the type of person to lie about a pregnancy. She’s still obsessed with Josh (Lyle’s dad) so why would she say she’s pregnant with someone else’s kid? To win him back? I don’t think so. That would drive him away for sure.

  • Judith

    A lot of celebs download the app where you tweet certain things, but they don’t post until a certain time so that its constantly on the feed. Its a possibility she does that. Just saying. Yes, it seems fishy, but you also have to remember theres still a small chance it did happen. And if it did, these comments are terrible.

    • Caitlin

      Calling her a celebrity is iffy.

  • J

    I feel bad for saying this…but I still find it really hard to believe she was ever pregnant to begin with. I think when she found out her friend Sam was pregnant she thought of an opportunity to get back at her ex and his gf, get publicity, and make money. I think she’s now making more doing stuff for MTV possibly a where are they now special? Anyways, if she did actually go through a whole pregnancy and have a stillborn baby I still don’t get how she was out partying the weekend after and tweeting about stupid stuff the day she supposedly had him, or tweeting at all for that matter. Also she supposedly had him July 28th but people said they saw her at the fair with a pregnant belly (full not deflated like in her bikini pic) just 2 days after. So some of the evidence works against her but we will never truly know what happened. Like I said if she did lose him I feel bad but I still tend to believe she faked it with so many things being off about it.

  • Kieffah’s Hoodie

    To everyone saying her pregnancy is fake – you would not be finding this amusing if you were on the receiving end. I know a lot of people who have lost pregnancies and children, and although times are different now, a lot of women try to go on as if things in their lives are absolutely normal. It’s part of what is commonly known as denial. No woman will ever want to admit that they’ve lost a baby, and like she says, she was ashamed of what people would say. If it were you or someone you were close to in this situation, would you be accusing her of faking a pregnancy? I don’t think you would, but then again, some of you sound very frigid and hostile. I know a lot of you are going to thumbs this down, but the one percent of commenters with empathy, thank you for trying to encourage kindess instead of pointless hostility toward the poor girl. Let the poor girl deal with this peacefully.

    • Surprise, Surprise

      A Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant cast member could burn down a nursery school or run over the homeless for fun and you’d still be on here defending them. Those girls can obviously do no wrong to you, so I don’t know why you’re bothering with the paragraph long comment. Do they pay you for PR? Because if they don’t, they should.

      • Kieffah’s Hoodie

        Why would I defend someone committing a crime? Everyone should be punished for something like that. God FORBID she Tweet after delivering a stillborn child!

        • Surprise, Surprise

          I’m assuming that you’re about 14 years old… If not, please look up
          the word “hyperbole”

          You can fully criticize me the day I’m “tweeting” publicly before, during and after delivering a stillborn infant. Sorry, I’ll judge her “grief” all I want to, it is NOT normal and she needs help. Poor Lyle.

      • Kieffah’s Hoodie

        I don’t know why you bothered to read my comment and post a reply.

  • bailey

    “8-month-old unborn baby” is a really weird and moderately misleading way to phrase that… Could have been better said by saying “unborn baby at 8 months gestation” or something along the lines of that.

  • Whitney

    Misreading or overlooking a detail in an article is a lot smaller of an offense than faking the death of a child for attention!

    I’m tired of Starcasm kissing her @ss. She needs to understand that not all attention is good attention!

  • SanJoseMama

    No way she was that big in one pic (bad pillow pic) and toned tummy a week after delivery.
    Fked up to say that when there are women out there who actually go through a still birth. Give the evil biatch some meds and stop reporting her bs.


    So if you’re correct, she was pregnant at some point and then sold the story of her stillborn son to RadarOnline… I’m sorry but that’s odd. Whether Nikkole faked it or actually had a stillborn child,
    the way it has been handled is sick and opportunistic. Either she faked the entire thing or she had a stillborn child and partied on/tweeted like normal, as if she was never pregnant. She was re-tweeting random things before, during and after she supposedly experienced a stillbirth.

    Whether she’s telling the truth or faking something, either option is creepy. Especially since she’s making money off of this insane story. This story has more holes in it than a sinking ship. Also, people weren’t referring to “texts”, they were referring to her very public twitter account, which is @NikkoleMTV

    She was posting lots and lots of weird things around the time she was supposedly enduring a stillbirth and the hours and days after. Would you be up for a weekend road trip/camping trip/music festival days after having a stillborn baby?

    • awoman

      I totally agree with this.

      • Jean

        Maybe she gave the baby up for adoption……

  • just me

    Even if this is a lie its noone elses business . People need to start worrying about themselves instead of talking shit about people they don’t even know.

    • HA!

      Nikkole sold the story to RadarOnline. She was paid for every single quote she gave, also every exclusive picture, including the one of her kissing the teddy bear with her son’s ashes. RadarOnline now owns that image.

      Once you start selling your “business” on a tabloid site you end up making your “business” the public’s business. Nikkole has always used MTV in all of her social networking names, she wanted to be associated with 16 and Pregnant years after her episode aired. If you’re against gossip, I have no idea why you’re even on this site or this article. Maybe you need to start worrying about yourself before you start defending girls that probably wouldn’t give you the time of day if you actually met them.

  • Jess

    I highly doubt that’s her belly. Most likely her friends as you convienently can’t see her face. Plus solid proof of her lying is the ultrasounds she posted. It’s been exposed that she stole them from actual people.

  • Carolyn

    THIS IS FAKE. nikkole concocted this story to be the first teen mom to have had a stillborn, there’s a text conversation screenshot where she admits this. Her family members have also reached out to Mikes girlfriend assuring her that there was no baby.

  • Katie

    “Girl give it up already everyone in Monroe knows you faked your pregnancy. Quit saying you had him July 28th yet were at the fair with your fake belly July 30th. Get your story together.”

    This is Mike Sindone’s new girlfriend’s facebook status, and there are MANY commenters from Monroe that commented on the status saying they had seen her without the pregnant belly before the 28th.

  • Katie

    Nikkole is not and was not ever pregnant a second time! I live in Monroe and can vouch for that as can many others, she was spotted drinking and smoking many times throughout the summer and spring without a baby bump. She used the “I’m Knocked App” which can make you look pregnant in pictures, which she used for all the ones on her Instagram. She only deleted them when she was outed by everyone in Monroe. Her brother talks to someone I know and he had said that she only did this to get back at Mike and also to become the first teen mom to have a stillborn, which she hoped to “make money off of.” Quote. Why do you think her Mom had nothing to say about this? She was very vocal and posted many things about Lyle and her grandson while they were still in utero but has remained silent about Nikkole’s second pregnancy. Believe what you want but all of her family members and everyone in Monroe knows it is fake.

  • Nikkole’s Cousin

    I am a family member of Nikkole’s. There are plenty of us who personally know that Nikkole has faked the ENTIRE pregnancy and stillbirth. Our voices are drowned out by the “fans” unwilling to accept reality, wanting desperately to believe that a soft spoken Nikkole would never do such a thing. Nikkole planned and executed this entire farce. She did so with two motives, revenge at Mike for choosing to be with Terri and to be the first Teen Mom to have a stillbirth. There is quite a bit of monetary profit in the future for selling her “story”. Very little that Nikkole has shown of herself and her little world has been reality, including her episode of 16 & Pregnant. She has brought quite a bit of shame to her family and to the people of her hometown.
    If I may say one more thing…The Sindone’s and Terri have handled this all in great stride. I couldn’t imagine being put in their position. Terri has handled it particularly well being that she has been a more specific target of NIkkole’s.
    Keep your head up Terri, her 15 minutes are fading fast!

  • Sarah

    Everyone google the 13 Reasons Why Nikkole Paulun Was Never Pregnant article. I’m not allowed to link it but it will explain everything.

  • EmmasMommy313

    If this is whole thing is a lie she is part of the worst people in the world. I lost my daughter back in March and it makes me sick to see people fake losing their child.

  • siriusthecat

    When I heard her story about the stillbirth, not knowing anything about possibly being a fake, it didnt sound right to me. Not in 2013. It was very 20 years ago. Just her delivery time alone is not inline with the story. Its more inline with a live birth. I think she borrowed most of it from an older relative and mixed in parts of her sons pregnancy/delivery. I really hope someone is watching her with her son.

  • vanillabean

    As someone who actually lost a child during pregnancy, I truly hope this little girl is not lying about her experience and making a mockery of the pain and grief that accompany losing a pregnancy.

    I lost at 20 weeks, approximately a month ago, and not one day has been the same. Each day is a struggle, and full of tears, sadness, overwhelming grief, and questions of why. Me & my husbands lives will never be the same; every single day we grieve and we mourn our son. It took me weeks to even begin to put a fake smile on my face and to learn to smile and laugh through the pain as life goes on, regardless of what is going on in my little world, life goes on.

    I would never want to accuse a woman of lying about such a tragedy, especially after having lived through it myself, but if she is lying, she requires psychological evaluation and intervention.

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