More Miranda and Corey Simms wedding photos

Teen Mom 2 Corey Simms Miranda Simms wedding photo with Ali and Aleeah

Yesterday Teen Mom 2 star Corey Simms and his fiancée Miranda Patterson (now Simms!) were married in a small ceremony in West Virginia. We posted a few photos soon after the wedding, but since that time family and friends in attendance have shared more of the beaming couple, including Miranda in her lovely white wedding gown and Corey in his flannel shirt and jeans.

Corey Simms and Miranda Simms wedding photo

Above we see Corey, Miranda and Gracetyn, according to Facebook’s Corey Simms & Family Official Fanpage that posted the picture. At the very top is Corey and Miranda with Corey and Leah’s twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah, who served as flower girls in the ceremony. Corey’s dad (and one of the proudest Poppaws on the internet) Jeff Simms shared that photo on Twitter along with the words, “Congratulations Corey & Miranda! Perfect wedding day.”

Jeff posted this next photo of a bubbly Miranda and Corey leaving the church (I think) with the tweet, “My new daughter in law is an absolute joy! We are blessed to have her in our family!”

Teen Mom 2 Leah's ex Corey Simms and Miranda Simms wedding photo

And here’s another proud Poppaw moment that Jeff captioned, “Prettiest flower girls ever!”

Corey Simms wedding photo flower girls Aliannah and Aleeah

Hard to argue with Poppaw :)

Here are the rest of the photos from Corey Simms and Miranda Simms’ wedding on June 7, 2013:

Corey Simms wedding photo wearing flannel and jeans  Corey Simms' bride Miranda Simms wedding photo  Corey Simms wedding truck shoe polished Corey Simms wedding picture in flannel and jeans with Miranda Simms Teen Mom 2 Corey Simms wearing flannel shirt and jeans at his wedding

UPDATE – Speaking of “hard to argue with Poppaw,” Jeff Simms took to Twitter to address some of the negative comments made about Corey Simms’s choice of wedding attire:

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  • Sara

    I like that in the pics her smile look genuine, look at pics of Leah and Jeremy and Leah’s smile looks forced or posed. Congrats to them :)


    Corey definitely upgraded. Good for him.

  • Shelby

    Very pretty wedding! Love how everyone involved is so for the girls best interest! Congrats to them!

  • shebee

    Great for Corey. I hope this one last. Those poor twins have been flowergirls in more of their parents weddings than any kid should ever have to be, lol.

    • Janice

      One day in their CVs might stand:

      Hobbies: Flowergirl to my parents’ weddings


  • Karen

    They make such a cute couple. I hope Corey finally gets his happily ever after this time around.

  • Bohiko

    Congratulations to them! bride looks gorgeous. however, jeans isn’t the best wedding attire

    • Stfu jeez

      It’s a country wedding. This is what we do. Who said a tuxedo is required for a wedding?! That doesn’t mean he loves her any less.

      • Nathan

        That’s not “country;” that’s white trash.

        • C R

          not necessarily :/ i’m not a fan of white trash, but if they didn’t want him in a tux & wanted to do it their way, who is to say that is a bad thing? it’s THEIR wedding, they should have it how they want it. live & let live 😀

      • Bohiko

        I never said that he didn’t love her or anything like that. would you dress up for your wedding like you are about to head to the grocery store? I mean,come on:))

  • Lilly

    I hope his undershirt is yellow & not a sweat-stained white one.

  • Cassandra “Ashley” O.

    Umm…can he not afford to rent a tux? I mean c’mon, put some freaking effort!

    • C R

      why are you so worried about it? kinda disturbing that you are. live and let live. you can have whatever you want at YOUR wedding, but who do you think you are saying what they should have in theirs? it doesn’t affect you… although it apparently has.

      • Cassandra “Ashley” O.

        Apparently you should heed your own words since you are so worried about MY opinion. I never said that he should HAVE anything, I said he should have put some effort since it was a special occasion.

        • leisakaye

          Way to put that &**** in his/her place Cassandra..lmao

  • C R

    Beautiful bride, handsome groom :) I bet those little girls are tired of being in weddings now, but are pros at it lol. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • hmmm

    Did he know it was his wedding day? He couldn’t even tuck in his shirt and wear a tie? I can respect a casual wedding, but it looks weird since she and the girls are so dressed up.

  • Trinity Morealis

    It looks like his attire is him not talking the wedding seriously. I hope he is, and that this lasts because it seems he married a real sweetheart and she deserves the best.

  • Jennie

    Miranda is a very beautiful bride, and I think Corey looks great. Now let’s hope they wait alittle while and enjoy being married before they have a child together.

  • Demona

    As long as they didn’t spend 10 million to plan the thing & it lasts more than 72 days I could care less how he was dressed.

  • nadirahsuxballssuxballs

    Good Lord this dude totally hit the gorgeous 2nd wife lottery … I love Leah but this girl is STUNNING and seems very genuinely in love with both Corey and the girls.