Catching up with Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful

Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva

On Saturday, MTV premiered a True Life episode featuring two young ladies, Brooke Torres and Dana Adiva (Dana goes by a lot of names), who share the same troubling social problem… Both girls believe they’re just too beautiful and that their stunning looks are often a serious hindrance to happiness.

In case you missed the episode, here’s the teaser trailer that pretty much sums up where Dana and Brooke were coming from:

Brooke: “I’m not sure if it’s my face or the way I wear my clothes but no matter what I wear, it looks good.”

Dana: “People will stare at me no matter what and it’s the most irritating thing in the world.”

Brooke: “It’s great to be pretty and not ugly but if you think it will change your life, it won’t.”

During the episode Dana’s sister Nikki, who buys into Dana’s self-assured sexiness, suffers because of her sibling’s perceived beauty. Dana decides to help by daring to venture out without makeup while bringing sissy along – so all the attention wouldn’t be on her distracting radiance.

Brooke’s boyfriend was angry all the time because everyone was hitting on his too-hot commodity. Poor Brooke couldn’t help all the attention and her attractiveness was causing a major rift in their romance.

MTV caught up with the two alluring ladies to see how things have been going in their angelically appealing, while simultaneously difficult, worlds:

Brooke from True Life: I'm Too Beautiful
Brooke Torres from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful / Webstagram

Brooke – – Have you been going out with friends more often?
I have been going out with friends more often but I realized that having friends doesn’t make my life any easier. I learned to be happy with myself, and now, I actually appreciate the time I have alone. I have built a great relationship with Amanda, and having just her on my side still feels like I have one hundred friends. Nolan has been cool with me going out once in a while. I think he realized it isn’t so bad, letting me go out every so often. I think maybe now he actually likes his alone time.

Dana — Do you have any plans to go out with Nikki without makeup again?
After seeing the sneak peek of the show and seeing myself without makeup on TV, I probably will, because I like the way I looked.

Dana from True Life: I'm Too Beautiful
Dana Adiva from True Life: I’m Too Beautiful / Facebook

If you want to keep up with the day-to-day happenings for Dana Adiva, you can follow her via Twitter here or her official Facebook fan page here.

As for Brooke Torres, I did come across a blog she has called Million Dollar Mind here. On a post dated Jan 2, entitled “Ideas of the New Year,” Brooke shared some of her game plan for 2013 including:

• send pictures via email or mail to “magazines” just to see the feedback.
• Inventions (which will be a whole other post probably)
• Get another job somewhere fun or cool. aka, would want to go to work.
• I wanna look perfect at all times so great makeup and new face wash.
• OOO yeah. Video Documentary on the 1 thing you hate and love about being hot! that will be another post all together also. I’m gonna have so ugh fun with this(:
• My nails need to come off and painted perfect at all times. Bring the 1 paint with me for quick fixes.

Dana told MTV that sharing her story was the best experience of her life.

Top Image: MTV

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  • Lisa

    Nothing shows that you’re an intelligent person with depth of character like life goals of “record how hot I am,” and “bring nail polish with me for touch ups so my nails are perfect all the time.” Jeezus.

  • Guest

    If they are so naturally pretty why do they do so much work. To me naturally pretty means, no fake tan, no hair dye, no blow dry, no flat iron, no teeth bleaching, no makeup, no fake nails. Both girls did those things so eh. i would have wanted to see what it was like for people who are naturally extremely attracted. Not women who are average who enhance themselves on a daily basis…

    • micro OP

      Bahaha so true!

    • Brooke Torres

      its not a daily basis they come for 2 days every other month and we obv TRIED looking good for the camera. I don’t look like that everyday i shouldn’t have tried so hard but i did its not easy being on camera for the first time

      • Dani

        If you are so stunningly beautiful, why did you need to try?

        • Brooke Torres

          because i was nervous it was my first time with a camera crew following me around i tried looking perfect and you know you live and learn but this bashing isn’t right. I look better in person and my personality makes me look even better. I don’t ever talk about my looks and it doesn’t affect my relationship like that… it’s staged, it’s fake, it’s for tv drama, for attention, for ratings, its your cliche reality television. Anything else other than talking about beauty was irrelevant to the show because it was Im Too Beautiful. But the show isn’t my whole life at all. they come for 2 days very other month for almost a year. I go to vet school, business, makeup classes to become a professional makeup artist, i work nights and some days and i read in my free time. You people need to remember that people on tv are people too and have feelings and what you see on tv is almost ever real. it’s media.

          • makeup4evr

            No one here put down your ambitions nor did they put down your personality. What we said is the reason why you attract men, is because of your unnatural makeup, your unnatural tan, your blow dried flat ironed hair… maybe you need to travel outside of America one day. You’ll see women who are naturally pretty, and the type of guys they attract as oppose to women here who enhance themselves and attract control men, who objectify them, men who will never look past their looks. For the record, it is reality tv, but tv only edits what the people offer, your boyfriend is controlling, that is a character flaw, it doesn’t go away just because you “speak intelligence and have rational conversations” after all being controlling is not rational, it is a power ego issue…

            • Brooke

              did you not see what i said? thats not my everyday life you see on the show lol i really don’t care what you people have to say i have many people who like me and support me and true life didn’t show that i said it doesn’t matter what you look like because you never no what can happen and i started crying when i talked about my friend that got in a car accident right before the show recording and his face and body will never look the same and he had brain injuries etc in the hospital for months… and he was very into himself. You never know what can happen so i really care what people think of me and i try to make people feel just as happy as m and i don’t have to wear makeup i do on special occasions like being recoding for national television… follow me on keek i have a bunch of videos with no makeup on. i know who i am and its a shame they didn’t make me come off as the person i really am but i believe i look better without makeup too. i never saw myself like that but you can’t compare regular people to celebrities because anyone with money can look amazing with professional makeup and hair stylists. I wanted to do the show yeah its amazing its cool the title kinda sucked but i thought it was gonna be about how much i care about the inside beauty and woman’s work and independence. & I’m not wrong for wanting do do little things to keep me looking professional like keeping my nails panted nicely and not chipped. oh gosh sue me for wanting to not look like a bum with chipped paint like i don’t take care of myself and i don’t like getting my nails done zoo… and not record how hot i am record what OTHER people think of themselves. its a shame that everyone hates as if we ave no soul or feelings. Now i know how the world is to celebrities and I’m not even THAT famous at all compared to them like miley nd britney spears. no wonder they become crazy cause assfucks like all of you

              • Guest

                You know what. You’re right! You’re gorgeous and you are clearly famous now. Congrats on making it. Let the haters hate. Yadda Yadda. Good bye loca.

  • Regina

    ……….. if you are unhappy being hot why is your number one goal to look perfect at all times?
    I don’t understand.
    This is stupid.

  • GingerAnn1212

    Nikki is so much prettier than her sister and she didn’t need all that garish make up either like Dana does. As far as Brooke goes – I just don’t see it.

    • Guest

      yeah i actually thought her younger sister was prettier. it is just that society views petite as better looking and the younger one is tall and has broad shoulders. But I think when she gets older she will be surprised to know she is the prettier one.

  • discoatnine

    The blonde thing is pretty haggard. The girl with brown hair actually is really pretty, regardless of how superficial she seems.

  • Courtney

    Dana wasn’t really that pretty. Her hair is SOO thin and flat that it does NOT flatter her at all….and that EAR OMG THAT EAR! It was SOO annoying and ugly how her right ear was ALWAYS poking out of her hair! The fact that she thought SO highly of herself and really rubbed it in her sisters face just made her so much more ugly! Her sister is WAY prettier and will for sure find true love with a nice guy that she deserves. As for Dana, how you present yourself is what you’ll attract, you’re never going to find a good guy because for one a good guy is not going to be interested in a girl like Dana and two, she will only date a guy that is good looking enough for her standard and not give a normal looking guy a chance to see what his personality is like. She SOO dumb it’s pathetic!

    • Penny

      Yeah…they’re attractive but just regular girls. If I passed them on the street I would not notice them. But I’m an actress and a model so I’m around beautiful women all the time. Far more beautiful than these girls.

  • Bev

    It’s okay to be beautiful, but to announce it yourself, is just superficial, conceited, and pathetic.

  • judylyn

    Neither one of them look that good. Can’t believe they were chosen for “I’m too beautiful”!

    • BEBE

      I think MTV was trying to be funny with this one….

  • Alex

    The girls on the show are average looking and blind for being so conceded! One has a horse mouth and the other one has horrible skin and a boyfriend that looks like crap! They are not “too beautiful” for anything. The reason why they must get “approached a lot” is because they wear a lot of makeup and look like an easy lay. I don’t know what MTVs definition of beautiful is but this doesn’t even come close to what it really is. I’ve seen more “beautiful” girls work at hooters!

  • Andy

    True Life: I’m delusional crossover with True Life: I learned how to put on drag makeup

  • Nathan

    Neither one of these girls is that cute. I hate to break it to you, but any slightly attractive girl gets hit on by guys all the time. You’re not special.

  • Brittany

    I’m happy to see I’m not alone on this one. The whole time I was watching it I kept thinking that they were avergae girls with too much make-up. I have no problem admitting when other women are pretty, but they were not that pretty inside or out.

  • Guest

    Neither one of them are that pretty at all. One has horse teeth and the other has a butt chin. Men are probably attracted to the confidence not their looks.

  • Drea

    I used to work with a girl who was hands down a real 10, and the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Both men and women could not help but stare. Waaaaaaay prettier than these girls, and wasn’t constantly wearing craploads of makeup or telling people how pretty she was. The vapid narcissism of some people is disgusting.

  • Antonia Polentoni

    Dana’s black eyeshadow reminds me of Jenna Marbles “How to trick people into thinking you’re attractive”

  • Robin Anne Schloss

    Brooke, do you actually think you are extremely beautiful, or was this all a ruse for the cameras in order for you to attain your 15 minutes of fame?

  • Mack2

    Fake show

  • Biggest Ego

    These girls haven’t seen women outside of America. Come to Puerto Rico and Colombia. You’ll see stunning. 😉 Haha.

  • Angela

    I am so very unimpressed with this show. Yes I will admit when a girl is cute or attractive. But neither one of them are a “10” as they call themselves. Being a ten is not having to glam up for TV to look halfway decent or putting down your boyfriend calling him a 6 or putting down your younger impressive sister. I’ve seen so many beautiful woman truly beautiful inside and out that would have blown them out of the water. I honestly think MTV was making an example of these ladies, knowing how the public would react. And now one of them making MTV pages for twitter and Facebook. I don’t think anyone is going to remember you in a month or couple weeks at that lol.

  • Brooke

    lol who are you? Stop hiding behind a comment if you know me an run into me on the street. FAKE & HATER(:

  • Guest

    They are not very pretty…buck teeth and butt chin…seriously, wake up and get over yourselves…lol

  • teddy

    I think both girls are attractive but no where near a 10. Dana clearly uses her boobs to get attention because other wise she wouldn’t get any. I actually think brooke is the better looking of the 2 but her personality kills it. – like how Dana tried to say she even tried to dye her hair brunette. Like blonde is some how better? Its more fake so if that’s the look you want I guess it Is. And those awful tattoos! Give me a break.

  • Renee’ Preston

    Personally I don’t think either of them are really anything special in the looks department. Definitely not ugly… Average, at best? I believe that a person’s unspoken confidence and compassion for others is the sexiest thing imaginable. Who the heck likes someone to be full of themselves and selfish? Not me.

  • a

    I think dana is pretty but Brooke kind of has a gremlin face she needs to get over herself

  • WOW.