PHOTOS Kim Kardashian shows off pregnancy in peek-a-bump lace top

Kim Kardashian lace top baby bump

Ever since Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy first began to show she’s been putting on a maternity wear fashion show for the paparazzi with a wide array of eccentric styles that have left a slightly less than positive impression with critics, although she has had a few universally accepted triumphs. After today the maternity fashion police will need to reconvene as Kim stepped out in a midnight blue camisole-esque satin top that featured a large cut away peek-a-bump section exposing her belly through black lace.

Kim finished off the look with a pair of jeans, a dark suit jacket and a brown bag. She had her hair braided and pulled back tightly in a bun and was, of course, sporting a pair of towering stiletto heels.

But enough about that, the fashion feature I’m sure everyone will be buzzing about otnight and tomorrow is that lacy belly window! Here’s a closer look of Kim from head to toe in which you should be able to see it better:

Pregnant Kim Kardashian wears top with see through lace panel over her baby bump

So what do you think about Kim’s peek-a-bump look? To me it looks a little awkward and unecessary, but the rest of Kim is looking fantastically bold and beautiful!

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  • Aubrey

    Honestly….I’m more tired of her wardrobe being reported on EVER SINGLE DAY. Who cares what she’s wearing….WHO CARES!!!! FFS Leave her alone already.

  • Whitney Earl

    I agree with Aubrey below. WHO CARES?? I do think she needs to put on some maternity jeans and stop squishing that little baby… If you are more concerned with your fashion than the child you are carrying, maybe you shouldn’t be pregnant. Good Luck Lil KBaby

    • Grace0105

      As a mother i can tell you It doesn’t “squish” the baby LOL smh

  • Shelly

    It doesn’t look like a maternity shirt. It looks like she put on a regular camisole and its to short to fit over her belly!! I think it maybe time for her to switch to maternity clothes! She’s kind of making a mockery of herself!

  • Sweet Venom

    Everything she wears just looks uncomfortable now.

  • anonomiss

    She looks BEAUTIFUL. EVERYTHING she wears she gets specially made to fit her preggo body. So im more then sure the baby is not getting “squished” ! Shes going to be a great mom.

  • Truth

    It’s the same lace shirt she’s worn in white and black. It’s the only short that looks decent on her.

    And for those of you commenting “who cares?” You obviously care enough to comment so we’re all the same here.

  • Dee

    It looks like garbage like the rest of her looks. can you please stop posting this crap about these idiots enough already!

    • Grace0105

      Why are you reading it then

  • Sasha Brewer Giraldo

    First time since she announced she’s pregnant that she looks semi good.

  • Dalilah

    Is it just me,or do the majority of “reality stars” these days are complete and total camera whores? You’d think they’d get enough of it when they’re designated to film.

  • Grace0105

    Hot look – love it!