PHOTOS Is Michael Girgenti the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason? He wants a DNA test

Michael Girgenti and Kourtney Kardashian together

It’s typically Khloe Kardashian who tabloids claim has some sort of paternity secret, but now, another member of the Kardashian clan’s paternity is being called into question. This time around, it’s Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick‘s son Mason. Model Michael Girgenti claims that he and Kourtney hooked up around the time Mason was conceived and he wants a DNA test done asap.

Kourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgent photoshootKourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgenti who says he may be Mason's father not Scott Disick

Kourtney and Michael first worked together on a photo shoot during 2008 (photos above) and according to him, they had a steamy hook-up a year later after Kourtney informed him that she and Scott were on a break. “We started kissing, making out and touching each other. We were fooling around on the couch for a little while before I took her to the bedroom,” Michael reveals to In Touch. “I slipped her clothes off. She helped me undress, and we fell into bed.”

That makes it sound like they kind of stumbled into intercourse!

Interestingly, Kourtney and Michael’s racy photo shoot was apparently used for show promotion and I think maybe even briefly during an episode:

Kourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgenti together preview trailerKourtney Kardashian and model Michael Girgenti pose together

Nine months later, Kourtney gave birth to her first son Mason with everyone except for Michael believing that her longtime partner Scott Disick was the father. “After he was born and I saw photos of him,” Michael says, “I began to wonder.”

Here are side-by-side photos of Michael Girgenti and Mason, let’s see if they get you to wondering too:

Mason Dash Disick with Kim Kardashian's kitten MercyMichael Girgenti claims he could be Mason's father

Michael goes on to tell the magazine that he and Kourtney hooked up a total of three times but after their final fling at his Glendale apartment, she could no longer be reached.

Kourtney’s lawyer has responded to the claims telling the magazine, “They did not exchange contact information. Since the August 20, 2008, on-set photo shoot, Kourtney never spoke with him, saw him nor met him again. Kourtney has never been alone with him, and Kourtney certainly has never physically/intimately been with Mr. Girgenti.”

Still, Michael is sticking to his claims and wants to know if he is Mason’s biological father. “I would definitely want to acknowledge Mason if he’s my kid,” Michael says. “He deserves to know his real father.”

This is Michael’s third time going public with these claims.

Here’s another photo of Michael just as he probably looked when he and Kourtney “fell into bed” together:

Model Michael Girgenti

What do you think? Is there a resemblance? Could that be Mason Sr.?

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  • Briony

    Michael only looks like Mason because Michael & Kourtney look alike and Mason looks like Kourtney.

    I think he’s just attention seeking. Mason is like what… 3 or 4 years old now? Why is he just NOW concerned about the child’s paternity?

  • Dave

    That guy has a huge nose. Mason looks more like his uncle Rob IMO.

  • anjealka

    While I think it is possible she slept with this guy (I remember the show around this time & Scott coming back in the picture was oddly timed & she was partying ). I don’t think this guy is Mason’s dad. You can tell Kourtney is only with Scott because he is the father, so why would she claim Scott was the father when at the time she had Mason he was having violence and alcholism issues? Doesn’t make sense to choose Scott(though I do think he now is one of the more likeable members of the klan which is hard to believe).

  • Mickey

    Oh please, mason looks so much like Scott it’s crazy! Besides, she made her pregnancy VERY public, why not say something when she announced? Something like “hey, we kinda slept together could your kid be mine” WHILE she was pregnant not 4 years after giving BIRTH.

  • Courtney

    Is it just me or does it look like Mason is starting to have a little dimple thing in the middle of his chin? I’d like to see pics of Mason next to each guy…. maybe on of the guys has a certain feature but its hard to tell without seeing them both side by side with Mason’s pic!

  • Stephanie

    Her daughter penelope looks exactly like mason, so he is also the father of penelope ??

  • ohmygeez

    It took how many years for him to be concerned about this? Or publicly concerned, anyway.

  • Mel

    if you see scott with no beard he and mason have the same chin & mason does look like his mother as most boys do

  • andiecohenn

    Mason looks so much like Scott. But, if Kourtney has nothing to hide the take a DNA test.

  • Sara

    I really don’t see any resemblance.

  • lola

    publicity stunt!!!

  • Kristen

    If this was even a possibility, Kris would’ve already made it known via show, magazine, etc. Negative publicity is just as good as is positive to this family, because it keeps their names in the headlines.

  • G

    I don’t like the Kardashians but that kid looks like Scott Disick. Dude is just irrelevant and wants attention

  • coco chanel

    mason looks like scott and khortney! Also Mason looks like his grandfather Rob!!! This model idiot just wants his name exposed…what a loser!

  • siriusthecat

    I always thought Mason was mini Scott. Its the clothes, actually. The baby girl is so much lighter than Mason. I think if there was no chance of it being true, he would have been shut down with a paternity test the first time he went public with the story. Either that or its just part of the “show”. Mason looks pretty Italian to me, not just half Armenian. Actually 25% Armenian. Courtney is half. Mason is pretty dark.

  • Digs

    You people are weird! Mason looks just like Scott! Penelope looks like Mason who looks like blemin Scott!!! This Dude michael is obviously broke and needs some media attention and the media need to spice it up so they can get paid too.When Scott does the Paternity, I hope he laughs right in Michaels face!

  • SeeMe

    That’s the result when you let your wife to get photo with hot guy (or any guy).
    Just think.