GYPSY SISTERS Mellie Stanley’s fiance Robbie York mug shot photos

Mellie Stanley Robbie

In the back-to-back premiere episodes of Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley’s ex Robbie (seen with Mellie above in an old photo soon after they met) reenters the picture and the two become engaged, but only after Robbie insists Mellie give up some of her wild ways — including her job stripping. Here’s how TLC described his return and the impact on Mellie:

When Mellie’s ex-boyfriend Robbie — the love of her life — returns to town, he unwittingly turns her wild and carefree world upside down and forces Mellie to re-evaluate the direction her life is headed. Robbie’s very presence in town shines a light on Mellie’s bad behavior, and Mellie wonders if bucking tradition is everything she thought it was cracked up to be.

But, it appears that Robbie has some wild and carefree ways of his own! Robbie Richard York, Jr. (full name) has a couple mug shot photos online from 2011.

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley's boyfriend fiance Robbie York mug shot

His first booking and mug shot (photo above) was from January 19, 2011 and the charges listed are as follows (with statute first, the charge, and then the court case number):

18.2-58 ROBBERY – STREET CR10000246-00

Gypsy Sisters Mellie Stanley fiance Robbie York mugshot photo

The records indicate Robbie was released on May 18, 2011 at 7:30am and then booked again (mug shot photo above) at 8:00am on the same day with only a slight change in the charges:

18.2-58 ROBBERY 031C

Under his second booking, Robbie’s release date is listed as May 14, 2012 — perhaps not long before he “returns to town” on Gypsy Sisters?

I’m not sure how to interpret the information on the subsequent bookings, but I would guess that perhaps he was merely changing facilities, which required a new booking photo? Robbie was first booked at the Campbell Adult Detention Center and then his second booking was for the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center — both in Virginia.

UPDATE – You can see a couple more recent Robbie York mug shot photos (both from May of 2014) here. Also, see photos Nettie posted of her daughter Dallas with Robbie, whom Nettie calls her son in law!

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  • Geniya


  • Nikki

    He looks like Zac Efron a little bit.

    • Um

      I’m not attracted to Zac, but I must say that’s an insult to him. He looks nothing like him.

  • Dawn Pedersen

    What a winner!!!

  • Family friend

    What did you expect that she would marry a “good” boy? She knows nothing but what the people who raised her exposed her to. Nettie was in prison also, check under Nettie Collier Williams, her husband and her husbands mother were all arrested together and sent to prison. The aunts that were on the wedding show, PP is Patty stanley congleton has a record back as far as 20 years or so. Jet is a real winner too. she encoureges incest at all levels. They are all thieves. They have stolen people’s lives without ever looking back. I know this first hand. I’m not a family friend just someone who has lost alot to this scamming family.

  • Katherine Stephens

    They are gypsies. I genuinely like these women. They make the best of things under difficult conditions. Also, it’s a vicious circle, people don’t like you cause you r gypsies and won’t let you work, so you do things less than honest to make money and then they say there that gypsy goes again bein dishones. Just sayin, this show let’s people into a very secretive world. Besides all the bad gypsies are noted for they have a lot of good, families stick together, they try to uphold morality even if it doesn’t always work and they try to maintain a sense of community. I love these reality shows, but I keep it in perspective, I am simply watching a cross section of society I don’t usually see, I take what’s good and forget about the rest. These people are not suppose to be role models, or idols any more than Snookie and her group, or Paris Hilton, or the Kardashians.

  • Christian kelley

    I love u mellie u remaid me of my self I hope you and Robbie get back to getheer for the health of ya’ll child ya’ll act like y’all is 2 or 3 so I hope y’all get back together

  • Fathershavnorights

    Anyone have Robbie Yorkshire email or any contact info? He needs to know that all he has to do is go to the court house,which hes Prob familiar with,and file to be adjudicated father,Mellie goes to court on the date and Robbie will get a standard shared parenting order,which gives him no less than every other weekend and 4 weeks of vacation time,put in 30 days in advance,during that time Robbie can ask for more time than this & if Mellie refuses a judge will decide,the important part tho is he gets to see and keep his son overnight unless Mellie can prove hes unfit,which Mellie is no more than he but in this event his visitation could be supervised,tho the court has enough to worry about,in this case I think a judge would put in a standard parenting order and hell get time with baby Richard,the longer he waits,the less he tries the worse his visitation may be,if Mellie refuses visitation she will be in contempt of court. Granted mothers consistently refuse parenting time and the first offense is a slap o. The hand,the second time,unless there is a good reason ,Robbie will petition to modify because of this and the court will put in an order that is best for the child and Robbie could get what ever time he asks for or at least a pickup and drop off at a day care or something to keep some distance from each other. The reason fathers have no rights frankly is because they give up,they see no light at the end,they can’t afford attorneys or they meet someone else and start a new family and really never know their kids. In this country if two people have kids but don’t get married a father is not put on the child’s Birth certificate and a mother has no legal obligation to let a father or his family see the child. Until fathers fight and never give up,come to terms w the reality that going to court is just what you have to do,it can take one day to be adjudicated father and get this mandatory parenting time. Every state in this country should focus on changing these archaic laws and make a change,if not fathers will continue to not see their kids and kids all over will continue to never know who their fathers are and its not right,its not right that social workers,councilors and 241 kids literally do nothing and they could care less when it comes to helping a child see their fathers,in fact these people don’t even remove a child from an abusive home until the child ends up in a hospital w bruises and broken bones or black eyes,even then a Dr has to make the call,even a teacher calling 241 kids will be told that a parent has to go to the police to document the abuse but a police officer,social worker or councilor are not aloud to ask a child about the abuse they consider this “leading” even if a child comes out and tells someone whats happening to them only 2% of kids are removed from a mothers care,the police can’t even remove a child from a mothers home when a father has a court order for visitation,they’ll tell you its a civil matter and you have to go to court,which takes months to get a date. I once calle 241 kids in Ohio because my son was being abused by his mothers boyfriend and her father,after explaining whats going on,choking,ear pulling,spanking and slamming him around the lady said to me”Sir if this is happening to your son,like you say,why do you not have custody of him?” After telling her my struggle with trying all other methods to help my son,she replied”thats not true! My child’s father took me to court and he got custody of my kids!” So thats no excuse!” Knowing all I had done and to think these are the people put in charge of helping abused kids is unbelievable! That lady works for Hamilton county child services and her boss was told about this and what happening to my son,she told me unless they break his bones ,is in a coma or he dies there isn’t much they can do,except go to the mothers home and do a inspection,they do not talk to a child in a office or alone,they interview the child in front of the mother and the abusers expecting the child to come out and tell them whats happening in front of the abusers,even then a cunning person can easily talk their way out of it,they can insure that the child lies that the non custodial parent is lying and thats the conclusion,your baby boy is dead from being beat on and choked by multiple people and the people that are supposed to help go on and continue to do nothing and aren’t accountable what so ever. My son was beat on from the age of 4 -11 and his mother ,her racist father and boyfriend have gotten away with it by manipulating the system,misconstrueding the abuse for discipline and lying at every turn while trying to convince them that a father is just trying to get them in trouble or cause problems,when all these idiots need to do is talk to a child,look at bruises and ask them what happened,then trust and investigate based on the child’s accounts and physical proof.

    • Candy Cane

      Geesh, I’m sorry you’ve had such difficulty in getting custody of your child who was/is being abused by the mother! I’m well aware of the court’s bias against men & fathers in every aspect.

      Women should never be allowed to have 100% control of omitting the father’s name from the birth certificate. I’ve watched reality shows where the mother’s asked while still in the hospital whether or not she wants to list the father on the certificate..Many times they say no. Who in the hell are they to erase what makes up half of this child??? It drives me crazy! I have male relatives who’ve been through similar things.
      What’s even more repulsive is when the mother who’s either married or estranged from the father falsely accuses him of abuse to manipulate the courts & affect custody…All that a woman has to do is “he hit me”..”he forced himself on me”..”he hit my child”..and the father’s arrested, hauled off to jail where he definitely won’t be able to see his child..Even if innocent the father cops a plea of guilty most times because they can’t afford an attorney, only have access to a court appointed defense attorney who doesn’t really care, and w/the threat of a jury convicting him of the charge because juries are also biased against men (all a woman has to do is get on the stand & cry) & being sentenced to time in jail and/or prison, they’re forced to a plea unless they have a lot of money..The rich don’t have to worry..
      So now we have an innocent man whose been through hell just trying to get some time w/his OWN child who now’s spent time in jail, has a record that will make it even more difficult to get custody of any kind, may have lost his job as a result…These women literally RUIN these men’s lives & the courts are letting them get away w/it..It’s estimated that approx 45% of domestic abuse charges are false..Even when a woman recants, chances are the state will still pursue the charges because there’s money in it..The state makes money through court costs, contracts w/testing establishments (alcohol/drug testing, checking in weekely, etc)..Probation/parole officers earn state’s money that comes from taxpayers..
      IT’S CORRUPT!!! It’s a feminist’s dream..Watch out when a man comes before a female judge. Forget it…The only thing that’s going to help men is when they lobby Congress..Men need to join the largest men’s groups who lobby on behalf of men’s rights..It’s the only way..Yes, men usually give up after so much time & hell & I don’t blame them but nothing will change until they all take a stand…I feel so bad for men these days..They’re paying the price for true abusive men pre 1950 who weren’t charged for abusing their women…Now the scales of justice have completely leaned the other way..
      It’s obscene

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