Brandi Glanville says Eddie Cibrian gave her HPV, claimed he got it from a lollipop


Brandi Glanville’s memoir Drinking and Tweeting came out Tuesday, and as promised it’s full of juicy details about her marriage to Eddie Cibrian, and his high-profile affair with LeAnn Rimes.

One of the details? According to Brandi, they were still when married Eddie gave Brandi HPV (human papillomavirus.) When she discovered it, she says he tried to tell her that he got it from someone by sharing a lollipop with them. There are many different strains of HPV, and in rare instances it can cause genital warts, and also, more dangerously, cervical cancer. Brandi has actually had cancerous cells burned off as a result of her infection.

She questions Eddie’s story in her book:

What grown man sucks on a lollipop? (Clearly he was sucking on a whole lot of things.) That’s a little weird. Any why, if making the decision to be a grown man sucking on a lollipop, would you actually share it with another person besides your wife and children? In the end, I guess he did actually end up sharing it with me.

It’s 100% impossible to get HPV from a lollipop because the only two ways of spreading it are having sex with someone (even just having skin-to-skin sexual contact) and giving it to your child during the birth process. When the doctor told Brandi that it was almost certain that she got the virus from her husband, he tried to convince her that she got it from her birth 35 years before.

According to Brandi, LeAnn wasn’t the only girl he cheated with, not by a long shot. One of the other women Eddie cheated with was Scheana Marie, a waitress at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant who Brandi actually confronted on the show.

No matter who gave who what, HPV is actually the most common sexually transmitted disease. The CDC states that around 20 million Americans have HPV right now, and another 6 million new people become infected each year (this doesn’t count re-infections.) 50% of sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives. Around 50% of sexually active people will get it in their lifetime.

Those numbers are staggering, but according to the CDC “In 90% of cases, the body’s immune system clears HPV naturally within two years.”

The best way (no way near 100% effective) to attempt to prevent HPV is to always use a condom for any type of sexual contact, and for both partners in a relationship to stay monogamous.

Does an HPV infection ALWAYS lead to genital warts and/or cancer?

From the CDC:

Although 20 million Americans have HPV at any given time, only 1% have genital warts. There are 12,000 new cases of cervical cancer each year in the US, with almost all are associated with HPV.

Is there a test for HPV?

The HPV tests on the market are only used to help screen women at certain ages and with certain Pap test findings, for cervical cancer. There is no general test for men or women to check one’s overall “HPV status,” nor is there an approved HPV test to find HPV on the genitals or in the mouth or throat.

CLICK HERE to find out about Brandi’s DUI arrest, and how she got her revenge on Eddie.

What do you think, is this TMI?

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  • Tree

    Assuming he got it while married, that means he cheated on her raw dog and then went unprotected with her. Only scum do that.

  • JTX

    You can get HPV from touching an infected area, so you don’t necessarily have to have sex. There are over a 100 strains of the virus (a wart on your hand is a strain of HPV). But with that said, there is NO doubt in my mind he screwed around and gave it to her. Especially since most men don’t show signs of it and I don’t think it can be tested on men, so I’m sure he though he was slick. He’s a scoundrel. Get tested and get the HPV shot.

  • She needs to drop it already. I used to feel sorry for her but it’s just getting embarrassing now.

    • Marehoop

      I totally agree…this is rediculous…and I see why he says he plans to sue her…SMDH

      • Hannah

        I hope he does. Although she is the one who said she’s slept with everyone in Beverly Hills, so why is she giving Eddie the blame? She says she’s just “honest” but I disagree. Honesty is done with grace and class. Spewing garbage about other people (true or not) with no other intention but to hurt them is just trashy and irritating. This is just another ploy to keep her 15 minutes of fame extended.

      • Kayla

        cant sue if she’s telling the truth… Eddie is just as bad if not worse because he doesnt put a stop to the Leann/Brandi drama at least from the Leann side of it. My husband would have pulled me aside from day one and told me to not respond because he hates the drama. Eddie probably enjoys having them bicker over them’

        and lets not forget he leaked emails she sent him to radaronline back in december. He’s the grossest out of all 3

        • Marehoop

          Well he is the grossest and no you can’t sue if it is true. But she has to watch what she disclosed about his life in her book espeacially when you are talking about someone else’s medical history.

          I really don’t care for him at all but I am just sick of Brandi’s mouth…Even today…hell I am tired of typing about her so I will just end it here.

    • deaner23

      Hey, if anything it’s raising awareness to get checked for HPV…if anything..lolol

    • savannah

      Its Radar Online that’s quoting sections of her book, Brandi isn’t going to the press every five minutes with this crap.

  • Nathan

    “When the doctor told Brandi that it was almost certain that she got the virus from her husband”

    “Almost” certain? Who else was she sleeping with?

    • Vicky

      Possibly because she could have got it before him? Mabey.

      • Hannah

        Every guy in Beverly Hills, if you remember correctly from the episode with the party at Villa Blanca. 🙂

  • Brittany

    So many people get HPV. About 70% of women that get it have no ill effects, as their body fights off any cell changes. This really isn’t something that can be tracked or traced back, as men can’t get tested for the virus and the only women who are determined to have the virus are the ones who first test abnormally on their paps.
    The only way she could prove Eddie gave it to her is if he has genital warts (5% of people who get HPV have genital warts). A combination of different strains cause different symtpoms.
    My point is, she sounds very ignorant in that part of her book (and probably all of the time) and cannot prove he gave it to her.

  • drea

    a) HPV doesn’t necessarily show up right away. you could have it for years with no symptoms. b) about half of people get it in their lives at some point (that they know of, because some people are asymptomatic, and there’s no test for just having the virus, only tests for the abnormal cells or warts). it’s extraordinarily common. chances are you have had it.

    • drea

      c) condoms don’t protect from it completely, because it can be spread simply by genital skin contact.

  • Hannah

    You forgot about the part where she has trashiest-and-most-irritating-person-in-California virus. Brandi no one cares about you or your claim to fame anymore. Stop blaming your D list celebrity husband for your every ailment. You are the one who constantly talks about sleeping around, so i’d find it hard to believe that Eddie gave it to you.

  • Tzvn

    I feel so sorry for there kids with all these embarrasing stories online.. i just hope they won’t get bullied :'(

  • Sara

    If she found out she had it, does this mean she noticed warts and got checked?

    • burkey

      No it comes up on a pap smear i believe so she may have just been having her check up at the gyno. Either way, I think Eddie wasn’t the only one sleeping around and at this point she just needs to shut up and go away. He’s a jerk, we get it. But he’s re-married so just move on.

  • Courtney

    So if there’s “no approved test for HPV” then how do you know if you have it or how do you make sure your partner doesn’t have it? I’m confused… and now extra paranoid!
    About the article… Eddie is a man wh0re, diry and a huge liar! I feel bad that Brandi’s life was horrible due to Eddie but she should be thankful she got out when she did so she didn’t have to waste another min on Eddie. LeAnn is so ugly, Eddie looks better with Brandi on his arm rather than horse face LeAnn! Lol

  • I can’t take this story seriously. With 80% of adults, from what I’ve heard, getting HPV at some point in their lives, Brandi is just having her turn, with no proof whatsoever it came from Eddie.