PHOTO of Kate Middleton’s bikini baby bump covers Star Magazine, upsets royal family


Kate Middleton showed off her small baby bump in a bikini during a recent vacation in Mustique, a small private island, and a pic of it got snapped by a paparazzo.

The photos of the royal bump were first published in CHI magazine, the publication that also published photos of Kate topless, and the monarchy called these latest photos “a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

If you’re wondering why Kate was out and about in a bikini if she didn’t want to be snapped; they probably thought that they were safe on Mustique in their $25,000-a-week villa because the entire island had been locked down for their visit.

“Royal watcher” Tom Sykkes wrote in The Daily Beast:

“The fact that a photographer has been able to get close enough to take these new pictures will be a huge blow for privately owned Mustique, which has thrived on its reputation as a papparazzi-free enclave. Mustique is as famous for its white-sand beaches as it is for the omertà that ensures that very little celebrity tittle-tattle ever makes it off the island. The Mustique Company boasts that it is ‘dedicated to protecting the island’s privacy.’”

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  • Ally

    Honestly I feel really sorry for her, I can’t imagine bit having a second to myself in private. No money in the world would be worth that.

    • LexiconD1

      I don’t feel sorry for her. She KNEW what she was signing up for when she married into that family. She WANTED it, of that I have no doubt.

  • Jenn

    Someone remind me why we in the United States care about these people?

    • Ace

      or anywhere in the world..

  • no one world

    haha please she aint the first!give us a break let people get entertainment!!

  • twelfthnight

    There is really very little the owners of this island can do. I saw on the home shopping network a few days ago that there’s a ~$300 Canon camera with no add-on lenses that could have you standing on Constitution Ave and snap pictures of the Obamas eating dinner through their windows quite clearly.

    A person could be way out on a boat with a fairly cheap camera and get pictures of this quality very easily.

  • Nia

    I dont mean to offend anyone, but i really dont believe she is pregnant.

  • Cherbs

    Oh boo hoo! Really I mean come on Kate. Cant you wear a full bathing suit like any other pregnant woman out there? And sure, some dont. But they dont have a hissy when their friends say, post the pictures of their beach day out on Facebook. Or instagram. If you are not comfortable with the media (social or otherwise) accessing your “bump”, then regardless where you are, unless it is indoors, dont show it off! Everyone privacy is invaded on a daily basis now with social media, google street maps, and other. Why does she expect any different?!

  • CeeJay

    Sorry…I don’t feel sorry for anyone who takes vacations that cost 25K a week and are paid for by the proletariat who probably make 25K a year.

  • Ace

    Must be nice to have a whole island locked down just for you.

  • Lia

    i honestly forgot she was pregnant! She’s really tiny!!! I hate to ask this question, but is she even pregnant!?!?

  • Guest

    How many months is she? She sure doesn’t look pregnant. Maybe she is still in her first tri.

  • Um, maybe if you don’t want to get caught in bikinis on vacation you could try… I dunnooo… working? I know she doesn’t need a job, but I mean more like getting involved in charity work or something. So many vacations!

  • 1GrayGal

    While I thought the topless pics were an invasion of privacy, I think this is a bit much. Get over yourselves already.

  • amy

    The paps are everywhere so why act so surprised when you’re photo is taken on some private island? If it’s out in the open, it’s not exactly private. If it’s accessible to you then it’s accessible for those who want a photo of you.