EXCLUSIVE Nikkole Paulun opens up about baby daddy Mike Sindone, debuts baby bump

Mike Sindone and 16 & Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun

Nikkole Paulun is currently pregnant with her second child, but unfortunately, the circumstances she’s in with the child’s father are not good. In fact, according to Nikkole, he has a girlfriend and things are rocky between them all. So, who is the mystery guy? According to Nikkole it’s MMA fighter Mike Sindone.

Nikkole and Mike had began their relationship shortly after Nikkole had split from the father of her son Lyle, Josh Drummonds. While the Nikkole and Josh hadn’t been together since she gave birth to their son, they had gotten back together early last year and things were going really well — they even got engaged. But then, in November, Josh caught Nikkole cheating on him and they split. At the time, Nikkole admitted to her two-timing but hinted that there may be a bit more to the story. But back to Mike..

Mike Sindone and Nikkole Paulun at her prom

The two certainly didn’t just have some sort of one night stand like Mike may want people to believe. These two go way back. Nikkole tells Starcasm exclusively, “We met 3 years ago at the county fair. We were watching the derby and he was sitting next to me and my friend dropped her phone down under the bleachers and I had just won a fish so I asked him to hold them and when I came back he named the fish and got my number.” The two even went to Nikkole’s prom together as you can see from the photo above.

Although Nikkole confirms that they were never exactly “Facebook official,” they were, let’s say.. involved. “It’s always been a friends with benefits thing. From March 2011 until August 2011 we were pretty much dating. I stayed at his house almost everyday and Lyle stayed there too. We said I love you and all that.”

Recently, Nikkole spoke with her former 16 & Pregnant co-star Jenelle Evans about her what’s now going on with Mike, and it isn’t pretty. As Jenelle explained on Sulia, “[Mike] has made really rude and harsh comments against Nikkole on his Twitter.” She went on to add a few of his tweets which read “She’s not good enough to be a teen mom… your another sl*t that got pregnant when she was 15” and “You’re the wh*re and everyone knows it.” And apparently, Mike’s girlfriend has also gotten in on some of the action against Nikkole, calling her “unclassy” and a “wh*re.”

16 & Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun shows off her baby bump for baby #2
Nikkole Paulun baby bump photoNikkole Paulun pregnant belly photos
^ Nikkole Paulun baby bump photos from Twitter and instagram

Earlier this week, Mike had a few more not-so-nice comments about Nikkole — he even claimed she might not be pregnant (he must not have seen the photo  above). “She doesn’t know who the dad is. Don’t come at me like you know what’s goin on. Leave me and [Teri] alone,” he tweeted, adding, “Besides she supposedly had an abortion and has been out drinking. Great mom right there. Don’t assume shit when you don’t know the truth.”

But Nikkole is giving us the truth and knows where all of the rumors Mike’s tweeting came from. “This really annoying fat kid named Derek always blows up my stuff and he’s one of Mike’s close friends,” Nikkole explains to us. “Well, when me and Sam went to the casino he kept calling my phone. I didn’t answer, but finally I gave my phone to Sam to talk to him and she was messing with him but never said anyone was drunk but he’s going around saying I was drinking. I told Mike I would get an abortion out of fear and also to make him stop arguing with me over it. I still don’t know who started the ‘don’t know who the dad is’ rumor but I talked to someone who heard it and they said people think it could be Josh’s which if I was 14+ weeks it could, but I’m 10 1/2 so it’s definitely not. He’s never doubted the baby or been super mean until I told his girlfriend he was cheating.” And that seems to be pretty recently.

Nikkole says, the last time they were involved was “exactly two weeks ago!”

Here’s Mike in action:

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  • Agnes

    This girl is hopeless. In her episode of 16 and pregnant I thought Josh was the worst trash ever, but she’s way worse. Josh had a problem with drugs and even spent some time in jail but it looked like he tried so much to get better and turn his life around. When they got engaged, I was like ‘wow, good for him’. While Josh was in jail Nikkole’s blog was all about him and she claimed she still has feelings for him and wants to try to be a family. When he grew up enough to do it, she was immediately over him and Josh seems to have troubles with the law again. Endless madness.

    • Jen90

      How do you know he really changed? You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. If he really changed he wouldn’t be in jail right now for assaulting people and a slew of other charges. I don’t care what she did that is no excuse for him to hit her or act like that. If he really changed he would have understood that and just left not have done all that shit.

      • :))))))))

        Seriously, what did she think was going to happen by cheating on her unstable trusty boyfriend seriously. She called it upon herself. And by the way i am sure this guy had change but when you’re a recovering addict it takes just a little shit to make you revert to your old days. If she was unhappy why didn’t she just leave, why she felt the need to cheat on him FOR THE SECOND TIME. She just totally ruined all the effort this guy made in the past month/year. If she had sit with him and told him she doesn’t loved him anymore and doesn’t fell like passing the rest of her life with him, in a mature, adult way trust me I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be in jail now.

  • amy

    the only picture she posted was just her belly, not her belly and face. and if that’s real, she’s gotta be more than 10 weeks. i’m not saying it isn’t true, i’m just saying it might be made up. she’s no better than jenelle. she’s been cryptic about all of this pregnancy stuff just to get attention and starcasm (and the other gossip sites) have been giving it to her. these girls are all attention whores. ALL OF THEM! that said, it is like a trainwreck and i can’t look away. they just keep making stupid mistakes and it amazes me that people look up to them.

    • Roxiee

      I 100% believe Jenelle was faking her pregnancy for money but I believe Nikkole is 100% Pregnant because she posted a picture of her self showing her belly on instagram not Radar online. She has been keeping quiet and finally showed proof with the picture and when Jenelle told. Plus, who the F**k Looks up to them??

      • amy

        i didn’t realize she had posted another picture (honestly that would be a little more convincing than the one starcasm has up here but whatever). oh there’s tons of girls that look up to all of these girls. look at jenelle’s and nikkole’s twitter. or even look at the comments from articles. i do think it is hilarious that everyone is bashing the supposed father of her fetus when she slept with him. they are BOTH at fault. NEITHER of them practiced safe sex (no condoms, no birth control) and yet HE’S the bad guy? really??? oh yeah, seriously this drama is entertaining but in a way it is really sad because there are kids involved.

        • Roxiee

          I completely agree with you. Im not saying hes all at fault by my last comment which is confusing. lol But he does look even worse by trashing a pregnant girl who could be carrying his child.

    • who knows

      I believe it is her but she does look more then 10 weeks. 14 weeks isn’t a big difference from 10 weeks. Sometimes you get different due dates because its hard to tell when they’re just going of your period this early in pregnancy. I think theirs a big possibility it may be the other dudes. Maury?

      • who knows


      • Nikkole

        This is Nikkole. Keep in my mind this is my just woke up have piss in my belly lol. The last time I was ever involved with the “other guy” aka josh was oct 29. They don’t go by the size of your stomach…. they go by the size of the baby. At this rate the baby is growing very fast and 4 weeks makes a HUGE difference when it comes to the growth of a fetus. Not to mention when I first found out I went to the hospital and my HCG levels were marking me around 3/4 weeks and that was the end of December. With that being said… no it’s not the other guys, it’s mikes. Plus I had my cycle after the last time I’d been with Josh.

        • amberc88

          what is your instagram? i want to see the other pics

        • who knows

          I know they don’t go by the size of your belly but they do go by your last cycle. I know a lot of girls including me that have gotten a different due date from when they where first pregnant. Sometimes girls also get it confuse with implatation bleeding, not saying that’s the case with you. Butt if they have done other test where they have actually measured the baby then it should be right I guess. Anyways, congrats babies are always blessings regardless..

        • spottedgiraffe

          Close your legs to taken guys nikkole. You probably thought he would leave his gf for you lmfao. Nope.

        • Nikkole

          Look… I can say I’m Nikkole too!! You’re full of it.

          • who knows

            Pretty sure Nikkole is on here lurking. She has always so desperately tried to hold on to her 5 minutes of fame. She’s pregnant now though people should really stop with all this name callin. You guys are sick if you think its ok. I would love to see any of you to verbally abuse a pregnant women in public & watch what happens. SMH..

            • :))))))))

              The fact is if she comes to me (like she practicly did now) i would totally tell her what i think of her, but if i see her in the street i won’t go up to her and start yelling at her like a social degenerate. And it’s not because she’s pregnant that she deserves my respect, my common sense and carefulness yes, respect not so much

        • :))))))))

          Wow this is trashy, you’re out on the internet trying to prove who’s the father of your unborn child, news flash Nikkole, this is really pathetic. I don’t think this kid’s gonna do any better by having this deadbeat dad than by having Josh, the two seem to be 2 peas in a pod. Your certainly have a type of men : deadbeat one. And basically something tell me that this baby was planned, you didn’t even miss a period and did a test, that tell me that you were perfectly aware that you were having unprotected sex to test this early. How convenient it is for you to be unprotected the first cycle you are with him. You probably think that he would be leaving is girlfriend for you if you were pregnant and you could finally have your happily ever after after. I mean you leaved Josh for him, you probably wanted to make sure he would stick with you.

      • Roxiee

        Haha, Im watching Maury right now. 🙂 lmao

  • Roxiee

    I think this mike guy is ridiculous look at those pictures from prom, it looks like he really likes her, and is probably just trying to make her jealous. Ethier way I don’t know he needs to grow up either way thats what happens when you dont keep your d**k in your pants. Him and his girlfriend look really stupid bashing on a pregnant person. They look like low life, putting this out there but that b***ch aint even that pretty nikkole is way prettier then her. Thats why he probably cheated on his girlfriend. Its like man the f up already because once you find out that kid is yours you will look like a F**ING IDIOT. When he decided to be in that kids life that kid will see how much he bashed on his mom with he girlfriend and didn’t want him and will send him away just like he did. He makes it seem like they were F**k buddies but I dont see it. They are what I call a guy and girl who both have lovers but they have feelings for eachother and dont want to leave thier other partners so they date behind they lovers back. Basically a love affair or bestfriends who like each other and know they cant date. It seems like that Mike guy is just talking shit to make his girlfrind feel special and still talking to Nikkole behind his girlfriends back and telling nikkole to pertend theyre fighting lol. Just an opinion. Also he did post a picture showing her belly and face its on her instagram @nikkolemtv

    • me

      great commet…well said

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lmao my nikkole comment is being moderated. Clearly starcasm is protecting nikkole for some reason.

    • starcasmnet

      Comments are automatically moderated when they contain certain words. That’s what happened with your comment.

  • Olivia

    I’m just… I’m just…
    No. Speechless.

  • amberc88

    i cant even take her seriously lol

  • I’m not sure why people are bashing just her….thar little boy took part in this too

  • Rene

    So what was the point of 16 and pregnant if the majority of the girls on there are having more children?! I see where my tax dollars are going. O wait never mind MTV is paying for this!

  • lexdev

    Wow, really great circumstances in which to bring a human life into…Thankfully, I don’t know these people, or anyone like them.

  • Dani

    The uterus stays safely tucked in the pelvis during the first 12 weeks. Any “bumping” before then is bloat. Way to show us your water retention!

    • busybee

      you never had a child before did you??? some people show MUCH earlier…I did…they thought it was twins or I got my dates wrong…they did an ultra sound and found out it was only 1 and my dates where right…the dr said some women just show WAY earlier than some…which might be the case here

      • Dani

        For a matter of fact, I have a toddler. The uterus stays in the pelvis the first trimester. The embryo is in the pelvis the first trimester and is less than 3 inches. Having a bump that is actually from the embryo/fetus is ridiculous. It is bloat.

        • Alyssa

          If you’re on your second child, you can show earlier. Your body remembers what it had done and how it had stretched from your first pregnancy.

          • Dani

            Muscle memory. Fact remains, uterus is still in the pelvis.

  • Yeayea

    Nikkole, will you still laugh and act like a fool when your kids are old enough to ask you where their fathers are? Josh will probably OD or spend years in prison while Lyle is growing up and Mike is acting like a deadbeat and the baby isn’t even born yet. Doesn’t that bother you? Mike, if you have any sense or care for your own baby you will stop yelling at Nikkole, quietly wait for the baby to be born, get a DNA test, and be the best dad you can if you’re the father.

  • that right

    spottedgiraffe you must be either the cheated on girlfriend or one of her friends. if so, leave him. if he cheated once he will cheat again..and again… She may have thought he was single, unless you know first hand and where there you don’t know what he told her. Also, if you ARE the girlfriend…you are a SICKO if you really did go in the bathroom stall with her to take a pregnancy test…

    side…that guy is UGLY!!!!! geez…could she pick someone cute…BLAH!!!! her taste is men is horrible….disgusting!!!!

    • that right

      **were not where

  • Allison

    He looks like Macaulay Culkin in the first picture. Lmao

  • Angelina. Sandy

    I don’t know why any of you are on here bashing Nikkole. She is a great mother to Lyle and will be a great mother to the new baby as well. She is almost 11 weeks, not any more than that. She is one of a few teen moms that actually have their head in their shoulders. Mike is the father and obviously has a lot of growing up to do. He cheated on his girlfriend and now is bashing on the mother of his son or daughter. He obviously cared about her, telling from these pictures. and its obvious that Nikkole is not lying about being pregnant. she has no reason to. this is real, and if all you are going to do is talk deal about her then just keep your rude and immature comments to yourself. show some respect. Congrats Nikkole you are a great mommy, and will continue to be with or with out the two fathers. if you need anything let me know. love always Angelina

    • lexdev

      A ‘great Mom’ wouldn’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

      • Angelina. Sandy

        She isn’t making a mistake. everything happens for a reason. Bringing a child into the world isn’t a mistake but a moment to cherish and to never look back on, no matter what circumstances it took for the child to get her. she is a smart young and intelligent women. she has done a lot and is continuing to do a lot for Lyle the new baby and herself. having kids at a young age is nothing to be ashamed of. none of you know her or her entire story. so don’t sit here and comment rude things about her. this is her life and she can lice it the way she wants to. she is grown up enough and she takes on the responsibilities for her actions unlike the baby daddies.

        • tab

          you are seriously delusional.
          bringing a child in to the world is a huge responsibility, and obviously one that she doesn’t take seriously. i’m sick of this b.s excuse that “everything happens for a reason”. no, it doesn’t. my father died of cancer when i was 6. what’s the reason for that? my good friend just lost her husband to cancer and she has 4 children, 10 and under. what’s the reason for that? girls as young as age 6 are being sold as sex slaves all over the world, what’s the reason for that?

          get a clue and stop defending this girl.

        • Nathan

          Everything happens for a reason. And, sometimes that reason is that you are an idiot who makes bad decisions.

        • Dani

          Continuing consenting to having sex with trashy guys and getting pregnant by them is hardly what I call intelligent. This is not just her life, she is in charge of now two innocent children, how she lives her life affects those poor children. Lyle’s father is in and out of jail, that could be very damaging to his psychological development, and now she is having this gem’s baby? Statistically the outlook on these kids’ lives is not bright. She should spend more time trying to getting herself on her feet instead of her back.

  • Me

    I saw that too and was wondering how s l * t s manage to maintain custody (and their dignity). They obviously don’t give a crap about their children’s wellbeing or best interests. Having your child stay overnight while you bang a random “friend with benefits” is totally inappropriate and is bad parenting.

  • Mickey

    I was told that according to my cycle I was only 5 weeks pregnant. When I got my sonogram done it was determined that I was actually 9 weeks pregnant. No, I’m not saying Nikkole is wrong. I’m pointing out that by now I’m sure she’s had a sonogram and KNOWS how far along she is ESPECIALLY since she said they measured the baby. They can only measure the baby via sonogram. Also, I got pretty big pretty fast. It just happens to some people, especially if they’re small to start off with. I believe everything Nikkole is saying, I just wish she had better judgment with men.

  • Rebecca

    I say… the girlfriend of that guy has the right to react. The guy is an a$$ who needs to grow up and stop being a hypocrite. The things he’s saying on his twitter… it’s like he’s trying to prove something to his girlfriend, it’s realy trashy.

  • Sweet Venom

    lol is Jenelle her BFF now?