Courtland Rogers says heroin video was fake, he was just snorting baking soda

Courtland Rogers says he was snorting baking soda in the Radar Online heroin video

Just when things seemed to be quieting down on the Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers front… Minutes ago we posted about a video that surfaced on Radar Online today featuring Courtland allegedly snorting heroin as he talked to his Cincinnati hotel hookup Tiffany about all the drugs Jenelle was using while still pregnant, but now Courtland is saying the entire thing was staged and he was snorting baking soda. Sounds preposterous right? Bear with me here – this gets entertainingly ridiculous.

Courtland took to Facebook and revealed that the video was just an ingenious plan to get even more money from Radar Online / Star magazine, but Tiffany beat him to the punch and sold it herself:

omfg so tiffany sold a story to radar oline that we staged lmfao and it was really baking soda i snorted lmfao if u dont believe me then idgaf why was she askin questions a foot away from me lmfao i knew it was happening the whole time>> i got text messages proving it lol….we were gonna split the money and she f***ed me over because she spent it all on dope before i could even get up there lol smh

That was followed by a number of comments and Courtland’s responses:

why would you snort baking soda? ew lol.

Courtland: because the story would sell for a lot more if i was doin sometype of drug and i only smoke weed lol

That must of hurted your nose.

iy hurt like a mother f***er lol burneddddd

Dude Courtland Rogers you know This mama over here needs some money, hahaha we can come up with a story to sell n split the dough =]]

it was tiffanys idea and if she try to say diffrently iwil post the tex messages with dates and times on it

Courtland that’s f**ken dumb you would do some random sh!t like snort baking powder.omg Lmfao

it was because jenelle sold a story on me….and she really was doing a lottttt of drugs while pregnant just saying !!! i put that on jaja’s life

are you that desperate for money?

i am not but she is when i got to her house she had on some old 1927 nikes and her nails looked like dracula and her marms are alll bruised upppp from bagging dope i had to get out of that asap and that is why i blocked her n her because for some strange reason i always pick the bad ones

and FYI i didnt do this for money was i the one that sold the story??? i am under no reason why not too…she sold it i didnt want to and its not like she is splitting the money with me anyway

Normally I would try to write something to conclude the post, but I’ve got nothing. Ummmm… Stay tuned I guess.

  • Amber

    Wow he really contradicts himself by first saying it was staged and they were going to split the pay out, then saying he wasn’t the one who sold the story and didn’t want to sell it. If he didn’t want to sell it, yet it was staged, why did they even make it? Get your story straight dude.

  • Shannon

    Ugh I can’t with these white trash people!! Sniffing baking soda? Give me a damn break!! No you are a degenerate drug addict!! Stop giving these fools posts. It’s just making them more famous.

  • Ally

    Yeah whatever you say. I really hopes Radar sues him for trying to scam them out of money. Also I hope they never buy another one of his “stories” again. He said it himself the chick spent it all on dope before she could pay him, tells you where the money is going. I will lose any respect I have left if they buy more stories from him or people that know him when they now have it in his own words its to support drug habits!

  • I bet that coke/heroin was about as real as Jenelle’s pregnancy was fake.

    • bobber


  • Sarah

    My head hurts from trying to translate that into English.

  • ” for some strange reason i always pick the bad ones ” … The reason isn’t strange dipshit, it’s simply because you yourself are a ” bad one “. You are what you attract.

  • Nathan

    Baking soda? In a way, this is even sadder than if he had actually been snorting heroin.

  • Katelyn421

    I almost feel sorry for this guy. Reading how this guy talks and how he lives is just sad. I couldn’t imagine having to live a life being that stupid.

    • christee

      I assume for him, third grade was a hell of a year.

  • Lia

    Its a mixture lol

  • Jess

    Baking soda? Yeah, right. I’ll believe that as much as I believed that Janelle was ever pregnant. Deluded, scumbag drug addicts, the both of them. If they didn’t have MTV giving them cash and putting them in the limelight they’d both be living in crack houses and selling heroin and crack to pay for their habits like most addicts.

  • Jeannine

    Oh, baking soda! That makes much more sense. *rolls eyes*

  • Natalie

    God, everyone involved in this story is so ratchet. Jenelle and Courtwhateverhisnameis are both trash, and I feel so, so, SO sorry for their poor kids. Please stop reproducing.

  • bobber

    PS – the only reason he has baking soda on hand is to make crack.