Coco caught in another club photo scandal with Mustafa Abdi, Ice T yet to react

Coco Austin performing in Peepshow revue in Las Vegas

Back in early December Coco Austin got in a bit of hot water with her sweet old man Ice T (hot water, sweet, Ice T — see what I did there?) over some photos taken of her and rapper AP.9 being a little too intimate at a club in Las Vegas, where Coco is currently performing as part of the adult topless revue Peepshow. (Yeah, I know, there are nine kinds of contradictions here, but bear — err bare? — with me.)

BUTT, it seems AP.9 wasn’t the only guy receiving Coco’s affections with some hands-on interaction! On November 30 the 30-year-old reality star and professional Twitter thong model shared half of her assets with the Director of Marketing for The Light Group, which is “one of the country’s leading hospitality development and management companies” according to their website.

Mustafa Abdi grabbing Coco Austin's booty in Las Vegas

Mustafa Abdi shared the photo above of himself with a handful of hot Coco along with the excited tweet, “A boyhood dream was fulfilled last night when @cocosworld let me grab her booty @HazeNightclub #IHaveSeenTheLight” Also in the image, which occurred at Haze Nightclub, one of the venues handled by The Light Group, is a small photo on the right in which another man appears to be quite relaxed with his arm around Coco. Is that AP.9? I have no idea.

It seems that since Coco got into trouble for the first batch of images, she is now cleaning house of other similar photos because she sent Abdi a direct message that read, “Hey this is Coco,Can u please take that picture of u & I off your page.Its not a good look.Thank u”

Coco asks Mustafa Abdi to remove photo of him grabbing her butt from Twitter

Of course, Mustafa Abdi was more than happy not to comply, risking a thunderstorm of (insert poop reference here) raining down from Ice T! He posted the screen cap of Coco’s request above along with:

So I get this DM on twitter..just wondering a few things?

A. Is Ice T mad?

B. it’s not a good look for you, not me

C. You knew what you were doing when you took the pic

D. You mad Coco??

So far there has been no comment from Coco and Ice T, other than Coco’s request for Mustafa to take the image down. Just in case Ice T is reading this, I’m thinking this is one you needn’t get too upset about. Unless that AP.9 in the little photo on the right, in which case it’s time to unleash the Final Level Twitter Gang!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lmao she was only married to ice for money. He knew that surely so why is he acting surprised. She doesn’t love you Ice she loves your publicity and money. That’s ALL she wants from you she will go to other men for her other desires lol. I have no sympathy. Coco is playing the game and ice shouldn’t have been dumb enough to allow it. You go coco

    • Rakata

      You’re right !! Coco “pimped” Ice

  • moveon

    Ice needs to upgrade. Coco is look like an old hag lately

  • Feisty

    I hope he didn’t take it off. Coco shouldn’t have taken it in the first place. Sooooo…since she did he can post the hell out of that photo!! I think is all for publicity anyways.

  • Ice knows he married a skeezer, that’s what he likes about her. Why would he get mad?

  • tab

    she’s nasty. why any man is attracted to her is beyond me.

  • Nathan

    Can Ice T really be surprised or even get mad at these photos when he willingly allows his wife to perform in a topless show? What kind of man has no problem with his wife exposing herself to other men?

    • Burkey

      Does that mean that any man who marries a model or actress whose job includes being nude in front of men shouldn’t have a right to get mad if their wife crosses a line? There’s a big difference between being in a show where people LOOK at you and then taking it upon yourself to let men who are not your husband be all up on you.. which isn’t a part of her topless show. She’s just a skank and there’s no excuse for it.. Ice-T should just tell her to kick rocks..

      • Nathan

        There is a big difference between being a model or actress with a job that occasionally causes you to be topless in front of a camera and a job where the entire purpose of your job is to expose yourself to men. My point is that Ice T acts like he’s tough but he is a pansy. No real man would let his wife work in a topless show.

  • Shannon

    She’s cheating on Ice all over Vegas while she does her peep show. Who is she kidding.

  • Don’t pose for the picture in the first place!

  • Rakata

    Coco want Ice-T see all the pics !!

  • Burkey

    Love how people defend her meanwhile she sent that message asking him to take down the pic because even SHE knew she was acting like a hoe again and was tryin to cover her tracks.. lol

  • angela

    I think this is been taken way out of perportion.Ice and coco have a good solid marrage