How much money does Britney Spears make?

Britney Spears was the top earning female musician of 2012, nearly beating out chart-topper Taylor Swift. How much did she bring in?

Brit-Brit earned a whopping $58 million, beating out Taylor Swift, who earned $57 million. Britney’s money comes from her $15 million X Factor deal, album sales of Femme Fatale, tour for Femme Fatale, her perfume lines with Elizabeth Arden, and her other endorsements.

Attorney Lori Landew, who helped Britney negotiate her very first album deal as a teen, commented on Britney’s “comeback” success:

“Britney has an electricity that connects with audiences on screen and off, and it is that intangible quality that always seems to leave her fans, old and new, breathless.”

Britney’s total net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

Here’s the rest of the Top 5:

3. Rihanna $53 million
4. Lady Gaga $52 million
5. Katy Perry $45 million

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  • Amanda

    That picture isn’t flattering at all. Her head looks weird. Reminds of the goombas from Super Mario Bros (the re movie, not animation)

  • Sway

    They are all overrated

  • oh

    Oh, I forgot, X-Factor lol. Otherwise I was like how the f*** is she in the top 5/relevant when her last album was forever ago (only 2 years I know)…