PHOTOS Kat Von D has 5th grade Jesse James tattoo removed

Kat Von D has childhood Jesse James tattoo removed with lasers

I’m sure Sandra Bullock would fully support the notion of erasing Jesse James by shooting him with lasers, which is exactly what his most recent ex did this weekend as tattoo maven Kat Von D began the process of removing the huge tattoo of 5th grade Jesse James from her side courtesy of the skilled lasers of Dr. TATTOFF, Inc.

Kat shared the beginning stages of getting de-douched on Twitter Friday by writing, “On a lighter note, I get to start the day off with some good ol’ tattoo laser removal! #ouchville #sillytattoos #creatingjobs :)” That was followed by this next photo (in which you can see the lil Jesse tat under Kat’s arm) along with the tweet, “You get to wear the most stylish pair of special-laser-shades when you go to @DrTattOffInc ! :) #tattooremo”

Kat Von D shows off 5th grade Jesse James tattoo just before having laser tattoo removal

Kat then posted the photo at the top of this post showing Jesse James getting lasered right in the eye! that picture was accompanied by the tweet, “AND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway! :) #freshstart”

To be honest, I’m really surprised Kat got the tat in the first place. Isn’t it some sort of tattoo parlor mantra that you should never, ever, ever, ever get your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body? I think you could slap an exponent on that little nugget of wisdom when talking about getting a childhood photo of your significant other of less than five years!

Click here to watch the video clip from L.A. Ink in which Kat Von D surprises Jesse by revealing the tattoo!

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  • jdizzle

    Shes an idiot. Next she will be getting the tattoo she got with deadmau5 removed.

  • Jean

    What makes her an idiot is that she tattooed her entire body and even face. She is going to look rediculous when she gets older and wrinklier. If she didnt get famous she probably would get nowhere in life having all those tattoos..

    • dev

      I’m sorry to be spelling nazi but you spelled definitely wrong.

      • who knows

        The word DEFINATELY, you mean, is not in this sentence lol. She did spell ridiculous wrong though..

        • dev

          I was being funny by saying Kat would definitely not be anywhere if she wasn’t famous not probably. I’m not really sure where you’re going with this though we all make mistakes when we’re typing no big deal. For example you spelled definately wrong. But who am I to judge if you didn’t think to spellcheck before spellchecking two other people on an unrelated topic?

  • ohmygeez

    Stop and think before jumping the gun with a tattoo of a guy who is known for chewing women up and spitting them out. Her mess of professional and amateur ink looks like a mess. There’s being tattoo’d and then there’s just looking dirty.