Top 3 potential Teen Mom 2 grandparent spin-off shows

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle's mom Barbara Evans quote

Much like when the original Teen Mom series ended its run after four seasons, I’m sure people (and blogs) will be crazily speculating which Teen Mom 2 stars will be getting their own spin-off reality shows once it finishes up its run here in the next year or so. But before you default to wondering if viewers will be tuning in to Jeremy & Leah Plus Threeah, Chelsea Lately, Return To Oak Island, or Kailing Me Softly, let me remind you that this show has more than four stars — and I’m not talkin’ about the chilluns! That’s right, the grandparents!

So I did a little speculating on which Teen Mom 2 grandparents might be most likely to land his or her own spin-off series and what they might look like. Here are the best three I came up with:

Teen Mom 2 Leah's mom Dawn Spears spin-off reality show Momma Dawn Knows Best


Starring Leah Calvert’s mom Dawn Spears

“Momma Dawn” Spears hosts her own call in show in which she offers her advice on parenting, life, and telling bullies to kiss your ass. The show will also feature guest appearances from similar celebrity “Momma Bear” types who take no crap when it comes to their children.

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea's dad Randy Houska spin-off reality show


Starring Chelsea Houska’s dad Dr. Randy Houska

Dr. Randy Houska takes his dental practice on the road as he travels around to various bike rallies offering up his services for free. America gets a glimpse of biker culture hosted by Papa Randlicious (or as his biker buds begin to call him, “The Molar Roller”) himself, and motorcycle riders around the country get free dental care — what could be better?!? (Could also be called American Chompers.)

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans' mom Barbara Evans to star in The Babselorette spin-off show


Starring Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara Evans

25 young, eligible, hunky bachelors compete for the hand of Barbara “Babs” Evans in this reality romance competition inspired by ABC’s The Bachelorette. The group travels to exotic locales as Babs slowly whittles down her suitors amidst romantic dates and Franzia wine chugging contests. The show ends with a proposal from the luckiest man in the world just before he is introduced to Jenelle. This will be the highest rated show in television history. And what about the potential for ratings on American Choppers and Momma Dawn Knows Best? Let’s ask Barbara Evans, shall we? “They’re high, high, they’re both high!!!”

So which grandparent spin-off show are you most excited about starcasm readers?

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  • Bri

    Haha, very funny. NOT!!

  • Sketchbook


  • Kris

    The lack of Butch makes this list invalid.

    • Christa

      It’s a Teen Mom 2 list.

      • christee

        That doesn’t mean he isn’t a grandparent! Or, you know, wouldn’t be if they never gave their kid up for adoption (not counting the other grandkids he has and probably rarely sees.) All a kid needs is love, a few stray dogs, and a few cars on blocks out in the yard. Playground equipment is not cheap, especially when you have other stuff to pay for, like wifebeaters and tattoos. Kids are so not cheap.


  • CJ

    LOL I agree with Kris. The lack of Butch DOES make this list invalid. He’s perfect for Intervention……although pretty sure he’s already been to rehab a few times and it did nothing…..

    • Christa

      Butch is Teen Mom, NOT Teen Mom 2

      • CJ

        Yeah, I realize that. It would still be funny though. Wow haha no sense of humour

  • christee

    Scared Butch. This will follow the lives of 6 teenagers on the wrong side of the law. Each week, a new teen will be placed in the care and guidance of Butch Baltierra. Hilarity and/or sadness will no doubt ensue. There will be mandatory mullets.

  • HAHAHA. I would definitely tune in for Jenelle’s mama!

  • I laughed so hard at “The Babselorette”

  • AreYoUForReal

    There should be a competition featuring Gary and his MILF. You must enjoy wearing tacky sweaters, be able to “sexy dance”, and have a vintage Pepsi Machine in your yard. The first challenge is kicking Gary down the stairs whilst calling him a fat ass.