Christina Aguilera slimmed down and anatomically incorrect in new perfume ad

Christina Aguilera Photoshopped Royal Desire perfume ad photo

Christina Aguilera burst on the scene as a tiny teen with a huge voice. Now, several hit albums, one marriage, and one reality show later, she’s much curvier — and she loves it. However, in the just-released add for her new perfume, Royal Desire, she’s looking like her old self — but with some seemingly anatomically incorrect body parts.

As the folks over at Jezebel have pointed out, Christina’s chin has been sculpted, her arm is bent in an odd direction, and one of her hips is flat out missing. The knee is also a bit off, as is her double-elbowed left arm, but the clearest of all the photo tweaks is Christina’s size.

Christina Aguilera Royal Desire Photoshopped perfume advertisement

Above, Christina is photographed at the Anniversary American Music Awards nominations press conference, which was held on October 9 of this year.

  • uhyhg

    OMG! Her arm doesn’t even look real! Damn poor photoshopping.

  • sanoga

    Who are they trying to fool?

  • I noticed this a while ago in her perfume ads in People and US Weekly magazines. She looks about 5 dress sizes smaller in the photo…why would she do that if she is proud of her real body? I think she looks fine the way she is! I hate that they photo shop girls like this, it probably makes them feel like their bodies aren’t good enough. It’s sad!

  • Tellus

    Those pictures are from an OLD PERFUME ad shot TWO YEARS AGO. That’s when she did look like that and did have that body! There’s video proof, and if you’ve watched Burlesque (2010) you’d know that was her body size two years ago.

    Her CURRENT perfume is Red Sin. (2012)
    Such poor journalism and fact-checking. Honestly.

  • Marcoos

    Um are you guys retarded? Facts are important when it comes to journalism, which you’re obviously shit at. And people shouldn’t listen to un-credible sources like this. This is unsubstantiated and poorly researched. The Royal Desire Fragrance was years ago when she was a size 0. The Red Sin ad is her current ad and she has done no photoshop and looks amazing.

  • Aimizzle

    Does anyone else notice that her purple dress is see threw!!!!??

    • noname

      That’s because it’s being stretched to the max.

  • Amanda

    Are you stupid? This is from 2010. She was toothpick thin back then, assholes.

  • Jenn

    As it has been pointed out the ad is OLD, but other then that the one arm that is “bent weird” doesn’t look bent weird at all. I admit though the one arm does have what looks like 2 elbows. I would say though that it is probably best to do research before you make an article that makes no sense. That is journalism 101.

  • Daysofamanda

    I really think I am going to stop coming to this site. All you do is copy and paste from other news sites. Pathetic. And Im pretty sure most of the “journalists” dont hold a candle to Christina no matter what size she is.