Woman lost all four limbs from butt injection infection

What could go wrong at a butt pumping party? Only everything.

We previously covered a story about a pretend “doctor” named O’Neal Morris who illegally injected things like cement and fix-a-flat into people. The results of these unregulated procedures can be traumatizing cosmetically, but they can also be dangerous and deadly.

Cosmetologist April Brown’s attendance at a “pumping party” five years ago has cost her dearly. The mother of two has lived in pain ever since she got injected with what they told her was medical grade silicon.

“I got the butt implants five years ago. For five years, I lived in pain. Excruciating pain.

“They call it butt injections. These things are done at pumping parties. They call it medical grade silicone but a lot of it is industrial grade silicone.”

It turns our she’s developed an infection from the injections, and the only way to save her life was to amputate all her limbs and her buttocks last year. She’s now unable to continue her work as a cosmetologist, and wants to become a motivational speaker.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why some women will go through such lengths to get a big butt, and won’t do the same for a college degree. Hint ladies….you’ll go farther in life with a college degree than a big butt.

    • So you just assume that she doesn’t have a college degree… Alright then.

      • Katie

        Anyone with a college degree wouldn’t be that stupid.

        • Sweet Venom

          lol Agreed. Besides, a person with a college degree would probably go to a proper doctor.

          • tom

            That same person with the college degree that can’t find a job…… lol

            • Sweet Venom

              lol, this is from 2 years ago. Someone’s late.

              • Wayne Zm Hope

                Mwhahaha stupid people coming 2 years late to post a comment!

      • spottedgiraffe

        She’s a cosmotologist which means she went to cosmotology school to get her degree not college