All you need to know about The Manzo Brothers’ BLK Water

Chris and Albie Manzo sell blk water

Albie and Chris Manzo, sons of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, are promiting a new product called BLK. Water. The concept is easy — it’s water, but black, and it is supposed to be better for you, even promoting health and good sleep. According to the official website,  BLK. is “an innovation of Nature and Science.”

BLK. Water is the Canadian spring water infused with fulvic acid, a natural nutrient-rich compound that has been used in alternative healing circles for centuries. The beverage’s black color comes from a chemical reaction between the water and fulvic acid, and is part of the drink’s allure. “The color is what gets people listening in the first place,” Albie said.

Greggy Bennett and Chris Manzo blk water

Chris Laurita, husband of Jacqueline Laurita and partner in the business, recently spoke about the financial risk they are taking. He said, “Al and Chris, they’ve been looking to go on the road, do the job they need to do, and have fun at the same time. I get it, but it’s not happening. Stakes are pretty high. The truth of the matter is the economy’s been very difficult these past couple of years, and my business took a major hit. So, I’m taking a huge risk with BLK. I’m all in on this thing. Right now, this has to work.” Albie adds, “If BLK fails, all of go down. All of us, and there’s no where to turn after that.”

Luckily, things have been going great for with BLK. business. In fact, Jacqueline recently tweeted, “Thank God for BLK success!! Impressed with how fast it’s growing. Proud! XOXO.”

Judging by‘s customer reviews, the response has been split. Some people loved it, some people hated it, and some thought it was downright weird. One consumer wrote, “It just taste’s like water but it has a dirty aftertaste and it taste’s really bad warm.”

blk water

BLK Water is available at most Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Shoprite stores. For a list of stores in your area, take a look at the BLK Map. If BLK Water isn’t available in your area, have a bottle delivered to you from Amazon for just $6.99. Is one bottle just not enough? Grab a 24-pack for $55.00.

UPDATE: They have been testing out new flavors for BLK, including blueberry.

For more information on BLK Water, visit the official website.

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  • Diane

    Sorry, the idea of black water sounds gross. I picture your teeth looking gray after drinking it.

  • InWonderland

    Also, 6.99? That’s absurd for something I can essentially get for free.

  • Mandy

    $6.99 for water? they are nuts. i will look the other way since its that price. my husband hates the fact i spend $3 on smart water. i def want spend $6.99 on black water!

  • Jan

    Why would you pay 6.99 for a bottle of water? It’s bad enough that companies suck you in by charging for water. If Fulvic Acid is so great, how come the vitamin/mineral companies haven’t produced a tablet to supplement your daly diet?

  • sandie

    Sorry, but water has always been clear and it should remain clear, why drink dirty water? I will not be buying.

    • johnwayne1

      Yours is the dumbest comment ever.

      Water is NEVER clear, until it is processed. That’s why it is filtered before bottled. What color is the soda…sorry, naturally colored soda… that you are drinking right now? What about that naturally colored Mac and Cheese that you just ate?


      • Marie

        If I place a container outside when it’s raining, will the water in the bucket be clear?

      • dumbasshunter

        your comment was bad and stupid, you should feel bad and stupid

  • Jayla

    Lol people that don’t read an artical properly but still comment. It’s only 6.99 if you order it from amazon and have it delievered across the country. It isn’t that expensive to buy off the shelf..

  • ashley

    I love the water!! it is good. yes it doesn’t taste good warm but I do really like it cold.

  • sam

    I have a couple of bottles of these and I love this water. It taste really good cold. Who would want to drink hot water anyways?

  • Kaylie

    I bought a bottle but I just couldn’t bring myself to take more than 2 mouthfuls. I ended up sharing it with about 6 friends who were all curious to taste it. We just felt like we were drinking dirty water. It’s a rip off because you really don’t need what they put in the water, too. My doctor and trainer have both told me that the only drink you need is good, old-fashioned dihydrogen oxide, aka “plain water”. Insisting you need anything else and you might as well just drink the coins straight from your wallet.

    These guys are just trying to use their 15 minutes to pull a fast one on naive fans. It’s like yoga and sushi, people only do it so they can judge people who don’t do it. :p (just kidding about that last part, but seriously, save the couple dollars and don’t buy the water.)

  • Gaygy Bennett

    Blk is just good old Jersey tap water. The secret ingredient and what gives it the black sludge like color is Joe Gorga’s poison. This product is garbage.

  • Alexa


  • dianyta suprstar

    water can be any color BUT black, it just looks dirty

  • Nikki Anderson

    I just bought some at Albertson’s for $3. I had never seen or heard of it until I saw it in the store. I thought it was expensive, but after reading the benefits on the label I decided it was worth a try. I was scared to taste it because it is black and water should be clear right? I found this link trying to figure out why it’s black. It tastes like water. I just can’t look at it and be able to drink it. Don’t let the color deter you. As long as you don’t look at it, you won’t be able to taste the difference between this and any other water, it’s just better for your body :).

  • kory taylor

    this stuff is crap

  • Naomirr7

    Omg they didn’t put dirt in the water the water is actually better for you than before and that comment was irrelevant why did you read this whole thing then comment that you weren’t going to drink it that’s pointless lmao

  • truther3333

    The people who respond to this post are either working for our corrupt government that allows poisons in our food, such as GMO and chemicals. And want people to be nutritional deficient so they can make more money when people get cancer.
    This water has minerals, which many people lack due to the fact, our govt is poisoning our air and water, as well as food. We are being killed and exterimated. Look on youtube to see how our govt manufactured the AIDS virus to exterminate us. They don’t want you to be healthy, they want you sick and dead.