Paul Nassif officially files for divorce from Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne Maloof Paul Nassif to file for separation

In a previous report it looked like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof and husband Paul Nassif were on the outs. Adrienne has addressed the news circulating around her marriage and is sadly confirming that she and Paul are indeed headed for divorce.

She told Radar:

“I’m so sorry that this is happening but my children are my life and sometimes we need to do what’s best for them.”

The couple have been married for nine years and Adrienne highlighted the importance of her three young sons in the decision:

“It’s an unfortunate situation but I have to have my kids best interest at heart.”

Coming in right after Adrienne’s comments is the news that Paul has officially filed for separation this morning. According to court documents the couple do have a pre-nup. Nassif’s official statement mirrors those of Maloof’s:

“The welfare of our children is my primary focus as Adrienne and I work through this difficult time. I want the best for her and our children and I hope that everyone can respect our privacy away from the cameras.”

This story is moving fast! In addition it looks like Nassif has moved out of the couple’s mansion.

  • helloisitme

    did he file for divorce or separation?

  • Phillygal

    I love Paul! It looks like he got tired of being spoken to like a disobedient lapdog and finally wanted some respect! I understand Adrienne is a buisness woman but she inherited her money and buisness from her family, Paul on the other hand is a successful doctor, that takes brains and education. Adrienne always talks down to him! He is her husband and her equal but she never treats him that way on camera, is it any wonder this marriage didn’t work! Nobody goes to medical school to be spoken to like a lacky!

  • kim

    thats sad, i really liked paul. honastly he was my favorite on the show! sad we wont be seeing him on future seasons. but i mean i think everyone saw this coming, he seemed to always put more into the marriage then she did. atleast thats how it looked on the outside.

  • loveDetroit

    Aww man, this really bums me out. They were one of my favorite “Housewives” couples, but I bet being on the show was a huge strain on their relationship.
    I wonder if we’ll see some hints/signs on upcoming season 3 that will explain why this happened….

  • I really hate to see the two of them split. They seem to be the couple that were the most level headed and really thought things out. They never bad mouthed anyone. To bad it wasn’t Lisa and Ken!!! that’s the couple I would love see split!! That would knock Lisa down a peg or tow