Rupert Sanders issues statement on Kristen Stewart affair

Robert Pattinson Rupert Sanders Kristen Stewart Twilight poster

Fresh on the heels of Kristen Stewart all but admitting to an affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders in an apologetic statement earlier today, Sanders has issued his own statement apologizing to his wife, model Liberty Ross.

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying we can get through this together.”

Photographs surfaced in this week’s issue of Us Weekly showing Kristen Stewart, who starred as Snow White, meeting with Sanders in a deserted lot on July 17, where they hugged and kissed. Afterward, they took Kristen’s car to a secluded spot overlooking the Hollywood sign where they got out of the car and commenced huggin’ and smoochin’ again.

So far there has been no official statement from either Robert Pattinson or Sanders’ wife, Liberty Ross.

  • tab

    let this be a lesson to everyone. don’t lie and don’t cheat. you will probably get caught.

  • carsyn

    Props to Starcasm for the photo, love it!

  • insincere

    They’re upset that they got caught.

  • Rally

    This is the BS that the Twilight series preaches to young girls.

    If you’re a female you have free license to be involved with more than one man. You will find happiness with the creepy pale guy far older than you. It’s fine to be indecisive as long as you can justify it to yourself.

    Anyways, this broad is an unfortunate role model for young girls and it’s only fitting to find out she’s a home wrecking, selfish, uncaring hussy.

    • Really?

      Geez. This is a little over the top of a comment. What they both did was wrong, yeah, but has nothing to do with the Twilight story. There are SO many situations where the heart feels caught between two people – that is a realistic situation, and Twilight covers that in its plot. Thousands of men and women feel torn between two different people in their lives. As for your comment at “the pale older guy,” what? As for pale, this is irrelevant. As for older, who are you to judge an age gap in a relationship, as long as the age gap is between two people who are OF AGE and consenting? There is nothing wrong with age gaps and preferring older men. Your comment is completely irrelevant to this entire situation, and picks on plenty of healthy age gap relationships, whether you intended to or not. Be more careful with your words.

  • kt

    In most cases, they are just sorry that they got caught – not for what they did. I’m sure there are lots of girls who look up to Kristen as I’m sure there are a lot of fans who like Twilight, when you’re in that kind of spotlight and receive the attention stars do, it is imperative to be smart with your actions and words – otherwise you’ll show the wrong intentions to the people who look up to you. Granted, not everyone is perfect and we will make mistakes..but pick and choose your mistakes more wisely and don’t act like an overly hormonal teenager 😉