TMI alert! Pregnant Snooki overshares about pregnant sex life with Jionni Lavalle! “The baby is probably horny “

Snooki is never one to filter her words. She has a potty mouth and she’s not afraid to use it. Whether she’s shooting scenes for Jersey Shore or in live interview, she doesn’t hold back or alter who she is. In the latest issue of Us Weekly, she discusses her sex life with fiance Jionni Lavalle.

“I’ll be having sex in my dream — and when I wake up, I’m actually having sex. Jionni’s like, doing it with me as I’m sleeping,” she told the magazine. “I read your baby can feel your orgasm. What does he think it is? Does he see, like rainbows and unicorns?” If that wasn’t too much for you, Snooki also added, “The baby is probably horny. That little creep. [During sex] he’s probably like, ‘Yeah, Mommy!'”

Although this former party girl has toned things down while pregnant, she is ready to get back into the game after she gives birth. However, she will make sure the baby is someone’s care first! “Me and Jionni have made a rule: If we’re hungover or if we’ve had two drinks, we’re not going near the child. We’ll give him to Grandma. God forbid we drop our baby!” We wouldn’t want that to happen!

Regarding any regrets she may have, Snooki told the mag, “I don’t regret my partying or getting blacked out. It was awesome! But now it’s time to be a parent.” Spoken like a true, reformed party girl!

For more of Snooki and Jionni, tune in to Snooki & JWoww every Thursday night at 10/9c — premiere is tomorrow!

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  • Sparkle

    That is such a sick thing to say I’m kind of dumbfounded. Just wow.

  • Victoria

    For all those saying pregnancy and motherhood would make her more mature…I laugh at you. She may have quit drinking for now but its clear she is still the same immature, annoying, obviously unintelligent girl we were introduced to a few years ago.

    I wish for the day she fades off into obscurity forever.

  • kenya

    That is a very disgusting thing to ever say.

  • savannah

    Probably one of the most disgusting things she’s ever said. And there’s been a lot. She just spoke out to the press saying she wouldn’t let her birth be televised as somethings are just “too private”. She needs to grow up, and start acting like a Mom. This will be able to be seen forever now that its out on the internet. Seriously. WTF.

  • Sarah

    She disgusts me. It’s truly depressing to me that I struggle with infertility when immature selfish people like her can have children.

  • sanoga

    Umm… am I the only person bothered that her boyfriend is having sex with her while she is unconscious / asleep?!

    • D

      Yeeeeah. You’re not alone. Ehhhhhh…

  • Ashley

    She’s already talking about being hungover and who’s going to take care of the baby?! Hopefully she will change when he gets here and she’ll realize he’s more important than drinking! And the sex comments…so disgusting! Who calls their own child a little creep??

  • jennifer

    Haha,she is so crazy! Love her!!

  • Pam

    Lord please help her!

  • Diana

    I find that fact she called her unborn child a “little creep” highly inappropriate. What the h*ll is her child going to think when he looks mommy up on the internet and sees all the verbal diarrhea his mother is constantly spewing.

    Not cool, Snooki. Not cool.

  • ariana

    she’s just keepin’ it real, that’s her MO without that mouth she won’t make money

  • Tania

    So so sad that this pig is having a child. My god how I feel for this baby. When its old enough to see the disgusting things she has said all over the internet. Having sex while sleeping, baby feeling her orgasm, whos gonna watch the baby when shes drunk. Something drastic needs to be done to get all this garbage off the air. this is what our kids are watching now and thinking is normal. I am disgusting what has happened to this society and the ppl that we now celebrate. its beyond disgusting, there are no words. Snooki has no business having a child, she is only famous for being a drunk and that is most likely all she will be after the baby comes. What a sad world we live in.

  • megan

    I’ve never had a baby myself so I may be wrong but I was watching an episode of snooki & j wowww where they see a sonogram and the name at the top of it said “Lavalle, Nicole”. Have they already married?