VIDEO Buff kangaroo goes beast mode outside mental hospital

Muscular Kangaroo

That is one seriously buffed Kangaroo, Jack!

I can’t blame dude’s side-eye one bit.  Brian (dude’s name) was down under with his good gal Jan (camera operator) behind a mental hospital feeding wild kangaroos when marsupial Schwarzenegger showed up wanting a little grub. Brian, who obviously knows when he’s no longer the alpha-male, fed the boomer (Australian slang for a huge male kangaroo) like a good little boy.

Here’s the viral video magic.

Man, Jan is just enamored with the brute size of this roo’s jacked up physique. I mean she is just giggling with excitement! Brian doesn’t help his cause by pointing out the size of marsupial Schwarzenegger’s feet. In the end it gets a little scary as beast mode comes bounding towards them. I think I’ll let one of the YouTube comments have this one:

“At 1:46 it kills them both.”

You know when I first saw this jacked up Kangaroo I was reminded of how my head was expanded by a buff picture Aaron Carter tweeted. I was able to hunt that old post down and do the following side-by-side comparison.

Buff Kangaroo buff Aaron Carter compared

Awesome! I guess if buff Aaron Carter were to roam up towards me outside of a mental hospital I’d feed him too…

Via BuzzFeed

  • Sev

    I hate to be a downer, but feeding wild animals is NEVER a good idea. Not only is it dangerous for the humans feeding the animals, but it also acclimates the animals to human contact and makes them more bold in seeking food from humans. This can be especially dangerous in areas where there a lot of picnics, bbqs, etc. Also, when animals are continually fed by humans, they lose ability and will to find food on their own.

    Yeah, this may have been a one-off incident for the kangaroos shown in this video, but I hate to see people be so clueless when it comes to co-existing with wild animals.

  • coco

    This has to be the creepiest sh#t I have seen all week. Seriously.

  • Diana

    That kangaroo looks like he raided someone’s steroid stash. I’d be afraid not to feed him, it might go all roid rage and box you to death.

    Scary kangaroo. That’s a new one.