16 and Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts ran away with her boyfriend, was wanted by police in 2010

16 and Pregnant Sarah Roberts16 and Pregnant Blake Thomas

Some preliminary reports have indicated that MTV has gone with a slightly more subdued cast for the upcoming fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, but that apparently isn’t the case for at least one of the girls to be featured. Sarah Roberts from Chickamauga, Georgia went missing for at least two weeks in 2010 after she and her boyfriend, Blake Thomas, allegedly ran away together!

The Walker County Sheriff’s office issued a press release on November 23, 2010 asking for help locating Sarah Roberts, 16 at the time, and Blake Thomas, 17. Sarah’s father last saw her when he dropped her off at Ridgeland High School on November 17.

16 and Pregnant 16 and Wanted

16 and PRegnant Sarah Roberts with baby daddy Blake ThomasAccording to the release, the two were last seen on Nov. 20 in the Brunswick/Darien, Ga., area, driving a 1996 red Ford Ranger truck with Tennessee registration. The release offered descriptions of the couple as well as the small photo to the right. Sarah Roberts was described as 16, 5’5”, 117 pounds, with dark brown hair. Blake Thomas was 17, 6’1”, 165 pounds, with red hair and blue eyes. He was a student at Sequoyah High School at the time.

As of December 3 the two teens were still missing and news of the search spread to multiple news outlets in the Chattanooga area. From CatWalkChatt.com:

Walker County sheriff Steve Wilson said investigators are still pursuing the investigation, but are not having much luck.

“We haven’t had any promising leads,” Wilson said. “We welcome any information.”

Wilson said the department has tried to learn of the whereabouts of the teens through investigations that also include social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (www.missingkids.com) on the case and the couple was placed on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Blake Thomas 16 and Pregnant Season 4
^ Blake Thomas from the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 trailer

Although there are no details about how it went down, Blake and Sarah would eventually turn back up. Blake’s Facebook hiatus ended on March 11 when he posted on his wall that he and Sarah had just found out they were having a girl. There were lots of congratulatory comments, but also a lot of of remarks like these:

oh my gaaah blake?! glad you let us know youre alive and congrats daddy!

Are you back home????? Been worried to death over you!

where are you???????????????? are you all ok????????????? i want to see that baby!!!!!!! I have been worried sick about you….i dont know whether to cry or beat you

He also mentioned that Sarah’s due date was June 11, which if you do the pregnancy math means she got pregnant in September of 2010, and was two months along when she and Blake “ran away.”

16 and Pregnant Season 4 star Sarah Roberts Twitter photo

And speaking of running away, apparently Blake did that – by himself – in July, heading down Interstate 75 in hopes of earning more money shrimping along the coast. The exodus didn’t seem to go over too well with Sarah:

Blake Thomas (July 9): in macon gosh its gettin hotter and hotter.

Sarah Roberts: Then maybe you should’ve stayed with YOUR family…..what a thought.

Blake Thomas: I will be back just gotta make some decent money

Sarah Roberts: yeeah,yeah…..thats what they all say.

Blake Thomas: Haha well you know me.

Sarah Roberts: enough to know you’ll put off coming back.

Blake Thomas: Dought that miss

Sarah Roberts: i don’t. not even a little.

Blake Thomas: You ass.

Sarah Roberts: I’m the ass?! YOU left ME…….who’s the ass?

Blake Thomas: To try to make enough money to help us get started in life

Sarah Roberts: I’m sure it’ll make suuuuuuch a difference.

Blake Thomas: It will

Sarah Roberts: i bet. Then what? You keep going there?

Blake Thomas: Idk i guess will see why we arguen where everyone can see it goof

Sarah Roberts: Because we acn!

Blake Thomas: Gosh i love you i do

Blake and Sarah appear to have a very tumultuous relationship that has resulted in multiple break ups and custody issues. Blake has since relocated to the coast of South Carolina where he continues to work on a shrimper. (Damned long and hard work! Thank you Big Shrimpin’!)

Needless to say, Sarah and Blake’s episode promises to be drama packed! Although I’m sure MTV crews weren’t around for their Great Escape, it will almost have to be mentioned – probably with one of those awesome notebook animations 🙂

16 and Pregnant Season 4 premieres March 27 on MTV with back-to-back episodes. Be sure to check out our post featuring photos, info, and links for all 12 girls from the upcoming season, four of which might be chosen as part of MTV’s recently announced Teen Mom 3!

  • Sarah

    I don’t know…when two people over the age of 16 willingly run away, I just don’t see the point in wasting the efforts of officers and investigators when they could be tracking down kids that were kidnapped, instead of dumb run away teens. Does anyone even know WHY they ran away?

    • Jill

      They more than likely ran away because they found out she was pregnant, because in the article it said she was about two months pregnant when they ran away.

    • katie

      i love how everyone wants to judge when they have no idea who/ or what they are talking about. ive known this girl since elementary school and have been friends with her for years and honestly if you DONT personally KNOW her then stop passing judgements making stupid accusations and comments. (this is not directly toward one person on here, this goes for all) why dont you just watch the show and find out the truth instead of trying to come up with your own stupid ideas.

      • katie

        the reason they ran away goes deeper than just her being pregnant. about a week after her baby shower they decided to run. in the beginning they were not going to, instead they were going to try to do the “right” thing and get married however neither sarahs or blakes parents approved. so she waited until a week after her baby shower and left. she had told all of us that she and blake were getting married and moving. she never mentioned that their parents disapproved. we were all clueless until we were interviewed as to where she was. and to clear up how long she was gone for, she wasnt just gone for a weekk like the writer of this article said…she was gone for over 4 months. and within those four months she only made contact with one friend (whos name will not be disclosed) after she came back she decided that she was going to be homebound and finish her junior year at home and then come back her senior year when things had died down. and she did and i can honestly say that eventhough shes still in highschool and is a teen mom, she is still working hard to get her diploma and is doing an job at being a mother to her beautiful little girl Tinleigh.

  • Shelby

    What is the link to Blake’s facebook?

  • Megan Galloway

    well I feel bad that he left her to go work on shrimp boat. Actually as a matter of fact me and my husband seen him down at the sound last summer in NC. In fact I’m sure he did bring home plenty of money to her if he did decide to come home to her i dont know but if he did then he had a chunk because my husband has been doing it for about 8 years and let me just tell ya if you save all the money you make youll be rich. But any way…. I hope everything goes well. When I seen the 16 and pregnant crew out on shrimp boats last summer I wish I would have done it lol. I was 17 and just had my baby july 10th. haha.. i wish yall luck:)

  • annmarie

    js. i love my cousin blake,they make him look like the bad guy