Chelsea Houska’s best friend Megan Stroup attacks her on Twitter… all day!

Megan Stroup attacks Teen Mom Chelsea Houska on Twitter

It seems that the holidays are not a good time for Teen Mom 2 stars, at least as far as Twitter goes! A few days ago we witnessed Jenelle Evans and her former best pal (and former roommate) Hannah Inman burn bridges with fiery tweets, and today Chelsea Houska’s best friend Megan Stroup is in the midst of an epic Twitter rampage against Chelsea that apparently began when Chelsea was unable to visit Megan in the hospital.

Megan was admitted to the hospital yesterday to have surgery to remove the rest of her appendix “that the Dr. messed up on” the first time. She was obviously scared and lonely and sent out a couple tweets (one of which directed at Chelsea specifically) pleading for someone to come be with her:

Megan Stroup asks Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska to visit her at the hospital

It seems no one was able to make it, and after her surgery, Megan’s emotions changed from loneliness and fear to bitterness and anger! She began her marathon anti-Chelsea tweet-a-thon that has lasted almost 19 hours! (UPDATE – make that 20 and counting.) Some tweeters have speculated Megan might still be on post-surgery medication and perhaps that is partly why she is letting loose. Either way, it has been a brutal marathon that seems to be destined to last longer than the Energizer bunny!

Meanwhile, Chelsea has remained fairly quiet about it all. (A far cry from her Teen Mom 2 sista from anotha mista Jenelle) I hate to make the overused “high road” reference, but I think it was the wise (and admirable) thing for Chelsea to do.

In case you’re not up for reading Megan’s tour de anger in its entirety, here are the Cliff’s Notes:

• Chelsea Houska is a bad person that MTV makes look good

• Adam Lind is a good person that MTV makes look bad

[Judging from the comments there is obviously some confusion between Megan Stroup and Megan Nelson, Chelsea’s friend and former roommate featured on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 Season 1. And I will confess the photo above (Megan Stroup’s Twitter profile photo btw) does look like Megan Nelson! But, they are not the same person. My apologies for not clarifying that initially :)]

And here’s the unabridged version…

Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 2
Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 3
Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 4
Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 5
Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 6
Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 7

UPDATE – During the lengthy time it took to put this post together (It takes a while to cut and paste all them tweets y’all! Plus, I had to spend some mad hours creatin’ that Megan vs. Chelsea angry Twitter birds graphic!) Megan has added lots more! Here are the most recent….

Megan Stroup's angry tweets towards Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska part 8

If the MTV cameras are currently rolling we should see all of the Megan/Chelsea drama play out in Season 7 or so 😉

UPDATE – Megan continued her ranting for another day. CLICK HERE for the high lowlights.

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  • Mom of 4

    While I feel this shouldn’t have been done over twitter I can understand how Megan must feel. There is no doubt in my mind that Chelsea is a spoiled girl who is used to getting whatever she wants. You can’t continually hurt people without any consequences.

    • em

      This is seriously so fricken ridiculous…. are they middle school girls???? why is she complaining, its her appendix not a major surgery… she bitches because she is on drugs pbviously (i.e. pain killers, anesthesia, etc.) as for chelsea, who gives a s**t, they obviously are having some lame fight… Why does everyone give a s*** who these two girls are… or better yet, why are you all judging…everyone must be bored as f*** to have to comment on them… the only reason I say anything is because its so ridiculous how that girl uses twitter ( the dumbest invention ever!) to bi***h…. come on people…. get a life, please! if you are judging others then you are judging yourself, seriously.

  • Diana

    Looks like Megan is the spoiled brat. Chelsea didn’t retaliate at all, therefore becoming the bigger person. Ooh, you don’t take time out of your life to come visit me in the hospital you’re spoiled. No the spoiled one is the one expecting everyone who knows her to drop everything and run to her aid at the slightest sniffle. Grow up Megan!

    And on a side note : Megan saying Adam isn’t a bad guy?! Isn’t she the one who howled and cried that he was all through last season?

    • Betty White

      I agree with you, it’s so childish to spill that on twitter. It seems like she was almost obsessive over it.

    • andrella

      you f***ing idiot. thats not the same megan from last season.

    • Me

      I think this is a different Megan–that was Megan Nelson.

      • madison

        it is the same person you can tell by the picture. her last changed when she got married.

        • Courtney

          Did you even read the damn article? It clearly says it is NOT the same Megan. LOL

    • amand

      i dont think megan stroup is the spoiled brat here. ive seen on adam’s facebook that megan isnt exaggerating about chelsea. some of the things megan stroup has been posting on twitter are exactly what some of adam and chelsea’s mutual friends have said! some of it involved chelsea being spoiled and taking things for granted and some of it involved that she’s a little bit on the easy side and likes to pop pills and drink… in front of aubree…. some mom she is!

    • April

      I completely agree! She sounds like a 3 year old taking a temper tantrum it doesnt seem to me that she even considers that Chelsea is a mom and cannot just drop everything to go see her… I think that they truly do have Adam portrayed correctly. Immature little children, obviously Chelsea took the higher road.

    • brittaney

      are you stupid….this Megan hasn’t even been on the show yet!!!! so how did she complain about everything he did? pay attention if your gonna stick your nose in i bet they have said a million times that its not the Megan in the episodes now Chelsea already lost her as a friend.

  • Mandy


    • natalie

      Megan is making herself look so stupid. I know mtv do things for entertainment purposes but how can they make adam look bad. i mean he called aubree a bastard the other day and he also dropped her. I think he makes himself look bad. Chelsea could of been really immature and responded to megans remarks on twitter but she didnt, sorry Megan but you have made yourself look so jealous and pathetic. And Megan is saying she didnt want to be on the show. She didnt have to be if she didnt want to be.

  • adalyn

    @diana – that’s not the same Megan; last season’s “Megan” was Megan Nelson.

    and the Megan talked about above is a definate crybaby!! ^_^

    • Diana

      I see that now. Thank you for being polite when pointing it out, unlike others who could use a lesson in manners.

  • Aisha

    Wtf? On the show wasn’t she saying how much Adam was awful? People are going crazy this week.

  • tracy

    i like chelsea shes not half as bad as some of the others i liked leah in the begining but man she whines alot to and adam seems to be a piece of SH!T who calls there kid a little bastard. so what if shes spoiled do u see daddy there changing her babys butt no i dont think ive ever seen her dad do that. megan seems a little like a little brat to and wasnt megan the one that was saying how adam is mean and rude and no good for chelsea now shes buddies and says hes a nice guy yea ok loser

  • Jen

    Diana, that was Megan Nelson (i think that is her last name) that didn’t get along with Adam. This is a different girl, just has the same first name.

  • Raelynn

    Diana, that was a different Megan that she had a falling out with. This isn’t the same Megan.

  • kayla

    ‘all chelsea does is whine’ even though its megan whining about chelsea. Chelsea seems lovely and megan seems like the b!tch in all these tweets! and i think adam isnt a nice guy, ive seen the stuff he puts on facebook about chelsea, theres no need for all this, chelsea did not retaliate one bit!
    Megan jump back into your plant pot and grow up and leave Chelsea alone!

  • Andree

    Sorry but did Megan show up when Chelsea was in the hosptial? Or when she needed help with Aubree? Hmm no….

    • Me

      Maybe they weren’t even friends yet a the time that Season 2 was taped…just saying.

    • Thats exactly wat i was thinkin… n if “Megan” wasn’t there 4 Chelsea then whats the big freakin deal if she didn’t visit her n the hospital! ugh ppl kill me

  • Lexxie

    I think they are both stupid as rocks…

    I HATE the majority of these people who participate in these shows. I won’t watch seasons 4 or 5. I think I’m done watching them in any form. It’s hard watching stupid girls raise children, while involving themselves with drama, new boyfriends every few months, moving constantly, friend/family drama while most do nothing to better themselves. I only have hope that Farrah (and I don’t like her stank attitude), Catelynn (she’ll be content being lower middle class), Kail (whose own mother showed her what she DOESN’T want to become) and perhaps Macy (if she snags a man willing to take care of her) will make it out of their own stupidity. The rest are lost causes.

    But Chelsea is the dumbest of them all…even the detestable Amber has more of a chance to succeed than dumbbell Chelsea.

  • My Opinion

    Chelsea gets on my everlasting nerves. She’s nothing but a spoiled, lazy, daddy’s girl. It’s obvious she doesn’t really care about Aubree’s well being because she allowed her lover to call her daughter a bastard. What kind of parent does that? I mean come on, you have it made. You do absolutely nothing but sit on the couch all day long. OMG, you’re boring and stupid, I see why Megan didn’t want anything thing to do with you. Haha, you big dummy.

  • natalie

    its not the megan from the last show

  • Cami

    How do any of you know that Megan didnt show up to help Chelsea?!? Bc of what you saw on MTV? Friends should be there in times of crisis, like this situation. Chealsea doe NOT work so what exactly does she need to “drop” to see her? She could easily bring Aubree. Shes prob. sitting at home crying over Adam, as usual.

  • Lauren

    I wonder when MTV is planning on suing her for posting stuff abou upcoming episodes? Since she was on the show she signed a contract and that’s definitally breaking it

  • Melanie

    Hey Starcasm – I think you have the wrong Megan pictured up there…it’s not Megan Nelson who is having the twitter war.

  • Jessica

    Megan is being a b!tch there is no reason for her to go after Chelsea like that on twitter. Twitter is not the place if she really feel that Chelsea not visit her was mess up she could of call her or text her. Like an adult if anything Chelsea is the one that acting like adult she did the right thing by not response and Megan bringing aubree into the whole twitter crap was mess up. Everyone know that MTV setup some of their show and for the people that don’t know Chelsea and Megan personal and they are getting involve and sending Chelsea mean twitters are horrible. And calling Chelsea names is just wrong

    • Lexxie

      How can it be ‘calling her names’ when it’s TRUE!

      • divadoll195

        How do u no its true?

  • kelsey

    Megan’s seems fake and childish for putting all this on twitter. Also she seems desperate for tweeting 20+ hours about Chelsea when Chelsea obviously doesn’t care and is being the bigger person by not tweeting back! I don’t think MTV makes Adam look bad. Yes they edit a lot but he makes himself look bad too. Especially when he called Aubree a bastard for no reason. And for all the people tweeting saying Chelsea is a horrible person and calling her names seems just as fake! Just my opinion. Nobody has to agree.

  • Cassey

    Wow, Megan is a spoiled brat! She is soo many words I don’t wanna say on here. and she is the only person I know every talk bad about Chelsea. She must be over jealous.

  • Yeah, That’s a different Megan. It even says in the beginning. The Megan from last season’s name is Megan Nelson.

    This Megan is a total bitch who needs to grow the f**k up & be a bigger person. If you’re not friends with her anymore than quit trying to feel sorry for yourself because Chelsea couldn’t make it to your hospital visit, & if you were “never” really friends in the first place why does it matter if she came or not??

    If it wasn’t for Chelsea this bitch wouldn’t even be known to twitter or to Teen Mom. She really needs to grow up and act like the adult she is. Maybe Chelsea had a good explanation to as why she couldn’t come to the hospital. She does have a DAUGHTER to take care of you know.

    Quit making people on twitter feel sorry for you because your not the one whose getting easy money from being on tv.

    Megan is just making herself look really pathetic and stupid.

  • Kaylie

    Chelsea did the same exact thing to another girl yesterday, she just deleted all the tweets right away. The girl Chelsea called out even tweeted “Karma’s a bitch” today. People who sit there and defend Chelsea, yet bash Jenelle are ridiculous. They both lose friends left and right. Honestly, Jenelle has more direction in life then Chelsea seems to have at this point.

    The truth is hidden somewhere in between what Chelsea is saying and what Megan is saying. The show is OBVIOUSLY edited in Chelsea’s favor, and anyone who doubts that needs to watch more reality TV. Personally I don’t buy that Adam is a “good” person, but I don’t buy that he’s as bad as MTV makes him out to be either. She doesn’t come off as a alcoholic or a drug addict, but judging by her before-Aubree behaviour, I wouldn’t be surprised if she left Aubs with her dad/mom so she could go out every once in a while. Chelsea is lazy and inconsiderate, which probably does trickle over to her parenting. At least to a point.

    Chelsea INSISTED Adam be there for her when she was in the hospital for only 4 hours, yet Chelsea couldn’t be there for a best friend when the friend was staying overnight? She’s being hypocritical, and being the bigger person would have left Chelsea out of the situation all together. The bigger person would have gone, even if Megan wasn’t there for her. They’re both fake friends to each other, obviously. She used the excuse of “car trouble” for her not going to the hospital. She drives a brand new jeep and there was no snow in SD yesterday. What car trouble, exactly, could she have been experiencing? Basically what you’re all saying is that someone who lies to get out of helping a friend is the bigger person because they don’t twitter fight. They’re both idiots who deserve one another.

  • mya

    i agree, i think chelsea is fake as sh*t.. not sure how she comes out smelling like roses when all the other teen moms are considered to be bad mothers.. she keeps going back to a guy that verbally abuses her infront of her child and yet ppl praise her parenting skills.. blah.. i dont believe it.. her and that macy girl are put in a better light then the others – (which is typical for an mtv show).. whatever im just glad i’ll never be a teen mother!

    • RealMommy

      You’re opinion on this situation is acceptable, everyone is leaving theirs. But don’t say “whatever i’m just glad i’ll never be a teen mother” because the portrayal of teen mothers on Teen Mom do not reflect all teen mothers. I am a teen mother and I still graduated high school and am going to college and am going to make a life for my daughter whether she came into my life earlier than I planned or not. That’s very disrespectful of you to say. You won’t be a teen mom guaranteed? What if you get raped and get pregnant? Regardless, teen mothers aren’t all paid to be on a show and DO have real every day struggles. The situation between Megan and Chelsea have no reflection over an every day average teen mother.

  • I like how she tries to justify the fact that she’s talking crap on Twitter. And Chelsea just ignores her. Makes herself look like a fool

  • Ally

    I am consistently dumbfounded by the culture created by the Internet. When did it become socially acceptable to say anything you want about people in a public forum? The fact is the Internet allows people to say horrible things then disassociate from them, because they didn’t say it in their everyday life. Every one of these girls rants like this on twitter (don’t even get me started on how ridiculously narssacistic it is to think ppl care about every aspect of you daily routine) because they want validation; they need their twitter followers to tell them how right they are and how the other person is wrong & evil! When I was their age, which wasn’t that long ago (I’m 24), we called a friend to express our unhappiness. I can only imagine these girls at sixty looking back on their lives. Could they be proud of this behavior? I guess anything is possible. I for one will be happy I avoided the drama, took the high rode and never discussed things of this sort on the Internet!!! I hope my son follows my lead!

  • divadoll195

    Lol, this is so crazy. #1 Megan said thru her tweets that they were never friends. #2. If she didn’t want to be on the show why was she on it? Nobody can make u do something you don’t want. #3. It seems to me that everyone has a comment are something bad to say but nobody really knows the truth. You can be on here all day tryin to figure it out and you want be able to. There are 3 sided to a story your side, her side and the truth. Now Adam i have been watchin the show ever since it first came out. Yes Chelsea is stupid for keep taking him back, but you tell me who at a young age didn’t until you wake up. Everyone is not that strong of a person when u r in love. You do dumb stuff. Granted some are. Not all. The whole purpose of the show is for girls/boys to see its not easy to be teen parent. And how THEIR LIFE IS. (THEIR REALITY). Now you tell me who on tv being whatever show is not gettin paid to tell their story? Are do a movie? Again Megan on here so called blasting and everyone feeding into it but uuummm ain’t she getting paid too? Is it that she is mad because she not gettin as much? humm?? Now she is saying Chelsea has nothing on her i bet she does but again she not saying anything. Again she is under contract so i believe she can’t nobody thought about that did they? humm. Regardless that Chelsea got Megan to get a twitter account seems to me someone tryin to get famous too. Because think about it if you have a issue with someone do u go on twitter to bash them in real life? your ex bff u on twitter telling ppl all their business? People make up stuff some can be true some not but again. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE??!! And I doubt Megan is clean. Just saying. And who really using who? Megan said she was not her friend she just was there for Aub. But you get mad becuz u think she didnt come to see u in hospital so u start blasting. Seems to me she was waiting to for her chance. And like someone said we didn’t see Megan at the hospital when Chelsea had to go. And someone said they may have not have been friends then. But how u no they were friends when Megan went?

  • amie

    Who gives a sh*t?! Why do u people care so much about people u don’t friggin know at all? Reality tv is not reality, get the hell over it. All reality shows are fake in some way or another. The fact that u all get all worked up over the stupidest crap says alot. This Megan girl is f***d up and doesn’t seem like a great friend if she has a tell all on friggin twitter to a bunch of friggin strangers… and u see them praising this girl for this? What type of people r they hmm? If u lose a friend for stupid reasons, keep sh!t to yourself.. this only makes her look bad, not Chelsea. Omg, she is spoiled! Omg like u already didn’t know.. let’s freak the f*** out because omg she is spoiled!! Plenty of others are spoiled, who the f*** cares about some girl u don’t know from mtv? Lmao @ all of u getting mad and calling people names smh immature.

  • Elle

    WAH! That girl is a freaking cry baby. “WAAAAAAH Chelsea didn’t come to the hospital to sit with me!!” Sounds like SHE’S the bossy, demanding b!tchy one to me. We all know Chelsea is spoiled.. so what? Don’t we all want to spoil our kids?

    • you know who

      megan is a bitch. and i know this. she lit her ex boyfriends house on fire because he broke up with her. she stole clothes from her friends and threatened to burn them. shes a bad person, spoiled, selfish, conceited, inconsiderate, and many more things. people like this just shouldnt be around.

  • tm2 fan

    Why was she friends with her for so long if she is as bad as what she is saying … why is she all of a sudden stating she is a bad mom now and that she is unclean and pops pills infront of her kid why if she is so concerned as she not done anything or reported her to the correct people these are serious allegations and she sounds like a spiteful bitch im sure if Adam or his family were concerned about how Chelsea is behaving around Aubree they would speak up and do something about it, i think its all been blown way out of all proportion and they should stop and grow up before someone gets in serous trouble.

  • Amber

    She claims in at least one of those tweets that she and Chelsea aren’t friends anymore. If that’s the case, why would Chelsea go to the hospital with her anyways?

  • Lacey

    I watched all this happen live on twitter the moment it all started I asked Megan a few questions myself and got an RT from her as I have said before there is probablys some truth to what Megan has tweeted about I know if my BFF was to make me mad I’d have plenty on her to blast to FB and Twitter I wouldnt have to make anything up, I do believe that MTV & Chelsea ask ppl to flim with them I also believe they ask you to talk about certain stuff I mean think about it no one talks about the same stuff over and over again a lot of scenes seem “set up” I beileve Chelsea doesnt clean her house otherwise why is her Mom & Sister always over cleaning and one time they shot her laying on her couch and there was a terrible amount of fast food cups and trash on the arm of the couch.

  • Voice Of Reason

    Okay Megan is an attention wh0re clearly and has no life apparently. If she wanted to get ahold of chelsea and couldnt via phone she could DM her on twitter, she didnt have to throw a tantrum “I’m crying, please help” “I’m Bawling at the hospital” B!tch get over yourself. You dont need to bring your private sh!t to the internet, for one nobody cares and two, you make yourself look like the whiny little b!tch you are. People are saying Chelseas spoiled, did she sink to megans level and reply? Nope. Chelseas far too good for her. Chelsea needs friends who arent attention wh0res like megan.
    Chelsea 1 Megan 0

  • jeezus

    obviously, they’re both spolied. but really, megan, aren’t you taking this a little too far? so what, she didn’t visit you in the hospital – GET OVER IT. Where were your parents if you were so bored and lonely? or cousins? other extended family? other friends? did you go on an all out ridiculous twitter war becuase they didn’t come see you? doesn’t look like it.
    GROW UP.

  • honestly this girl was hurt more than she let on, chels is all shes talking about. I love chelz and i think she the best mom on this season. She takes care of her kid, and who cares if things are great with adam, everyone has problems its just worse due to being on tv. SHE JUST NEEDS TO GET OVER HERSELF! AND GET HER OWN LIFE INSTEAD OF BASHING SOMEONE ELSE! its sad… really.

  • Kayl

    I personally like Chelsea, she is my favorite. I think that people do wrong things and it is unfortunate, but people move on. I do not believe that this argument was fair, but I am sure that Chelsea had done something similar before. Don’t get me wrong I do not hate Megan, I just think that she should have thought this through more and remained more level headed. Chelsea could not visit because she as out of town… and Megan was obviously very upset by this. This does not mean it was okay for her to go on twitter and rant for hours straight about Chelsea it is very, very immature. Especially to bring up Aubree… that child has nothing to do with this visit. I was very upset reading what some people’s responses were to her tweets they were strong and hurtful.

    Another thing I would like to say… I don’t believe this reflects either of their mothering abilities. They are both good mothers in their own right from what we see. Maybe I am just giving them benefit of the doubt but I am sure they love their children and are great mothers to them, despite this argument. They have gotten in a pretty bad (off screen) argument before, so who knows they could work it out and be friends again.

    I really appreciated reading some of the fellow reader’s comments about your personal struggles and lives. You are inspiring women. Have a good day 🙂

  • Cheyenne

    I agree with Megan, Chelsea needs to grow up and be there for her friends not be out with some guy who plays it off like he loves her but he really dont.Are we the only ones who see that? When Chelsea needed something Megan was there, and when Meagn was in the hospital who wasnt there oh yeah Megan’s ” Best Friend ” or we should say Megans user. Honestly Chelsea needs to grow up and stop having her dad hand evertyhing to her, pay your own rent and buy your own babys things and your own car. If she wanted things so bad she would of stayed in High school. I dislike her! Megan 100%

  • nic

    chelsea is a spoilt brat and would seem t o be that way megan helped her with aubree and when adam was being horrible chelsea chose adam how her friend listen to chelsea is beyond me adam will never change and chelseas dad needs to stop paying her rent and let her fend for herself she needs to grow up and stop trying to change adam he will never change she is so stupid its unreal

    • fsdfsd

      wrong megan

  • Michelle

    This is really sad that she has all day to be a psychotic, immature creep.

  • Lacey

    Yeah, MTV is gonna edit things, if they didn’t TM & TM2 would NOT be as big of a success as it is today. The main goal is to make money. end of story. As far as yoour war with Chelsea, it is unbelievable how much of a baby you are. I think I acted the way you are when I was in middle school, and that was ten years ago. Grow up. Okay, sure, maybe Chelsea is a bad person or whatever it is that you say, but just get over it. Nobody ever forced you to be her friend.

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