Meet Devon Broyles from 16 and Pregnant Season 4

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Devon Broyles

MTV has been tight-lipped about the upcoming fourth season of their popular documentary series 16 and Pregnant. Although we have sources that tell us some of the babies were born as early as April of 2011, there is still not so much as a premiere date for Season 4. Actually, it is believed that MTV has completed, or is close to completing, the fifth season as well!

We’ve been working hard trying to track down the names of cast members for the upcoming season(s) and so far have done profiles on Katie Yeager and Alexandria Sekella. We even profiled Kia Pence, who was reportedly booted from the series after her brother sent in a drunken interview video.

Over the last few weeks a couple more names have popped up via “official” Facebook Fan pages with their admins claiming to have the support of the girls profiled, but we have been unable to confirm either with any certainty. 16 and Pregnant has a history of girls claiming to be on upcoming seasons, so we’ve been reluctant to post about them. BUT, with other sites reporting on them and numerous commenters on our posts continuing to point them out, we felt like we should share the info ๐Ÿ™‚ So, without further ado, I present to you Miss Devon Broyles!

UPDATE – Devon appears in the trailer for Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant so she is definitely going to be on!

Devon Broyles 16 and Pregnant Season 4 Official Facebook page

Devon Broyles is 17 years old and hails from Richmond, Virginia. Her birthday is July 23, 1994 and she gave birth to her son, Landon, on November 4th, 2011. Devon is still with Landon’s father, Colin Crowder, and attended Varina High School in Henrico, Virginia. According to Teen Mom Spot, Devon has “finished high school,” although she mentions attending Varina as late as September of this year.

According to her personal Facebook page, Devon is employed at Caribou Coffee in the airport, who were kind enough to hire her back in July when she was pretty far along in her pregnancy.

Devon parents are mom Robin Snyder (a professional photographer with In Shutter Vision) and dad Thomas Broyles. She has three siblings: sisters Jane Broyles and Ashley Seay as well as an older brother, Joey Seay.

That’s about all we have on Devon at this point. If you have more info on Devon or any of the other cast members on upcoming seasons of 16 and Pregnant, feel free to comment below or drop us a line at starcasmtips (at)!

*** The phoots originally used in this post were taken by Devon’s mother, a professional photographer (as mentioned in the post), who asked that we take them down. You can still see the photos on her Flickr account HERE

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  • tab

    do these girls not see how trashy and stupid they look with the facial piercings?

    • Amy.

      just wanna say that im on the phone with devon right now. & im one of her bestfriends & shes like my little sister and id like to give a little shout out to all the trash talking stupid ass b**ches up there so lets start off with ..

      tab- first off all you dont know f***ing know devon and shes VERY far from f***ing trashy so you can shut the f*** up

      lexxie- b**ch obviously your f***ing trashy if you have to sit their and talk sh*t about someone YOU DONT EVEN f***ing know, devon has more class & sophistication more than all of you b**ches, and its hilarious to see your jealous

      ava- b**ch shut the f*** up she looks far from amber,

      kelsey – she was born in 1994

      COURTNI – we appreciate the love girl (:

      coco- she did it as a joke- calm down, it aint that serious

      WOW- ill just start off by saying your a f***ing idiot, devon doesnt tan & she doesnt even look orange, your a trashy a$$ b**ch how do you think it makes you look talking sh*t about someone you dont even f***ing know

      and as for MELISSA- melissa lambert i hope thats not you talking up there, because you were the only melissa at her baby shower. & devon doesnt party? so i dont know where you got your information from. shes at home everyday/every weeken with landon.

      and thats all i got to f***ing say.

      • melissa lambert

        I don’t know who would put my name on this website and say those things but it wasn’t me. Obviously if girls are willing to judge devon just by looking at pictures of her then it would be easy to just put someone elses name on their comments, but thanks for the concern amy.

      • LeighLuhhsNickiMinaj

        Your so sweet to stand up for her, honestly people are to judgmental by pics cause they are effing retarded, you sound like a great friend.

        • amy


      • Dianna

        chill out girl!!! people are going to talk shit on here, i even do at times and talking like that isn’t going to make them stop hun. i myself don’t judge until i see the show, but i had 7 piercings at one time and it’s not trashy. other people pierce their ears so whats the difference people see?? i look at my body as a temple and many like to decorate their temples. but please don’t talk about class if your talking like that on the internet. there are nicer (classier) ways to get your point across and to defend your friend.

    • Chantel

      Well for the ignorant folks that judge I dnt find piercing to be trashy at all and why does it matter Devon is a really sweet girl I love her. Ppl always have so much irrelevant things to says and the same ones talking are the same ones who probably look trashy theirselves… so stupid

  • Lexxie

    Oh yeah, she looks like she oozes style, sophistication and class…NOT!

    Another trashy girl, what a shock.

  • ava

    Ugh. She looks like Amber. Girls who make fish faces need to be slapped. Knock that sh*t off girls; it’s NOT cute!

  • Kelsey

    Wouldn’t she be 18 if she was born in July of 1993.? I’m 17 now and was born in March of 1994 and won’t turn 18 until March of 2012. So I think she would be 18 already. Anyways her baby boy is super cute and it would seems she would be in season 5 considering her due date was in Nov. of this year. Can’t wait until season 4 (& 5) of 16 and Pregnant ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Starcasm Staff

      You are correct Kelsey! The correction has been made ๐Ÿ™‚ – Asa

  • Alyssa

    She does look a little like Amber… Hmmm hope she doesn’t act like her too!

  • Jane

    Uhhggg When these girls look back at their 50 billion “duck lips” shots, I wonder if they’ll still think it’s cute.

  • Jessica

    Anybody else think that the first two pictures look like different people?

  • Jessica

    Never mind… I see now that the second one was probably taken right after she had the baby… That’s why she looks different. Duh.

  • Courtni

    I think she’s pretty. facial piercings and all.

  • coco

    Ummmm is she really posing in the OBGYN’s office on the exam table?? WTF is wrong with these girls?

    • janee

      Yea its called goofing off, my mom took it at one of her appointments! To her family & friends it was funny & a joke. They took those pictures from her personal. Possibly you should get the full story before you judge. Because in the end you look pretty ignorant. (;

      • Elizabeth B

        Ha, get her janee

  • tab

    i’m with y’all. so sick of the fish faces instead of smiles! they all do it and they look ridiculous.

  • Courtney

    She was probably just goofing off in that last picture. Sheesh, people are so judgmental.

  • wow

    why do all these girls look so trashy?? Stop tanning you look orange not tan!! They also need to cut back on the make-up!!

  • Kristin

    Her facial peircings are cute. Its a candid picture clearly and who gives a shit what kind of face she makes in a picture? Some haters..she’s gorgeous!!

  • Melissa

    Her sister Jane (Jani) Broyles has a daughter that is a little over a year old. Devon is a HUGE partier. I mean not as much now but in her past she used to get white girl wasted. You could say me & devon are close..i went to her baby shower. But yea…that’s all.

  • janee

    Helllllo, this is devons sister! Just wanted to stop in & say yalll are all dumb. Yall are willing to sit on the internet & judge a girl yall have never met on what pictures & information another person who has never met my sister in their life has decided to write about her. One my sister, as amy had stated is SEVENTEEN. She was born in 1993. Shes never been to the tanning bed a day in her life & yall wish yall were natural like her. ๐Ÿ˜‰ shows your poor judgement about people & how ignorant you are. & yes she has piercings. Many people do this day & age. It is a personal choice just as it is yours not to have any! So who are yu to judge? Yall can hide behind a computer & talk trash shows how mature you are right? Not! Im proud of my sister! She has really stepped up. & by the way the picture of her at the doctor posing was a JOKE. We have a sence of humor. My mom took it as a joke & these people took it off her personal page. End of the story dont judge.

    • janee

      & everyone talking trash go ahead & post your facebook link here. Ill will go to it & personally pick out your flaws & judge you on your profile picture. ๐Ÿ™‚ lets see how many of you are actuallly worthy of even judgeing someone else!

      • janee

        Correction her birthday is july 27 1994. I was typing fast & was stuck on what someone else said.

  • Elizabeth B

    I don’t even see how people can talk sh!t about her, and they don’t even know her. Also has never seen how she is, GET A LIFE!

  • Sam

    Is Devon still going to be on 16 & pregnant? Her fan page was taken down a few weeks ago ๐Ÿ™

  • Jane

    okay im sure this girl might be a good person and people change when they have kids its possible..but if your going to go on National TV you better expect all you dirty laundry to be revealed its the price you pay. i think she looks like Chelsea. she in no way looks like Amber…Amber just looks trashy and just nasty..this girl is cute i actually stopped watching Teen Mom & 16 & Pregnant after season these kids just not learn? do they see the show and not think holy shit let me go get on birth control? or is ignorance just bliss? Common Ladies be smart! its a blessing to be a mother but the struggles that come with being a young parent why would you wanna go through that? and ladies defending your sister and friend just stop your making yourself look bad. if yall are trying to defend her do it like ladies you are representing her her if that the case do it with class. People are going to critize her for being on the show unfortunately… doesnt she see the other chicks from the show on magazines? its called gossip not facts..but Congrats to her on her Baby wish her the best of luck with all the support she has im sure shell be a great mom ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Okay, ya’ll are actin like freakin babies! 1.) the girl,in my poinion, IS OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE HER OWN CHOICES,2.) yo CAN CLEARLY tell she doent got to a tannin bed… 3.) I have facial piercings and a SON and im 19,does that make me trashy?! no it doesnt..As long as she takes care of her child and does her motherly jobs then fck off, and another thing your body is YOUR own temple, decorate it which ever way YOU choose. Why are ya’ll bein so rude for? do you know the girl personally? most say they do. and for the ppl who REALLY know her, i think they’d know more about her than ya’ll childish haters who have nothin better to do than sit here and talk childish bullsh!t abt a 17/18 yo grl. Really? Get a damn life.

  • brittany

    I am so excited for the show, and I recently had a daughter in October, she was three weeks early. I am so grateful to her, and happy to have watched shows with other girls in the same situation. My daughter is four months old now. (: I just have one question: does anyone realize that the girls on 16 and pregnant are never really sixteen, sometimes they’re a little older. Just a thought, (; Devon is gorgeous though, and so is her child. I hope she and the baby are doing well. And to everyone for being rude about her, just hush, k? Be nice, this is a place for nice comments, not hateful and rude ones.
    I hope everyone has a nice day, and remembers to smile.
    P.S. “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Some people should follow this.

  • Loli

    No, most
    Girls from Varina and Highland Springs are trashy. Redneck, Emo,Ghetto, or prep/undercover s**t…
    Only A couple of them are normal.

    • unknown

      Wow, Loli a little judgemental are we? Do you girls have nothing better to do than talk about other people. Clearly you should get a life. Who are you to judge woman from Varina and say that they are trashy. I think that it a very ignorant comment to make. Why donโ€™t you do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. Everywhere has there โ€œtrashyโ€ set of people that doesnt make everyone that way. Varina is a nice small rural town.

  • Unknown

    I Went To School With Devon , Congrats On The Baby n Making It On 16 & Pregnant

  • unknoan

    Wow, Loli a little judgemental are we? Do you girls have nothing better to do than talk about other people. Clearly you should get a life. Who are you to judge woman from Varina and say that they are trashy. I think that it a very ignorant comment to make. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. Everywhere has there “trashy” set of people that doesnt make everyone that way. Varina is a nice small rural town.

  • ashley

    Don’t get me wrong I’m excited to see Devon’s ep the most (since i’m from virginia lol) but some of you people who keep saying people need to stop judging and that they are haters and blah blah blah need to chill like seriously people are valued to their opinions geez

  • Codie

    I just saw the episode with Devon and after the episode I looked up if there was a Season 3 of Teen mom and if there is I deffiantly want Devon to be on it. I couldn’t find her facebook page to support and then I realized I spelt her name wrong,haha. I never watch 16 & pregnant and I turned it on and now I’m dying to see what’s going on now. She has a beautiful son and a good heart, she was the only teen mom on this show that never complained. Soo the point of this post is to confirm that she will be on Teen Mom or will we get an update. I really hope Devon, Colin and Landon are happy. Devon if you read this I just wanted to say that people are gonna hate, let them. You have fans (canada), and were proud of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ My mom had me when she was 17, it was hard but now my parents have been together for 25 years and happy, you can do it, I believe in you. SOO please be on season 3 of Teen mom, Didnt really care for 1 or 2, or watched maybe 1 or 2 episodes of 16 & Pregnant, I really want to know how your doing now and how landon is doing. xoxo