MUG SHOT Fake doctor kills man by injecting penis with silicone

Mug shot Kasia Rivera

A while back we featured fake Dr. Oneal Morris who was using fix-a-flat among other things to perform butt enhancement procedures. While the story and in particular this transgender’s insane amount of dangerous trunk-junk was mind boggling he-she at least did not kill a man.

Tragically for fake Dr. Kasia Rivera her home made attempt at penis enhancement caused the death of 22-year-old Justin Street in New Jersey back on May 5th. Street visited Rivera at her home specifically to have the enhancement surgery at what was being called a “pumping party.” Just one day after after receiving the untrained silicone injection Street died of a silicone embolism. Specifically, the silicone traveled through Street’s bloodstream and caused a clot in his lungs, effectively ending his young life.

Rivera was arrested Friday on manslaughter charges and unauthorized practice of medicine in the death of Street.

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  • Lee

    I wish you would stop pointing out that Oneal Morris is transgender. It is irrelevant and insulting to those of us who are trans.

    • sara

      its merely a fact

    • Alice

      You think that simply stating the fact that someone is trans is an insult? Dang you must not be very secure…

      • hannah

        yeah it’s a fact but it’s irrelevant to the story. there’s no point in mentioning like there’s no point in mentioning that someone is straight unless it applies to the story.

        • Alice

          Except transgender is not equivalent to sexual orientation, so your argument is invalid. Saying someone is transgender is not along the same lines as mentioning if someone is gay, straight, etc. It’s comparable to mentioning if someone is a man, woman, etc., which is done fairly often. If people can’t handle reading the word “transgender” they probably shouldn’t be transgender themselves.

  • Emma

    He/she looks like she needs a dosage of her own silicone!!! She looks like road kill!

  • Carolyn Franklin

    What difference does it make if he a trans or not to you? It may be benefical to those reading that there are trans out their you shouldn’t trust. I see that it is beneficial, get over it.
    This woman looks horrific she needs some kind of assistance herself.