Teen Mom 3 Katie Yeager biography with photos

Katie Yeager from 16 and Pregnant

In case you were wondering if MTV was planning on continuing their popular reality show factory 16 and Pregnant, the answer is yes! We have our first confirmed cast member for the fourth season of the popular young mama drama series and she is Katie Yeager from Green River, Wyoming!

16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast member Katie Yeager

Katie doesn’t have much of her information public online (I’m sure an official Facebook fan page is forthcoming), but I was able to piece together a few tidbits.

Katie Yeager is the daughter of Luci Coplin-Riggs (since remarried) and Russell Armstrong, who races Sprint cars in and around Wyoming. Katie has two younger siblings, sister Blake and brother Riley.

16 and Pregnant Season 4 Katie Yeager's baby daughter Molli

She gave birth to daughter Molli (above) on August 18th, 2011. Molli weighed 7lbs, 1.8 oz and measured 19 inches long.

16 and Pregnant's Katie Yeager with baby daddy Joey Maes

Molli’s father is Joseph “Joey” Maes (above), who graduated high school in 2010 and is a little older than Katie. OK Joey, before you get upset about that photo in which you are clearly just actin’ goofy, here’s another, cuter photo of you both:

16 and Pregnant Season 4's Katie Yeager with baby daddy Joseph Joey Maes

I’m not sure of Katie’s age, but she did graduate high school on June 4 of this year. Her Twitter account says she attends college full time.

Judging from their interactions online it appears as though Katie and her mom Luci occasionally have disagreements, including one at Luci’s house in April while MTV crews were filming.

Luci remarried in Las Vegas in January – I’m not sure if the ceremony (broadcast live online) and the events leading up to it will be featured on the show, but certainly the after-effects of Katie gaining a step-father will!

16 and Pregnant's Katie Yeager, baby dady Joey Maes and their baby daughter Mollie
^ Katie and Joey just after Molli’s birth (left) and a Christmas photo of Katie and Joey from 2010 (right).

At this stage that’s all we know. Judging from the photos it appears as though Katie will be quite the character! (Anyone else getting an Emma Stone vibe here?) She obviously has a sense of humor and a fun sense of style to go along with one mighty cute lookin’ baby girl! Now we just have to play the waiting game until her episode airs… ***SIGH***

If you have any more info about Katie or any of the other 16 and Pregnant Season 4 cast members, be sure to comment below or drop us a line at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com!

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  • Jessica

    How many Season’s of these Show is Mtv going to have ? Enough is Enough Already whatever Messages Mtv was trying to make with the series is all gone Now .

    • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1002109512&sk=info Rich Wiley

      I agree with Jessica. The message is gone. I love the picture of Katie showing her cleavage. She’s really hot. I’m guessing C cup.

      • Ally-Anna


    • jmarie

      as long as it gets the msg out that teen pregnancy is not ok and it is very difficult raising a child- I think Mtv should keep the show going as long as it spreads a msg to educate teens.

  • Chelse

    I’m from Rock Springs, WY, which is where Joey is from. I know Joey too.

    Don’t attack them, they are both really good people.

    • Starcasm Staff

      How are we attacking them?

      • Chelse

        No one attacked them, I simple asked people not to.

    • baby girl

      I know both f them, and Joey is pretty cool. I agree, lol. You all can think he is a loser, but that’s not going to change him.

      • ER

        Nobody said he was…

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katie-Yeager-from-16-Pregnant/146975455390961?sk=page_getting_started Miss.M
    • miss t.

      is this who writes starcasm.net or if not did you site any of this website on facebook for the info?

  • Stephanie

    This 16 and Pregnant thing is getting a bit ridiculous. I feel like teens are trying to get pregnant on purpose so they can be on the show. (and if they aren’t, then obviously the show isn’t doing it’s job to show teens the hardships of being a pregnant teenager.)

  • alice

    I love the show, but sometimes I do wish the that it would go away… AND congrats to Katie and Joey on the birth of beautiful baby Molli!

  • tab

    so all those stats out there saying these shows are actually bringing teen pregnancy down? i guess not so much since they still keep finding these stupid kids having babies. this show needs to go away now.

  • lisa

    16 and Pregnant has become pretty ridiculous. The message MTV was trying to give has been completely shot. Now all these girls see is if I get on TV I can be on the cover of magazines, get paid huge amounts of money to share my “struggle,” afford new cars, boob jobs, and vacations. If MTV really wanted to show stuggling teen mothers why don’t they find girls who had to drop out of school, depend on welfare and other social programs and work for minimum wage while raising their kids without their “baby daddy”. That would probably scare some 15 year olds into closing their legs and getting an education.

    • ch

      they do in some episodes. not all of them are rich, epesially the ones that didn’t make it on teen mom.i heard they don’t get paid much for their episode.

      • Jamie

        the point is they are getting money weather its 5,000 an eppisode or 1 its still more than most teen parents are getting anyway. The fact is they are trying to say its not okay to get pregnant but yet rewarding these girls for doing so, they get free trips to cali and they get paid, they get paid when they are in mags and everything. These girls may “struggle” for a little bit while filming but once its done and they get their money and deals and what not they arent struggling for long. why doesnt mtv NOT pay them and see how many of these girls want to “share their struggles with the world”?

  • Jenny

    Teens are going to have sex and some are going to get pregnant. Welcome to the real world. If you don’t like the show, then I guess you should change the channel… and stop stalking them on websites like this.

    Don’t come here to read about it, then complain that they’re doing it.

    • Dawn

      you are so right.

      • ch

        yeah seriously. if u don’t like the show, don’t waste your time watching it.

        • Jamie

          theres a difference with not liking the show and not liking what going on, i personally love the show but these girls pretty much getting paid for being pregnant is bullsh!t, how is it showing that its not okay for young girls to get knocked up!

  • Ally-Anna

    Wow, August 18th was less than a week ago. I guess they’re still filming as we speak! She kinda looks like Deena from Jersey Shore in the first picture.

  • Dacey

    Have any of the other girls’ names been released yet?? I can’t wait to see her! She’s so pretty, congrats on little Molli!! (:

  • A.J.

    I’m a fan of the show anyway, but the sheer fact that they’re from Wyoming makes me want to see her episode.

    • veronica

      i’m a fan 2

      • Stacy Parent-Long

        Yeah I am loving seeing all these places I know….. :)

  • Kelsey

    Fan of the show!! Can’t wait for the new season; have they released the names of everyone on the new season yet.? Congrats to her and Joey on baby Molli. She’s beautiful!!
    BTW does anybody know her twitter name.?

  • Trisha

    Katie is a very wonderful person…I have known her since i was 7 yrs old. She’s truely a beautiful young lady inside and out. I think its wonderful of her to put her life out there for everyone to see. It takes a strong person to do these types of things. I agree with some of you when you say if you dont like the show dont watch it and dont search it on the internet. N if it affects you or your children personally they make a thing called “parental control”!!! Try it sometime! Love you Katie-bug cant wait to see your episode!

  • baby girl

    I know both of them, i live where Joey used to. Joey is cool, and Katie having a baby, well that was her on fault. She is alot of drama and was making porn on holloween the year before last year with Joey.
    Joey is honestly trying so don’t be so critical, he has a job and loves that kid.

  • Tony D.

    My dad rents their house to them. This is actually discusting
    That “Caution” sign behind her used to be my room. Once again, Eww.

  • Monica Rogers

    I’m super excited to see this episode!! I’m from Casper, it will be nice to see someone that actually lives closer.

  • Anon

    In the sneak peak she says she’s from Rock Springs… Not Green River.

    • Jamie

      they are 7 miles apart they are pretty much the same place.

      • Stacy Parent-Long

        ummm isn’t it 12 miles apart?? Used to live in Green River…..Graduated from college at ” Western” in Rocksprings it is super cool to see all these familiar places on the television.

  • Alexis

    Katie lives with Joey in Rock Springs but goes to Green River High School.. And why are you stocking this poor girl? She was going through alot at the time of this going up.. And god why are people so discussed by this? teens have sex everyday..

  • jennifer

    I think the fact that she gave birth naturally was to be commended. She is a young girl and as a young mom myself 17 years ago, I find most of the delivery portion of the episodes ridiculous with the girls crying and screaming. Labor is hard but they are all over dramatic. I thought Joey was doing what needed to be done in the episode and Katie was more of a “poor me” type of girl. Actions have consequences and she can’t whine about everything now. Hopefully that was all in the first couple of months and they are working it out now. She seems like she will be a great mom and he is a doting dad. Good luck to them, teen parenting is HARD but very rewarding if you give it your all.