16 and Pregnant’s Jordan Ward is pregnant again with a little girl

16 and Pregnant's Jordan Ward is pregnant again

Shocking news on the 16 and Pregnant front! Jordan Ward, the twin sister from St. Louis who kicked off Season 3 a number of weeks ago, is pregnant again!

According to blog “Frankly, my dear…” Jordan and her husband Brian Finder found out about their second unplanned pregnancy 10 weeks ago and it was soon after that Brian decided to join the Air Force. They have already learned the sex of the baby and it looks as though Noah will have a little sister come November!

As you might expect, the couple is very concerned about the negative reactions this announcement will probably elicit from fans an critics of the show alike. From Frankly, my dear…

If there’s anything Jordan wants people to know it’s that being on birth control would have been the responsible thing to do. She was not trying to conceive but it happened and now they are welcoming a new addition to the family.

Jordan and Brian were one of the few feel-good stories on 16 and Pregnant this season as baby daddy Brian Finder seemed fully committed to Jordan and their son Noah. I’m sure his decision to join the Air Force was motivated by his desire to provide for his family – both with a reliable source of income as well as a source of medical insurance for the four of them. He will reportedly begin basic training in California in July and Jordan will soon be relocating to the Golden State to be with him.

Jordan Ward and Brian Finder wedding picture

I already had suspicions that Jordan Ward was a prime candidate for Teen Mom 3 because her and Brian are very likable and the fact that MTV didn’t use any of their footage from the couple’s wedding in her episode. Plus, there was no mention of the wedding – or even the engagement for that matter – during Jordan’s after show interview, in which she can clearly be seen wearing a ring.

Now, I can only assume that if MTV does move forward with a Teen Mom 3 that they will certainly extend an invitation to Jordan and Brian to participate! Watching this young couple deal with a second unexpected teen pregnancy while they both also struggle through adapting to the military lifestyle could easily be its own show.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. I’m in complete agreement with Frankly, my dear… in that obviously this is something that should have been avoided, but that being said I wish the Wards all the best and I hope the admirable qualities they possess that helped them through their first pregnancy and birth will allow them to make it through a second time. I admire Brian’s decision to join the Air Force but I hate knowing Jordan will be away from her sister and grandmother, who seemed to be so supportive (aside from Jessica’s jealousy issues) during her first go around. Hang in there Jordan!

And speaking of Jordan’s twin sister Jessica, she was quick to offer up her words of support via her Facebook page:

im so happy for them! i know its a shocker to hear me say this, but im so glad jordan found a guy like brian, he is a wonderful father and husband!!! … they are probably the most responsible couple on the show! they are amazing parents! and that baby is bless to have them as parents!:]

To find out more about Jordan, Noah and Brian be sure to check out our pre-episode profile post with all sorts of photos and biographical info! For more photos from the couple’s wedding click here!

(I think I remember from the first season of 16 and Pregnant that Ebony would have been on Teen Mom except that the military base she was going to live on didn’t allow filming? Does that sound right? If that’s the case then perhaps Teen Mom 3 won’t be an option for Jordan and Brian.)

UPDATE – Jenelle Evans’ official fan page shared this screen capture from Jordan Ward’s personal fan page that includes a confirmation from Jordan as well as a sonogram photo:

Jordan Ward from 16 and Pregnant confirms on facebook that she is pregnant again

In case you’re having difficulty making out the words, it reads:

Well everyone has been asking..Noah is gonna be a big brother. Looks like it’s gonna be a girl. 🙂 we will know 100% June 21. But there was definitely nothing between the legs [:

UPDATE 2 – Jordan Ward finally addressed the pregnancy herself on her Facebook page. Sadly, it was in reaction to all the inevitable commenters who had negative things to say:

I’ve read every comment on here. Yes I’m pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it’s wrong. I am married, we pay for everything , we aren’t living off of family or anything. We pay rent , we own our car, for insurance, pay for food, pay for our cell phones, pay for clothes and whatever Noah needs. And we are moving in a house in august. && here’s a kicker….. I AM THE ONE WHO TAKES CARE OF NOAH 24/7!

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  • Bianca

    MTV also probably filmed the wedding for the Where Are They Now special.

  • Amanda

    Ebony did an ” where r they now” episode that was filmed on base. I’m pretty sure she said the reason she didn’t want to do teen mom was because MTV wanted more drama in their life than there actually was! I’m the update it shows her taking a pregnancy test since they rnt using protection so I wouldnt be surprised if they had another one soon or already

    • Mandeeee

      Ebony did get pregnant again, and she had lost her baby. Not that it’s any of your business. You also shouldn’t be bashing young parents who do an AMAZING job such as both those mothers, and many others. Ya theres some who suck at being parents, I wont lie. But if they choose to add to their family, THEIR CHOICE… And if it happens by mistake, at least their being responsible and going to take care of their child. Go find something else to do with your time other then bash GOOD mothers ! Just because your young doesnt mean you can’t raise a child.

  • Alice

    Unbelievable. Once can be considered a mistake. Twice (especially this close together) is just sheer irresponsibility and stupidity.

    • Jenny

      You’re totally right Alice. I mean, let’s all tell them how stupid they are for creating these lives! It’s not like those kids are real people or anything!

      • Alice

        my point is that the babies ARE real people, and they don’t deserve to be brought into a household where their parents are still kids themselves. i’m not sure why jordan thought it was ok to still not be on birth control, when she clearly knows what happens when you’re not. does this seem like the type of person who should be raising two kids?

        • jenny

          why does it matter?? If they are good parents and take care of their child, and from what it looks they are doing what they need to do to take care of their children. So why leave negative comments ? Its very un called for.

          • Alice

            because a huge part of being a parent is being able to act rationally, think things through, and be responsible. not being on birth control after already getting pregnant once shows a lack of these qualities that may very well be reflected in their parenting in the future.

            • Chanthea

              Why Does it Matter What They are Doinq & What’s Goinq on inbetween her leqs ! She’s Doinq Just Find With HErself Brian & Noah ! They are Married so what can you say .! Bet you wont tell half of the stuff you post up here to your parents Cause you Probably Got Some Brothers and Sisters This close like She does & Birth control Doesnt always work so Knt Blame That on Them .! I REspect Jordin Because She has a qood resposible man in her life and Brian is perfect for her .! If you Really wanna Give Ppl Talks How Talk Tew SOme Of these Fast Liddo’ 12 13 year olds who are Pregnant & Nt Even in Hiqh School & Dnt Knw who Their Baby Daddy’s is Cause They Have So Many Bodies .!

              • Alice

                i would reply to this but i have zero clue what you’re trying to say. that was completely incoherent.

    • girl

      Leave her alone..
      it’s her choice, not yours. Plus, she’s married now & living in a stable condition, so everything is all good. She’s a good person, and will be a GREAT mom to both kids.

  • Anne

    I’m betting “WE” the taxpayer will eventually be subsidizing these children.

  • A.P.

    I live on a military base and you arent even allowed to take pictures on the base, so it makes complete sense that Ebony and possibly Jordan will not be allowed to film teen mom if they live on the base. In the ‘where are they now’ special, Ebony probably had to get special permission to film in her house, and the outside shots probably we not filmed on the base.
    That being said, I am kind of disappointed that Jordan and Brian who actually seemed like one of the more responsible couples fell into the statistic of teen parents having another baby within 2 years of the first.

  • caligrown

    im pretty sure taxpayers DONT support military families because usually military families have full coverage on health insurance, have a stable paycheck (usually enough to support a whole family) and are able to get a place to live, i should know i am a military wife……….

    • Jenny

      I see your point but technically our taxes pay the military. However in that case the people are *earning* that money not just having it handed to them for being poor.

  • Dacia

    I am also a military wife (army), I have never heard of not taking pictures on post and I have been to my fair share of all types of military installations in our ten years in.

    And also I’m confused about him leaving for basic training in California…the Air Force does BCT at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas…..

    • A.P.

      Maybe its not all army bases but the one my husband and I are stationed at says right at the gate that photography is not allowed — When my parents came down to visit they were all into taking pictures and everything and I can’t even count how many times MP’s yelled at them for taking pictures on base. Maybe some bases are stricter than others in regards to that.. I really don’t know because this is the only base my husband & I have been stationed at in the 4+ years he’s been in, so this is the only post I base my opinion on.

  • Krystian

    I think those that are bashing her, should seriously get a life. She is married, and has a good life! Who cares how old she is. They are married, so if they want more children, planned or not, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Chelse

    I’ve lived on military bases my whole life and you damn sure CAN take pictures on the base, but you need special permission from the base commander to film for tv or movie purposes.

    and Jordan has said multiple times that the ring she wore on the show was a promise ring!

  • Courtney

    Congrats to Jordan! She seems like she is responsible enough to take care of another child. I wish them the best of luck with the baby and a smooth pregnancy.

  • Dianna

    She won’t be allowed to live with him as he completes basic training and later tech. school. All Air Force basic training happens at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, TX. You can take photos and such on Lackland’s base, but the only reason Jordan would be there would be to see him graduate before he gets sent to tech. school (location of it will depend on his job). Don’t know if they are allowed to film or not.

    I would be very ashamed if I were her. To get pregnant once by mistake, okay… it happens. But twice? Ridiculous. They are right to be afraid of the public’s opinion because they know they made a very stupid decision to have unprotected sex.

  • Kim

    I really liked this couple, they seemed to have a very strong relationship and both have a good head on their shoulders. I do worry that having another baby so soon in their relationship was a foolish decision. The military life is hard, my husband went through basic and tech school at Lackland AFB when I was pregnant & between a rough pregnancy, bed rest & hormones I was a wreck! I was able to visit him twice before I got put on bed rest. I think I read earlier that he had already completed basic so it could be that he got stationed in California. The military is not the best paying job starting out, yes if you can get into housing you can make it but we struggled to furnish the home, pay for groceries, etc. Most military families are eligible for WIC/Food Stamps. I have no problem with that, much rather them go to the people serving our country as some others. I’d love to see them on Teen Mom 3 as I think it would be great to show a new family and military life. It will be tough for her to be away from her twin & Grandma & I know I spent most of my time alone when my dh was in. They can always take the housing allowance and live off base for filming.

  • JC

    Apparently Ebony from season 1 is pregnant again too…

  • marie

    Okay…. so let’s say she CAN take on another baby…. what about her own plans? Does she want to make anything of herself? Go to college? Get back into modeling?
    If the first baby was an “accident” or “frightening surprise”…whatever you want to call it…. why would you put yourself in the same situation, put strain on your finances, marriage, etc? When you’re an ADULT you see that…and you see the consequences of your actions.
    And btw, didn’t her husband JUST join the military? They haven’t had military income, insurance, etc., this entire time. SO yes, that is pretty irresponsible.

  • Elle

    I don’t get why this family is catching so much flack?? So they have kids young.. so do a lot of other people. They are ADULTS, they are allowed to make their own decisions. It seems to me that they have one of the most stable relationships and are making a life for themselves? So what? She’s young. It’s tough being a parent at 18 or at 38. Just because HER decision isn’t the same decision YOU would make doesn’t mean she is wrong. By the time she’s 40 her kids will be in high school/grown and she will be able to “enjoy the life she’s missing out on.” I had my two almost 15 months apart and I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING in the world. For every nay-sayer out there, there’s 5 more people pulling for Jordan, Brian, Noah, and Babygirl.

  • georgiapeach72

    there is no way this kid knows he is getting stationed in california already. especially if hes going to basic in june/july.. if his recruiter promised him something, then it may happen, but since they are blasting it everywhere, i’m going to assume it will change. i hope the best for them. but my husband is military and we only have 1 baby, and it’s not easy. and my husband is higher ranking then what jordan’s husband will come in as.. we don’t qualify for wic, but i’m sure they will, so that will help.. its definitely not an easy life. and btw the taxpayers do pay the military salary, but we earn it, that’s for damn sure!! while it’s not a lifestyle fit for everyone, i happen to love it!! 🙂

  • Ally-Anna

    I knew that she would get pregnant again based on the way she was acting at her ob/gyn appt. at the end of her episode. She was acting really shy and naive about pregnancy and contraception (STILL!) She was saying “I just want to get on the pill again and take it for a very long time…” Followed by an awkward glance at her doctor. lol. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jordan, but she seems very immature/ignorant about stuff like that. Granted, she is only 18, but it just seems like a shame that she’s going to have 2 kids at such a young age, especially with her husband being gone all the time in the military. Plus, she lives in California now and her family is in Missouri. I wonder if she knew she was pregnant when they filmed the “Check-up w/ Dr. Drew” finale special. She sure didn’t mention *that* to him! lol

  • Priscilla

    I have been a military kid my whole life. So far I have lived on 3 different Air Force Bases my whole entire life. I first lived in Maryland on a military base up until I was 6 years old. Then I moved to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico where I lived for 8 years. Then I moved to Eagle River, Alaska, where even though we don’t live on a military base, my dad still works on Elmendorf AFB.
    When we lived on Holloman AFB, New Mexico the first and second Transformers movies (yes, the one with Megan Fox and Shia Labeouf) were filmed on that Military Base. I got to see parts of the movie actually being filmed and my dad drove one of the special military vehicles that were used in the first movie. (I think the vehicle is called a Kloader…) but this was all done on the actual military base.
    I have no idea if the movie people needed special permission to film on the base but if a movie with serious actors (despite Megan Fox….lol) then I’m sure the MTV producers can film with Jordan on her new base.