Your Morning Starbuzz! 11-03-08

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Simon Cowell Breaks Up With His Girlfriend
Sources report it’s because she wanted a baby and he didn’t. (Someone must have told Simon that having a baby requires sex with a woman),,20237404,00.html

Amy Winehouse Released…Again
Amy’s back out with a few added pounds. (Some photos to hold you over until the next official “Amy Winehouse Update,” which is usually reserved for more dramatic Winehouse events)
****UPDATE – That was quick! Amy’s back in the hospital:,,20237460,00.html

“Top Chef” Finalist Asked To Serve Up Alimony
Season 4 runner-up Richard Blais seems to have forgotten about “one in the oven.”

Sarah Palin Punked By Canadian Jerky Boys Pretending To Be French President
Nothing we didn’t already know about Sarah Palin, but it is interesting to find out Canada also has asses on the radio.

Ryan Reynolds Runs NYC Marathon, Wife Scarlett Johansson Not There
No, she wasn’t lost in translation, but campaigning for Obama in Ohio.,,20237431,00.html

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