Woman arrested after showing up drunk and naked to visit jailed husband

Maura-Fussell Arrested Mug Shot

Virginia woman Maura Fussell apparently believed she was entitled to a conjugal visit when going to see her jailed husband — and didn’t want to waste any time with disrobing.

Baffled officers at the Arlington County Jail allowed the naked, intoxicated 26-year-old to choose between taking a cab home or staying the night in jail. She picked the latter and was subsequently booked for indecent exposure and public drunkenness.

“[She] was given several opportunities to put her clothes back on, exit the magistrate’s office and go home in a cab. But she refused and took the charges,” said police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck, Washington Post reported. He added officers believed she participated in St. Patrick’s Day revelry earlier in the day.

Unfortunately for Maura, her husband — who was arrested earlier in the day — was detained in another part of the jail so there was no drunk tank rendezvous. They were both released the following day.

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