Why did Taylor Swift dump Taylor Lautner? Were they ever even together?

Taylor squared, the romance made in pop culture heaven may never have even happened. At least, it didn’t happen the way the public was lead to believe.

After a few photo opts, hints on SNL, and filming romantic scenes together for the upcoming romantic flick Valentine’s Day, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have called quits on their public romance.

A source told US Weekly that their romance wasn’t really going anywhere because there was “no chemistry” and another “source” (probably the same one) told People that “the media made way more out of it than it is.”

And by “the media” they mean Taylor and Taylor’s publicists. I mean really, a good chunk of the population just wanted to have wet dreams about Abs McGee and Fearless Swifty, so their publicists were just obliging the masses, but was it ever much of a split if there were never really together?

Basically the main problem was that Taylor Swift (who is now a catastrophic superstar thanks to Kanye West) didn’t have the hots for Launter, even with his fierce abdominal assets, but was kind of getting into her. He was probably just intoxicated by her power and fame, but it’s all cool, because now he’s free to woo the second most powerful woman in music right now: Susan Boyle.

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